New age career options after Management Education – February 18,2017

New age career options after Management Education

People have through the course of history wished to be different from the traditional. The Renaissance and the Enlightenment in medieval times opened up new thoughts and ideas. The 21st century also witnesses a flowering of study and work options never heard of before. With development comes complexity and lots of careers exist besides the age old doctors and engineers.

Management skills to compete in the global marketplace would be required in addition to the specialized study of oceanography for instance or rural studies. A passion is required for a successful professional life and often it is inborn but could be acquired too. Witnessing wars on television might lead to the desire to work in the United Nations and other social service agencies.


Why do many people opt for new age careers?

The desire to break away from the traditional is often the best excuse. As the world diversifies and expands with new technology and innovative ideas, it is time for dynamic soul searching. Akin to gambling, one never really knows if the project will succeed in Public Health Entomology or Museumology, and so many other new areas of knowledge and experience. Research level workers may find teaching work on the subject, but whether it would succeed as a large-scale business is yet to be ascertained.

The pioneers always found it exciting, difficult and an adventure. Discoveries were similar since nobody knew if the new venture would succeed. Yet everybody knows in the heart of hearts that new frontiers must be discovered and risks must be taken. Otherwise, it would be death through boredom.


Reviving careers midway!

Many are stuck in jobs they did not want and not interested in but found it convenient. Opportunities must be grabbed even if they do not sound interesting. Some years later, the job becomes a headache, but breaking free does not seem feasible. New age careers and businesses may require capital and management skills but could become a passport to freedom.

Media jobs, beauty therapy, image consulting and the spa therapy are doing extremely well and could provide a welcome break from boring occupations. Besides management expertise and finance to set up a business, institutes offer certificate and diploma courses to get inside knowledge and develop skills.


The risk factor in new professions

Think again because the traditional service based jobs are very steady in comparison to the new experiments. People in the past worked all their lives for a single organization and retired with massive benefits for old age. An architect or a dentist is assured of certain professional success, according to high demands. Incomes were limited, but the job security was tight and there existed no fear of unemployment. Then came contract jobs that brought higher incomes and more competition, but the uncertainty of jobs became a stressful factor. Running a business has its share of the unknown. Yet certain fields like App Development and Social Media Marketing are doing extremely well in keeping with the need for new technology in every organization.


A splendid choice of new age careers!

Some new age careers like graphic design and creative writing look very attractive and challenging, but will an individual succeed? Why ever not, with the right aptitude, grooming, and management skills besides the capital. Starting humbly is often necessary before experience is gained and an independent business could be possible. Business consultants take up the task of marketing and publicity, most of it online and combined with print and broadcasting media.

While photography is a comparatively age-old profession, wedding photography provides specialized approaches. Such specialization is the hallmark of new age careers. While management is usually studied with regard to business in general, a specialized approach would go a long way. Just like dance has existed since the earliest times, dance therapy is a postmodern term that indicates particular applications of the dance form.


Sensational strange new careers

E-commerce online is big business and many companies are busy making their billions right now. Flair and aptitude are necessary besides the right knowledge, skills, and contacts. E-commerce is certainly not for everybody, though all seem to be shopping online for convenience and lower prices.

It might take some getting used to but terms like Flavor Chemistry make a lot of sense. Food and drink form the core of human existence and experts in food technology are common. Flavor Chemistry studies food and its qualities and how properties could be improved. Which nation likes which food is part of the research. Multinational food companies would require such expertise! New age managers needed in the sector to market and service the same.

Tremendous opportunities exist in the vast money markets that comprise banking and financial services, particularly at this point of time in India after demonetization. Plenty of money means more managers are required to make optimum use of financial resources. Besides, stock trading globally and management of foreign exchange or Forex is big business. Real estate, commodity trading, and commercial banking offer infinite opportunities to Management graduates as money applications get more and more complex.

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