MBA in marketing as a rewarding career – March 04,2017

Among the most desired degrees and profession, MBA is said to be the one of the best of them. Post globalization, when employers always seek for the best professionals with innovative and creative ideas, they always look for MBA with marketing degrees. Most of the business houses have their own in-house online marketing facilities and hence these organizations always try to appoint professionals with MBA marketing. Such Professionals have that capability to attract more customers and help to boost up the turnover. Marketing is the heart of every business organization hence, professionals in marketing can always do the best job for the organization.
Study papers offered in MBA with marketing as specialization
While a student opts for doing specialization in MBA marketing, then he or she must know what they actually need to study within this course. The courses in an MBA specialization includes
• Studies relating to marketing management
• Sale force management and its applications
• Strategies of marketing channels
• Conducting operations management within an organization
• Brand strategy and consumer strategy within an organization
• Areas relating to internet, technology, retail management
• Market strategy and forecasting
So, from the course details, it can be noticed that a marketing student is able to work in lot of areas. Whether it is IT or retail, in every field the demand for a marketing manager is really noticeable. So, every student can select their own area of specialization.
Scope of marketing management
In the recent days of globalization, the demands of marketing managers have enhanced a lot. Almost all over the world, there are many corporate houses which always look for the best managers for doing marketing for them.
Candidates can choose any area of specialization in this field. There are lot of career options that a student of MBA can easily opt for. Almost every type of industries, the professionals in MBA marketing are hugely appointed. Various sectors like banking, tourism, media, advertising, etc the demand for professionals in MBA marketing is getting raised hugely and hence marketing professionals can see more hope in getting the best job in all these sectors. Other than working in various industrial sectors, an MBA professional can also work in educational fields too. All these sectors offer a good package to the professionals.
Excellent job opportunities
Both in the private and Government sectors, an MBA professional is able to get jobs with good package. MBA in marketing can try for having a good job in direct marketing or also in digital marketing. Previously, the concept of marketing was only based on door to door sales. But, at present the concept has widened a lot.
With the advancement in the field of technologies, MBA professionals with marketing specialization can be a part of digital marketing in recent days. E-commerce has gained a huge popularity in recent days and there are lots of areas where an MBA professional is having lots of job opportunities. The areas like social media, search engine optimization, PPC marketing, web designing, etc have become hugely popular in recent days. Let us take a look at the most prestigious positions where these professionals are able to get huge job opportunities.
• Marketing manager: To responsibility of a marketing manager is to take care of the day to day marketing activities within an organization
• Brand manager: Framing necessary brand strategy is the duty of a brand manager.
• Asset Management: Taking care of tangible assets within an organization is the duty of a manager relating to asset management
• Corporate sales: Corporate sales manager has the duty to look after the matter relating to maximization of profit
• Market research analyst: A market research analyst is required to collect all the necessary data relating to customer preference and needs.
• Media planner: to achieve the best marketing result through campaigning, media planner is always necessary.
• Product manager: a product manager within an organization is always the CEO of the product within an organization.
• Manager in digital marketing: In this present age, digital marketing is becoming extremely famous. To carry on the services like Search engine optimization, PPC, marketing through social media, etc are the best areas where marketing managers are doing really well.
Skills required to become successful in the marketing profession:
The skills which are the determining factors for the success of any MBA in the marketing field can be discussed below.
• Every MBA should have excellent communication skill so that they can interact with customers and other persons effectively. Depending on their effective communication skill it will be easier for an organization boost up the sales.
• Every manager in the field of marketing should have the ability of strategic thinking and planning. This is one of the most significant criteria which can help a lot in the development of any business.
• Ability to convince others is one of the most significant factors which should every marketing manager possess. This feature will help in making the product popular among the customers.
• Decision making and the solving problem is another necessary criterion which every marketing manager should follow.
Those are the basic feature or skills that a professional with MBA Marketing should possess.
Salary structure:

Besides rising demand of the marketing managers, the salary structure of professionals in this field has become quite attractive. Starters from a good B school can easily get about 3.5 lakhs to about 6 lakhs and can subsequently rise to about 10 lakhs based on their performance in 2-3 years.