Maximize your chances of getting selected in GIBS Business School – November 29,2017

It is that time of the year when you are very nearer to your dream. The only thing which needs to be done is proper preparation for the selection in an interview. This is the time when you have to show the world that how much you are capable. Be full of energy and enthusiasm and crack the exams for selection into your dream college.
Tips for Preparation for CAT
CAT toppers always suggest the smart way for preparation for CAT entrance exams. You have to consistently deploy your efforts in the right direction. Let’s have a look at the strategy for CAT Preparation entrance exam
• Focus on the basic concepts first and familiarize with them very quickly, basic concept building is very important
• There are various practice questions and mock test are available online, solve as much as possible, practice all the section very carefully
• If you want to overcome your weakness and want to improve your speed and accuracy than attempt as many mocks as possible
• Find more than one way to solve questions which are always recommended by experts to increase your accuracy. You should always create your own way to solve the question.
• Equal Preparation for all 3 CAT sections, give equal importance to all the 3 sections of CAT. Top IIMs has started considering sectional scores for there shortlisting.
• Use habits and hobbies as preparation tool, your childhood habit can be used as a best CAT exam preparation tool.
• Be Focused on Preparation,You are not only aiming for getting into the best MBA school but also looking for an excellent career.
Tips for Preparation for MAT
This paper can be divided into three parts and then can be started for preparation like the concept, Practice, and environmental awareness. Let’s have a strategic MBA preparation to crack MAT
• Plan your daily study routine time and follow it regularly. Allot equal time for all subjects and for your personal day to day activities.
• By solving different papers you will get the idea about the various topics and the skills required to solve it. Among all mathematics question papers is most.
• Read different articles daily. The more you read more your speed would be improved. You will able to quickly find the critical areas in the passage
• Practice Regularly with a different set of data.Data analysis will be a very tricky part of the exam. By practicing it regularly you would able to build up critical reasoning
• Improve your general awareness.Follow the news and magazines regularly which will keep you updated on current affairs
• Be Confident.Nervousness could spoil your exam preparation. Stay calm and cool to solve the paper efficiently

Tips for Preparation for CMAT and XAT
One can score very well with systematic preparation. XAT is the last MBA exam which is taking place. You can also take use of CMAT exam by that time.
• Make a smarter strategy. Make a powerful and smarter study plan. Always remain stick to it and never deviate from it.
• Do not start with any section.Never start with any section of preparation which you wish. Analyse very well your given test and mock results. And prepare accordingly where you are weak.
• The section on Decision making.It is one of the easiest section in the exams. You can score very well in this section. You need to build confidence by preparing previous years question papers
• The section on General Knowledge. Always remain updated with the happening around the world. Always read the newspaper and online blogs from national as well as international markets.
• The section on essay writing. Writing essay is not that basic thing. The essay should be very crisp and clear in understanding. Examiner judge the student by there writing styles as well as the thoughts which they have expressed in the essay

Tips for Preparation for ATMA
AIMS is conducting ATMA at least four times in a year. It is divided into three sections majorly. Let’s have a detail look at each section:
• Analytical Reasoning
This section is the toughest section among all. This section contains question mainly for analytical reasoning and critical reasoning. Various topics include critical arrangement, deduction, cause, and effect etc.
• Verbal Skills
This section is divided into reading comprehension and verbal English usage. It contains 4 questions on the topics of English usage. There are also synonyms, fill in the blanks, idioms etc.
• Quantitative Skills
This section is again divided into 3 parts
• Arithmetic
This section includes ratios, proportions, numbers etc.
• Higher Math
It includes Permutation and combination, probability and statistics
• Data Interpretation
This includes mostly Pie Charts and Caselets
Tips for Placement and Cracking Job Interviews
The first step of placement and cracking your job interview is how you can carry yourself in front of the interviewer. Find our best tips for this below:
• Make a Crisp Resume.Your resume would tell everything about you so make it very seriously
• Research well about organization and interviewer.It will help you to answer some of the questions which are totally dependent on organization
• Ignore general mistakes.After entering in the interviewer cabin try to avoid common mistakes
• Have right body language.Right body language will always help you in earning plus point
• Dressing Sense is a must.Formal dress is always recommended for interview
• Show interest in the job which they are assigning you
• Have a grip on the domain. Clear all basics and concepts before going for interview
• Be prepared for beginning and end.It will make the first impression in the interviewer mind
• Handle stress level and try to be natural
• Overcome on your weakness. Don’t get confused when they ask you about your weakness
• Ask about growth.It is a give and take formula which you should be aware of
I am very much sure this article would work as a charm for preparing you as a management graduate.
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