Now that yet another batch would soon join GIBS – December 23,2017

Now that yet another batch would soon join GIBS

Global Institute of Business Studies in Bannerghatta, Bangalore, is not decades or centuries old, yet has garnered an awesome national and international reputation within the short years of its existence. Development of curricula, the establishment of a green campus, and educational infrastructure certainly happen faster nowadays. Technology and software besides streamlined practices in construction and management have resulted in procedures that leave nothing to chance. Faculty approaches students and their personality development and soft skills are universally researched and time-honored.

Besides honing of the forward-looking dynamic business personality that can succeed in multicultural environments, knowledge of a particular industry like online retail sales is crucial. What are the market forces at play in terms of people and materials, services, laws and procedures, international markets, and finance? An understanding of the business totality would certainly matter since it cannot be separated into compartments. Understanding the big picture and its components first would take up much of the training hours. After getting to know the backdrop of how businesses take place, it may be time for specialization. The world is getting extremely specialized anyway if you wish to climb to senior positions. Combining a hospitality course with business management perhaps, or engineering and management?


We are children of opportunities

Do the students have choices? Perhaps they do in many cases if they are clear about what sectors interest them and wish to work hard to get to the peak. The problem is that many students do not know what they want and where their interests lie. That is when they need the help of parents, teachers, and counselors to decide. In some cases, students attempt several courses in order to find what they are capable of! That would become an awful waste of time and money.


Business is the greatest heartthrob!

The media believes in celebrities and sensations all right. What can be bigger news than those mega businesses that have now become the norm? Having achieved the status of little modern gods like smartphones, there seems to be no limit, not even the sky, to the growth of MNCs. Dimensions are simply incredible, and their hold on the customers is as great as some powerful political parties. Yes, it is partly the cyber world and its gimmicks like AI and VR that are set to transform the future.


Consider several kinds of degrees

Whether it is a business management degree like the highly coveted MBA, business studies, or commerce, the impact is somewhat similar. Finance and accountancy, marketing, and HR, capable and hard-hitting managers are required for all these areas in mighty business sectors across the world.


What job portfolios will they hold?

Perhaps managers would be entrusted with responsibilities in banking, investment, and financial services. Advertising is big business too, as witnessed in the daily media. General management encompasses every aspect of small enterprises. HR/personnel and management consultancy, public relations and retail management, and sales and marketing are some salient areas. The big, dark business forest has many hidden secrets and intensive business management training would reveal a lot more than you can imagine.


GIBS excels at training the industry-specific managers

Back to the demand and supply philosophy that lies at the root of every business. The mighty need for quality business managers at the core of every big business facilitates the need for outstanding training facilities. Institutions are many that make a big hue and cry, collect big fees, and deliver nothing. Beware of colleges that use the power of media to create false hopes and rob unwary students. In such cases, internships and placements may remain merely a dream as it does for a huge majority of would-be business managers. Accumulating degrees and receiving no worthy appointment has become a disease in the Indian educational system.


Admissions are not a piece of cake

To apply for the GIBS BCom and BBA, you need to have passed Class 12. MBA plus PGPM and PGDM require graduation degrees to qualify for admission. Besides, entrance examination marks for management would be another factor besides work experience. Group discussions, interviews, you need to do quite a bit. Getting admitted is something like landing a job. Yet, getting admitted to a reputed institution is half the battle won in the task of establishing a professional status and reaching somewhere high on the ladder of professional life.


Consider the supreme advantages of GIBS

You join a family of professional research-based faculty and dedicated boys and girls in the residential green campus of 4.5 acres of robust performance. Something is always happening by way of learning experiences out there and boredom does not exist. A great variety of meaningful learning experiences come to you through a variety of clubs and committees. Industry leaders come around to hold seminars and meetings. Excellent placements would bring happy endings after all the hard labor. Accept the challenge.

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