MBA Vs. PGDM – Which course has more earning potential?


MBA Vs. PGDM – Which course has more earning potential?

When considering a management course, students are frequently puzzled by the distinctions between MBA and PGDM. While the course curriculums are similar, there are major variations that might assist in selecting the ideal program. The main consideration is the earning potential after completing each of the two courses.


What is the take of Job Markets?                                                                                            

MBA and PGDM are both regarded as equal in the job market. More than the degrees, the institute’s reputation and the quality of education it delivers are important. A PGDM from a reputable institution can earn higher pay than an MBA from a less reputable college. Management graduates are compensated based on their knowledge and skillset rather than their degrees.


Top 5 reasons why PGDM is considered more valuable than MBA?

  1. The curriculum of the PGDM is continuously revised in response to industry needs, preparing you for a satisfying career that meets the most recent market demands.
  2. Enrolling in one of the leading B-Schools will educate you on the vital leadership and management abilities that will shape you into an effective professional. Because of their increased and updated abilities, PGDM students have more work opportunities.
  3. MBA programs are more theoretical, whereas PGDM programs are more practical. This also offers PGDM students an advantage when it comes to job interviews.
  4. Elite and self-driven institutes with PGDM strive harder to position their students in diverse industries.
  5. For individuals with tenacity and learning zeal, PDGM is an extremely rewarding career option. People with a PGDM strive to lead others and are at the pinnacle of their respective areas’ expertise. After a few years of experience, they are rewarded with higher pay scales.

To conclude

Whether you studied an MBA or a PGDM, your income would be entirely dependent on how well you justified yourself and seized the opportunity. Global Institute of Business Studies (GIBS) is a Top Business School in Bangalore that offers PGDM programs. The institute is well-known for its placement system and high return on investment. Click here to learn more about GIBS’ PGDM and placement system.

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