Only a Few Institutions Teach Business Management like GIBS Does – December 27,2017

Only a Few Institutions Teach Business Management like GIBS Does

Now that the media and the world have opened up to external influences, the isolation of the past belongs to history. Educational institutions in India during the last few decades have welcomed the new global culture with open arms. It seems as if the whole world now lies in the embrace of universities and institutions in India, whether teaching medicine, hospitality, healthcare, engineering, mass communications, or law, to name a few of the many sectors of the new-age employment market. Not only has education diversified and opened up to global influences but employers are also looking out internationally for the best workers via the internet.

What would you say about the mass migration of students across international borders each year to avail degrees, mostly to America and China and some other countries too, like India? The craze for exposure to the world stage motivates young boys and girls no end. No doubt, the purpose is to obtain the best education and thereby superior professional opportunities. International rankings of universities do not give much weight to Indian universities and the fees in India are also on the lower end of the spectrum. Well-heeled families can afford to send students to high-ranking universities abroad and spend a fortune, partly to satisfy vanity and also obtain higher professional goals.


The GIBS status

Global Institute of Business Studies in Bannerghatta, Bangalore, is ideally located in an international city that shot to fame as an IT destination. Bangalore is nowadays crowded with a galaxy of multinationals not only in the IT sector but several others. Together, they offer immense opportunities for students to avail internship and placement opportunities among the best in the country.

If you are in search of quality business management education, perhaps GIBS would be among the best choices that India has to offer. The two-year MBA or PGDM would be a worthwhile investment in a future business career. Admission criteria are complicated since you need to be a graduate besides work experience and management entrance examination scores as applicable. Even after Class 12, admission may be availed in BBA and BCom.

There is no doubt that business management offers some of the most exciting and fastest career paths. Business is truly universal since every field of human endeavor is covered in the business world, be it media, oceanography, or space ventures. Every field requires quality managers and it would be even better if the manager possesses a specialized degree in addition to a business degree like in engineering or hospitality.


Affordable quality education

Just like dreaming of stardom in Mumbai, everybody wants to study in advanced countries like America! Consider all the complexities of travel and study abroad besides the sky-high fees and the language and racial problems that sometimes arise. Is it not lucky that such a golden opportunity to study for a first-rate degree exists within the country at GIBS? The fees you pay are a fraction of what Western universities would charge. The GIBS campus educational infrastructure adheres to world standards. Hostel accommodation and catering are among the best, once again at reasonable charges. Realistically speaking, GIBS is probably the legitimate answer to the dreams of a successful business career in any part of the world.

Hats off to the power of technology! Exchanges of faculty and students, knowledge and applications, research, and infrastructure have resulted in a global amalgamation in recent times. Like the hospitals and medical tourism in India that attract patients from many neighboring countries to avail of treatment at budget costs, GIBS brings the best of a top-notch curriculum and syllabi in business. Only professional success some years later will confirm that the training was good enough. Education takes place in the present but is aimed at the future. It is a certainty that you will exit GIBS some semesters later to join a network of highly successful GIBS alumni the world over. The institutional gates and online communication would remain open all lifelong.


The GIBS expansion plans

After making a very successful beginning in Bangalore, GIBS wishes to set up branches in India and is presently aiming for international status. A large number of foreign students already study in GIBS besides the foreign faculty and tie-ups with institutions abroad.

Though many management institutes exist within a single state in India like Karnataka, they do not function at the same level. Some common problems are excessive rote learning and theoretical knowledge alone without practical applications. The curriculum and syllabi may not be really up to date though much is promised online and in the prospectus. Relevance and contacts with industry may be lacking with improper internship and placement facilities.

GIBS has a powerful system of personality building and dynamic training for placement tests and interviews. They truly succeed in molding superlative business managers who will hold the institute banner high across the world in multicultural environments.

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