Meet the best placement opportunities around the world through campus recruitment at GIBS, Bangalore – July 07,2017

Meet the best placement opportunities around the world through campus recruitment at GIBS, Bangalore

Placement is the result of a processed training. It varies participants to participants. How much a student would learn and execute on the day, he or she would get that much value from the interviewers. GIBS believe in customized training to make the students ready for banging in campus recruitments. After graduation or post graduation students are being very anxious to get the right job. GIBS placements are starting from the third semester of MBA, BBA, and other courses. The globally exposed institution of Bangalore pushes the students among the best part of the world. High pay scale, smooth lifestyle, and reputation in the society can be achieved from this campus recruitment section.


The motto of the GIBS placements:

GIBS follow the formal procedure of placement. The commitment of fulfilling excellent chances of future work is the main focus of the institutions. World’s best companies are taking professionals from the GIBS because the institution delivers the most educated and skillful students. According to its teaching process, syllabus and guidance, GIBS provide the best education and campus training to enrich the level of the company assignments. Another aspect of the assignment is accommodated into crafting different profiles of managerial posts. The institution gathers broad ranges of companies to increase the options.


Versatility in industry selections:

Students would get a satisfying job by following their requirement. Modern day business has evolved a lot and there are many industries that are utilizing modern trade techniques. GIBS collaborates Insurance, IT, Manufacturing, Market Research, Advertising, Aviation, Bank, Engineering, Finance, Cement, Bio-Technology, Oil, Gas, Garments and much more industries to demand the professionals. It makes the students joyful because they can explore their preferable industry. If a student is not satisfied what he or she gets, then there would be options of the next try. Every industry has global branches that would help the practitioners to acquire more experience.

GIBS creates the leaders, management officials, executive officers, and managers. The students must be cautious about the industry selection. Whether a student hasn’t achieved comfortable job, then starting a private business would be better. The teaching methodology of GIBS helps the students to plan their start-up business during their semesters. Many students have utilized their business platform from their learning period and they have taken their trade into secured stature. A student of GIBS business school, Bangalore can be satisfied with the upcoming career, because everyone would get important platforms.


The help of the Global Exposure in recruitment:

As GIBS got an important position in the worldwide business of contemporary time, therefore, many corporate, institutions and individuals are connected with the authority. It enhances the face of the business school.

Faculty – GIBS brought the best faculty from various corners of the world. The professors and guides are not just the qualified stuff. They are the scholars and experts of renowned corporate sectors worldwide. The successful officials have established a strong teaching structure based on their experience and skill.

Students – GIBS got students of different nations like Bangladesh, China, Nepal, and others. It gives a challenge of understanding the culture and market of that area. These students give resources to enrich the business tactics and teaching methods. Sharing of different thoughts increased the campus training process.

Methods – the world-class teaching methods have evolved the syllabus. The conjurers of modern business education and some unparallel institutions are using executive skill development programs. Six Sigma is one of the most relevant strategies for management education. It keeps the customers out from the defective products. The management team has to mark the defect and solve that before market release. This program has been taught in the modern syllabus of GIBS. Along with it, interactive sessions on different topics and objectives are assembled by different universities of the world. Nottingham University UK, Singapore University, RMIT University Australia and other universities of Malaysia, Germany, and the USA initiate the several sessions with the GBIS’s students.

Companies – GIBS gathers the international companies like Reliance, HCL, LIC, and others in campus recruitment. The institution survey the market to understand the company’s portfolio. The market reputation, history, requirement, trend and pay scale are defined by the experts. Students can see the company profile before accepting their job. The candidates should see the financial condition and upcoming projects. Thus, a student can utilize his or her career in India or Abroad. GIBS doesn’t take a company without a perfect tally.


Placement divisions of GIBS:

GIBS Business School, Bangalore provides two types of placements;

  1. Job in various posts and companies
  2. Entrepreneurship

As a student, you can get an equal concentration in both types of career. Generally, students would see their start-up in third semesters. GIBS encourage entrepreneurship from the second semesters. The campus infrastructure would help the students to start a mini business as a part of their studies. Here, they can get the guidance of the experts. This experience can be utilized to create independent identities.

If you are very much focused on jobs, then GIBS’s chances would drive you to the oasis as well. The institutions can push students into various industries and with reputed posts. The energetic teaching style encases a relevant curriculum.

  • HR consultations seminars
  • Distinguish Placement Training
  • International Placement Strategies
  • Start-up Encouragement in Locality
  • Writing Programs
  • Powerful and Educated Advisory Board
  • Talk Shows on Current Business Topics
  • Market Observation & Survey

The students would go through such sessions in the different time period of each semester. These can affect the personality and ability of the students.


Placement assurance:

If you are still confused about the guaranteed placements of the institutions, then you should judge the reason of security. Mostly, participants are discharged for some silly mistakes. These flaws are discussed and recovered by the GBIS trainers.

Aptitude – aptitude tests are the second step of interview period. Taking this part seriously can take you into 40% of successful student category.

Analytical Skill – the students would go through different interviews and group discussion to develop their analytical skill. This ability is required in the campus recruitment session.

Communication skill – this skill will be required always in work life. Students of GBIS are pursuing excellent communication skill from the interactive sessions and workshops.

Attentiveness and logical – these two part must be shown from every bit of the student’s body and mind. Several strategies have been followed by the GBIS’s trainers to make the students clear about the thoughts and logical about the executions.

Giving the best in interviews is a common word, but the way of giving the best has a little bit different. At GBIS Business School Bangalore, students would learn the tactics of giving their best to pack a heavy salary package every month


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