Make a grand entry into the corporate business world with a BBA from GIBS, Bangalore – June 27,2017

Make a grand entry into the corporate business world with a BBA from GIBS, Bangalore

A politically peaceful Bangalore with its pretty gardens and the IT culture would rank among the best locations for study. At 3000 feet above sea level, the pleasant climate brings together cosmopolitan cultures to share in its many wonders. In recent times, the establishment of a number of MNCs with their assembly and manufacturing hubs provides endless opportunities for internships and great careers. The challenge-filled ambiance does motivate excellence in performance to catch up with global standards. Connected by air to major capitals across the world, the globe is beckoning for you to get on board.

Global Institute of Business Studies with a green 4.5-acre campus in Bannerghatta in South Bangalore figures high in the list of the most awarded and ranked management institutions. Whether it is the learned faculty with live industry experience, the technology-inspired study atmosphere, and an up-to-date curriculum at par with leading international universities, GIBS presents a remarkable dream. Well, one needs to imagine the possibilities of the future and work up to it. Everything in this institute motivates achievement.

Beating the competition is certainly high on the agenda with the best brains in the world vying for the highest management designations. Besides intellectual ability, personality development and soft skills would all matter in the race to the top.

Accreditations by UGC and NAAC, MHRD and ISO, AILA, Parivarthan, and Aryawarth reinforce the faith in the prestigious institution that has launched hundreds of careers in elaborate placements in a comparatively young institute. While experience has its wisdom, startups are known for refreshing new ideas at par with the best in the world.

GIBS also offers twin degrees like the MBA combined with PGPM. Many universities and institutes nowadays offer integrated courses like BBA combined with BA or LL.B. It is an advantage to study a single five-year course rather than hop from institution to institution to pursue separate courses.


Corporate BBA

A beginning to a great business management career could commence with the Corporate BBA. The three-year course would lay a strong foundation for the business world with a background in commerce and marketing principles. Participants hail from a variety of backgrounds and perhaps some do not know business at all. On the other hand, some students come from remote areas and need some adjustment time. The caring staff makes everybody feel at home during the first few weeks and months. Three years is a long time indeed to spend under a single roof, but so much is waiting to unfold that would create splendid careers in business niches across the world. GIBS alumni already occupy some senior positions and the network is extremely useful to inspire and motivate the present batch of students.


Specializations are crucial subject choices

Besides the common course content that every student learns, the specialized subjects refer to particular interests. After the course is completed, the graduates would probably concentrate on those fields of specialized study. Among the ten subjects offered are Marketing, Finance, and Human Resource Management. Other subjects deal with International Business, Information Systems, and Tourism & Travel Management. Will it be Healthcare Management, Small Business Management & Entrepreneurship, Retailing & Supply Chain Management, or Banking & Insurance?

While Hospitality and Healthcare figure among the highest revenue generators in the industry, finance, HR, and marketing apply to every sector. International Business Banking & Insurance attracts many because of the infinite possibilities of professional development. A worldwide demand exists for proficient business managers who can work in cosmopolitan environments. Adjusting to MNC work environments would go a long way in achieving corporate success.
Placements with MNCs and collaborations with universities abroad

Finally, it is the network of connections established by institutes that matter as it is for individuals! Each year comes a long list of successful placements of students with MNCs as the last duty of the institute towards the students. That becomes possible because of industry connections and goodwill. The faculty and industry work hand in hand and guest speakers highlight real experiences to enlighten future managers.

Student and teacher exchange programs with universities abroad strengthen the international outlook and refreshing winds are constantly blowing across GIBS. We would like to call the whole world our home and life at GIBS certainly makes it possible.


The core syllabus extracts

Management Concepts & Theories, Business Environment, Communication and Accounting, Economics, and Statistics are some compulsory subjects. Marketing and Human Resource Management, Corporate Finance, Quantitative Methods, Legal Aspects of Business, Operations Management, and Management Information Systems are some other crucial study areas. Project Management and Entrepreneurship are also crucial study modules. Project Work and Internship form important components of the course.

Besides the academic and professional areas of study, many short terms certification programs and industry-based activities mold the students into livewire executives built for powerful careers. No matter which organization across the world they may work with, the GIBS spirit never leaves them. Once motivated, they learn to fly high all lifelong. Soft Skills are fundamental in the contemporary professional world. Another is the Life Skill & Innovation Program which sets the scene for the design and planning of life skills through Microsoft and Google programs.

The Six Sigma training optimizes superlative performance at the organizational level by eliminating waste, rework, and mistakes. Increased customer satisfaction, Profitability & Competitiveness are the results. The Global Business Forum brings together over 500 industrialists to share their inspiring messages that help the grooming of would-be business managers.


Successful Placements

GIBS invites professionals from across the country to promote communication and leadership skills. Personality development and confidence building form part of the mission to create successful managers according to world standards. Intensive contacts with the corporate world make it possible to hand over excellent placements to students at the end of the course. Accenture, Bharat Petroleum, and Dalmia are some recruiters.


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