MBA after B.Tech: The Pros and Cons – February 21,2017

MBA after B.Tech: The Pros and Cons

In recent days the options for a career are getting wider and hence students are also opting for having degrees in various disciplines. Now a day a craze can be noticed among the students doing an MBA degree after completing B.Tech. Well, this may look a bit surprising that why a student, after becoming an engineer is opting for MBA. Well, this only to get more established in their career.


Opting for doing MBA in India after B.E. / B Tech

The students who have already done B. Tech successfully, but do not want to carry on further their studies with M.Tech, they normally opt for doing an MBA. Again, most of the time it has also been noticed that those students who are not interested in engineering opt for going into a new stream and i.e., MBA. Here they find fresh subjects to read and a good opportunity for placements after completion of the MBA.

Almost all MBA colleges arrange separate placement opportunities so that students can choose the best job. Lots of well-established companies gather and make the selection of various posts in finance, marketing, and more.


Advantages of doing MBA after B.Tech

B.Tech is a graduate degree, whereas MBA is a postgraduate degree. Again, at present, the demand for MBAs in various sectors has been enhanced a lot. Hence, selecting an MBA degree after B.Tech can always be said a good option. This is a good combination for a student to get a well-paid job in the future. Again, this combination will facilitate a student to become more fluent in communication skill and technical skills. Recruiters always look for those professionals who possess good communication as well as technical skill. A student can surely be rich in these qualities if they can complete the study of MBA after doing B.Tech. MBA will make a student perfect in managerial as well as communication skills, whereas B.Tech will make a student perfect in technical matters.

Here we can take a look at the benefits of having an MBA degree along with a B.Tech:

  • Business approach: There is no doubt an engineer with a B.Tech degree is skilled in technical matters. But, an MBA degree will help them to get more exposure in the field of business. There are certain areas that are lacking in engineering degrees such as strategic and quantitative skills and analytical ability and students of MBA become an expert in these areas. Hence, a professional with the perfect blend of these features will surely make the employer happy.
  • Startup of own business: If an engineer after completing B.Tech wants to do something of his or her own, then it is always better to opt for an MBA degree. MBA degree will help them to understand the exact requirement and fundamental criteria of every business. Having two degrees will help the professional to solve all technical and business-related issues.
  • Getting easy promotions: Promotions can become easier for every student who has completed MBA after B.Tech. MBA degree will always help a student to develop the quality of team leading and other necessary managerial qualities. With all these qualities it will become easier for every professional to have faster promotion in their jobs.
  • Better job and better placement: At present, it can never be ignored that job opportunities for MBA professionals have raised a lot in the market. So, if any student after completion of B.Tech never wants to stand in a queue then he or she can surely go for the MBA degree. A B.Tech degree in addition to MBA will surely give a better opportunity for every student to have better jobs.
  • Engineers without any interest in a technical field: Sometimes it happens that a student after doing B. Tech becomes reluctant to technical matters and does not find further interest in different technical matters. This reluctance makes it difficult to have better jobs. In such a situation, it will be nice if the student opts for doing an MBA. MBA will make them more advanced in various fields and this will also make it easier for them to achieve their goals.
  • Improvement in various skills: A B.Tech can surely be efficient in all types of technical matters. But, most of the time it has been noticed that due to a lack of proper communication as well as managerial skills, the professionals with B.Tech degrees do not get a placement as per their expectation. Well, after doing MBA, one can become well-skilled in managerial and communication and they can get the best-paid job in the industry.

From the above discussion, it is quite clear to us that doing an MBA degree after B.Tech is always fruitful, but there are certain limitations too which also need to be considered.

Most of the time the concepts learned in Management degrees always remain in theories only and hence we cannot notice the appropriate application of these theories in the practical field.

Again, in most cases, it has been observed that students cannot select the right job after doing B.Tech and MBA both. The jobs they select never match their educational background and most of the time they become frustrated.

There is a huge competition between the students to get the B.Tech and MBA degree. The demands for these degrees are more than that of other degrees. Students having these degrees only from reputed universities and colleges, mostly get the highest-paid jobs. Hence, it is always required to get the degree of B.Tech and MBA from reputed institutions.

Both degrees are time-consuming. If any student wants to complete full-time courses in MBA and B.Tech then he or she needs to spend almost 6 years in the college.

Though students with both MBA and B.Tech degrees can get the best-paid job in the long run, their skills and capabilities only help them stick to their jobs.

Hence, there are lots of advantages to doing MBA after B.Tech but some cons are also there. So, every student should think prior to going for both degrees.

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