MBA with industry specialization and additional Certification is the new trend – February 08,2017

MBA with industry specialization and additional Certification is the new trend

For several decades, the top jobs across the world have been reserved for holders of the MBA degree. A master’s degree in business administration ensures that a good start at the middle level would be made in the professional career. Not only does the degree attract a high position, but is also financially sound. And so it is throughout the world.

It has been always understood that education and training connect with jobs. A two-year MBA course is possible only after the bachelor’s degree is obtained. That involves at least fifteen years of education. Short-term MBA courses do exist, but may not be effective. An MBA from a reputed college would stand excellent chances of success globally.


Why is an MBA so important?

In recent times, the world is witnessing the global corporate culture and the multinational industry. Major companies in electronics and textiles, for instance, outsource their work to cheaper countries like China and Mexico. Just imagine the mighty business management skills that are put to the test!

Yet, as the world develops at an awesome rate, management expertise alone is not enough. Specialization is the order of the day with greater knowledge being discovered 24/7 in all spheres. Just like a General Physician has limited scope in comparison to a heart specialist, MBAs need their dedicated specialized fields.

We live in a complex world!

The rise of the information technology industry made the greatest difference. Every sector has now been impacted by the rise of computers and software. The IT industry plays an immense role in management too. How else can the different parts of an enterprise be coordinated? CRM or customer relationship management software brings various facilities together for the company.

Besides IT, consider a few highly developed fields nowadays like Finance, Health Care, Marketing, and Export-Import business.


Health Care and Hospitality Management

Each of these fields like Health Care and Hospitality is a flourishing mega-industry! From tiny nursing homes a few decades ago, chains of hospitals across India and the world represent the best in medical treatments and surgeries at fairly reasonable prices. Medical tourism has become common not only between Indian states, but patients traveling from neighboring countries to reap the benefits of superb health care. It is all possible not merely due to the medical knowledge and skills of doctors. Management experts are required to hold the infrastructure together, a dynamic network that understands professional practices well.

Consider hotel chains that hardly recognize national frontiers, with branches across the world! Top-notch MBAs with specialization in the hotel industry find unlimited career growth. Just like hospitals, mighty hotels present the ultimate challenge to management. A paralysis might set in if traveling on business and leisure do not succeed in finding happy living places when they need it. Hotels are truly great ambassadors that speak a universal language of the heart. Besides the spirit, professionalism, and technology result in fine services for the international high-flying market.

Every field nowadays is treated as a business with the rise of globalization. The internet made people realize that infinite opportunities exist. A business website reaches all corners of the world. An MBA can apply for jobs anywhere. Travel and communication work like magic, helped by the financial system that can exchange currencies via ATMs according to the country traveled in.

Just like the specialized doctors, what is needed will be MBAs with industry-specific knowledge and skills. As society gets increasingly complex, a whole lot of opportunities are opening up. At GIBS we consider the following new specializations (apart from the traditional Marketing/ Finance/ HR) amongst which few were hardly heard about fifty years ago!

  1. International Business (IB)
  2. Information Systems (I S)
  3. Tourism & Travel Management (TTM)
  4. Healthcare Management (H C M)
  5. Small Business Management & Entrepreneurship (SBM &E)
  6. Retailing & Supply Chain Management (R &SC M)
  7. Banking & Insurance (B &I)

Education has to keep pace with social development and thus becomes a mirror to society. With immense social, cultural, and political development, cemented by the unifying media of print, television, and the internet, everything is possible. Standards have thus risen dramatically. Communication and IT skills have become so very important. A passion would be required to succeed. Everybody cannot be an MBA aspirant!


How to choose an MBA specialization?

Motivation, attitude, interest, and passion all matter. Success stories are many students landing high-paying dream jobs in campus interviews. A dedicated approach and a particular interest like the media would go a long way in ensuring success. Besides, MBAs will not be restricted to desk work but will need to be dynamic and interactive. They should be interested in travel and meeting people.

Besides, the hottest market opportunities need to be considered. Liking what you get is an important philosophy. If the best chances lie in Human Resource Management, it would be a good idea to start liking that field. Media and business, marketing, and finance present some of the greatest opportunities.


Specialization is the solution to global problems

Some major problems facing the world are the environment, hunger, terrorism, war, drugs, and human trafficking. A specialized approach to charitable and social service organizations like the United Nations Organization may succeed in curbing such issues. It will not be an easy venture, but specialization is the answer. The problem is to mobilize funds and arrange meetings with major world leaders. Much has already been achieved, but so much remains to be done.

Certain plants like the Bethlehem Lily can propagate with a tiny piece of leaf planted in the soil. Just imagine the infinite possibilities. So it has been with the present day social development. Instead of a few television stations and manufacturers, too many have taken root to keep pace with growing populations.

Technology, design, competition, money power, and workforce have all been responsible. More finance is available today than ever before just like more humans exist. Naturally, managers are not enough, but they need to know the field extremely well. Thus, they know the principles of management and particular areas like fashion, environment, disaster, or whatever.


How is practical experience achieved at GIBS?

GIBS also offers the regular Bechlors in Commerce (, and Bechlors in Business Management for Bangalore University. Management programs at GIBS also include a one-year PGDM program from Bangalore University. A similar teaching methodology is used across all programs to make sure the students get the best Management education.

We believe that bookish knowledge alone will not suffice. During the course, trainees are exposed to real conditions. Some work in newspapers, hospitals, hotels, media houses, airports, or television stations. Real experiences teach far more than books and teachers can!

At GIBS learning is achieved through Presentations, Workshops, Seminars, Guest Lectures, and Case Studies.

This unique delivery methodology and additional certifications with an MBA make GIBS one of the best MBA Colleges in Bangalore.

Come and explore the world of GIBS.


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