MBA Interview Tips: 5 Easy Steps…!! – October 03 2016

MBA Interview Tips: 5 Easy Steps…!!

The MBA interview is a key component of the admissions process and is a big step towards acceptance into the MBA program of your dreams. A call for an interview mostly means that the school is looking for reasons to accept you rather than reject you. Or at least believes that you are an interesting candidate, and would like to know more about you. So here is what you need to know about the admissions interview, and what you can do to best impress the Top Business School.



Training yourself to give natural, informative, and confident answers is an important key to success. Prior to the interview, reflect on the 5 key pieces of information you want to make sure come across – you are being proactive with your selling points. Think about an aspect of your application that the school might be hung up on, and prepare your answer.



Understand the specifics of the interview process of each school. Find out who will be conducting the interview, what information they have access to, where the interview will be held, etc. Knowing all this and preparing ahead of time is also the best way to feel confident.


Strike the right tone

A lively conversation should not encourage you to give cute or flippant responses. Nor should a friendly atmosphere encourage you to lower your guard. Humility always works better than arrogance. The trick is to respond to questions honestly and candidly, giving specific examples of character traits that you want to emphasize to the school.


Keep to the point

The responses you give in your interview should be similarly short and focused on the question. While you want to come across as somebody who is engaging and thoughtful, you should avoid rambling or getting things off your chest.


Ask intelligent questions

An interview is a two-way process. It is your chance to find out more about the program, and your failure to ask interesting questions could play against you. You can discuss special interests or community activities, and ask how the school could help you pursue them. You could ask about faculty research or the school’s approach in an area that concerns you. The questions should be pertinent and related to your personal and professional goals and your MBA experience.

Getting a call for an interview from a top B-school like GIBS is every MBA aspirant’s dream. Make the most of these tips and ace your interview!

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