GIBS’ likes to get things done on time!

GIBS’ likes to get things done on time!
Where business is concerned, it is evident that time means money. All around in the town and village are umpteen businesses chasing the profit dream. What are the essentials of a venture? All you need are materials, money, and human resources for manufacturing or service delivery. Global Institute of Business Studies amidst Bannerghatta in Bangalore lays the foundation with all the requisite information and skills to embark on a business career. While most students may commence a career in services with leading companies, a few lucky ones are successful in launching start-ups with smart new ideas.
Time management
While we make such a big fuss about studying money and materials along with human resources, perhaps a fundamental aspect is being neglected. Time is undoubtedly the greatest mystery, and everything that happens is associated with it. It is believed that the big bang created time and space, and gravity holds everything together. Some people believe that time travel backward and into the future may be possible!
The best B school in Bangalore wishes to inculcate practical time management skills in the boys and girls who work hard every single day toward career goals. While time means nothing to somebody who has no work to do, the students are often severely burdened with assignments and projects, classes, and workshops. It is right to say that it is often a race against time.
Getting motivated and deriving inspiration
Life is certainly worth living and service to the society, family, and country remain a paramount duty to be accomplished over several stages. Though it might appear like a long and lonely professional road with too many challenges, consider the advantages and satisfaction that would finally appear. Not everybody insists upon materialistic desires though the business is primarily aimed at profit-making. Spiritual concerns are essential too, and many are those who have fulfilled their dreams in the lap of religion.
Legendary business celebrities!
The top 10 PGDM colleges in Bangalore remind of spectacular successes like the universally loved social media sites like Facebook that is now planning a digital currency too. While that might be too mighty a dream, the industrial and technological worlds have monumental successes through sheer grit and patience. Would business services keep you happy or do you dream of more prominent roles as a manufacturer perhaps? Clarify your priorities and discuss them with the appropriate people.
Vastness of the business world
Naturally, you might feel overwhelmed by the all-powerful business universe perhaps comparable to the forces of nature that sustain life but often destroy. Narrowing down the focus would be necessary like choosing the specializations. The truth is that the majority do not know which profession to accept and rely on parents and teachers to help make career choices. Interests and aptitudes matter and skills are often judged by examination performance, among other factors. Having reached so far on that long, long trek, positive thoughts, and superhuman effort would help achieve the goal.
Planning the time distribution
Best Management Institutes with Placements in Bangalore believe in the breaking down of the tasks at hand. At any given point of time, in our lives and careers, the individual has faced a list of duties, personal and professional. While some get worked up and make a mess of things, a moment of introspection would help to get the tasks into focus. Make sure that realistic planning is done and you are not asking for the moon.
Just like the process of dining done daily, break down the tasks into smaller units. Precisely what a teacher does with the lesson plans for classroom teaching. The result would be what looks like a list. It is undoubtedly a lifestyle with many listings — shopping lists, things to do, and assignments to complete. Deadlines are essential since penalties would result from late completion.
A world of schedules and priorities
Just like the time table of arrivals and departures at the airport, everything must move according to timings, and tasks need to be completed according to deadlines. Priorities indicate which tasks are urgent and most immediate.
Guard against postponement
The 2-year full-time AICTE approved PGDM program would not succeed without hectic schedules that sometimes bring tears. Delays certainly are counterproductive and defeat the principles of optimum use of time. In the political sense, postponement can have important significance like strikes and factory lockouts to fulfill specific demands like demands of higher wages. In individual tastes, life does seem a bitter battle where the strongest will survive.
A time to relax and dream
The top 10 AICTE approved PGDM colleges in Bangalore do realize that ‘me’ time is needed and the hour of chilling out is compulsory. Take breaks and indulge in favorite hobbies, music or movies, game or whatever before launching afresh on the passion called the business.

GIBS connects students with academicians and corporates

GIBS connects students with academicians and corporates
Deserving the description as the best emerging B-school, Global Institute of Business Studies in Bannerghatta, Bangalore, has conquered several peaks during its short existence. Among the most recent awards and honorable mentions for GIBS is the “BEST EMERGING B-SCHOOL IN BANGALORE” title by Worldwide Achievers in World Education Summit & Award 2018. “Careers 360 – The Education Hub” – 2018 awarded GIBS an AA+ rating in Karnataka. GIBS associated with CAT 2018, XAT 2019, and ATMA 2019.
Founded in 2014, GIBS works with a mission sincerely dedicated to the development of society. The primary education and health needs of the community get all the attention they deserve through the several branches of the GOYAL mission. Diversification of GIBS and the establishment of additional offices in India and abroad are in the planning.
Business education reaches greater heights of awareness in GIBS
In redefining the standards of business education, connecting students and faculty with the corporate world has been the primary agenda. Exposure to the GIBS campus would fill you with positive business vibes. Have you ever been to the offices of mega-businesses like Reliance and HCL? Asian Paints and Morgan Stanley? A similar awareness of business policies and acceptance of corporate challenges is felt at the GIBS campus. The top 10 AICTE approved PGDM colleges in Bangalore provide realistic education in the context of industry requirements.
Nurture the business dreams to the conclusion
How do you get to know when you have succeeded professionally? Not everybody reaches the same levels of job designations and incomes. Start-ups with new ideas run some risks like any other business, but many have achieved stunning success. Avoid getting lost in dreams but work hard to realize them. Best Management Institutes with Placements in Bangalore remind that service and giving back to society should be primary requisites and not incomes alone. Though the business is primarily a profit-making activity, excessive materialism can be destructive. The hunger for higher profits without labor lies at the heart of crime that promotes dreams of fast wealth.
The long and lonely road to success
If nothing else, the media will keep you company along the rough path to success. Ups and downs will occur. Some are in the habit of regularly changing jobs because of higher salaries. While that is a part of the competitive system, avoid too much of company change. Instead, follow some old world values of service and loyalty with many people in the previous generation serving in a single company all lifelong.
Mentoring at GIBS does take care of many personal issues. Those small things bother many people. Seek solace with the faculty when faced with confusion or in a dilemma. Along with parents and teachers, don’t forget spiritual values and the faith that can move mountains. The 2-year full-time AICTE approved PGDM program will eventually bring greater success than you dreamed of. Think big and persevere hard.
The significant role of the media
In the days of universal social media via numerous websites, some of the millions of members active, the press has reached everywhere. Students in whatever field and particularly business would do well to apply the media lessons to their studies. Gone are the days when hard copy books meant everything. Books are essential even today, but the internet brings you more updated study materials. Using several sources, media types and styles of learning would be the best policy and most effective.
The best B school in Bangalore recommends the multimedia experience that has become so affordable now and within everybody’s reach. GIBS has all the technological systems in place, and students need to use them properly. Media gives students lots to do though excessive exposure to electronic systems can result in mental stress. Students are young and need to lead physically active lives, eat, and sleep regular hours.
Individuals and groups across international borders can work together with social media support. Regular study habits would include a portfolio of study materials as private copies with copying become very cheap nowadays. DVDs and pen drive also help to store soft copies that would be printed later according to need. Maybe students are worried about too many pages of printed materials!
Make sure that you maintain a favorable social media profile that will grow as you progress along life’s journey through professional pursuits. Have you not seen the long list of degrees and services that social media users often maintain on their page or website, blog, or profile? While some may think that social media is destructive and a waste of time filled with dangers, the opposite is also exact. Contact like-minded people online maybe business students and stay in close touch for mutual benefit, perhaps for a lifetime.
The bookworm type introspective students may wish to avoid what seems to be glaring publicity via the media. Be assured that there is no existence nowadays far away from the media unless you live in remote deserts or forests! Successful work in companies as managers would require very efficient use of the media. That should not be a problem now that almost everybody is computer literate. Smartphones make media use so much easier, and they are so portable too. The top 10 PGDM colleges in Bangalore wish that students and faculty wove the media resources into the very fabric of their existence. Let the heart and soul be filled by the media that has already invaded our lives thoroughly. Avoid dwelling upon the evil effects of the media and participate in an open heart.

GIBS Pathfinder goes all the way to create remarkable events

GIBS Pathfinder goes all the way to create remarkable events
Contemporary life loves activities and shows business, parties, and picnics. Society requires such showdowns that bring people and equipment, places, and agendas together for a variety of tasks. Whether it is exhibitions or product launches, conferences, or marriage, we cannot imagine an active life without such galas. Business gets a boost, and the rise of the virtual world has brought about webinars and YouTube, simulated meetings and online classrooms, gaming, and social media that serve similar joint concerns.
The best B school in Bangalore, Global Institute of Business Studies, teaches entrepreneurship and is itself organized like an efficient business. That is the way it should be to set an example of robust productivity. Established in 2014, internships and placements connect the best companies with student futures and attract plush job designations to commence a lifelong business career. GIBS success can be attributed to the vision of the founders, the legacy of the faculty, and the physical resources in a well-designed sprawling oasis of a campus in suburban Bangalore.
Like the mighty branches of a tree, GIBS works through several ventures, namely, Academy, Social Foundation, Business Forum, Sports Academy, and Pathfinder Value Creations. Pathfinder is an event management company.
Getting behind the scenes of the event organization
While everybody appreciates events across the city and enjoys participation, realizing their intrinsic value, organizing them is the ultimate mystery. Like all ventures, human resources, money, services, and materials would be necessary, and managing them requires patience, perseverance, and honesty. Some mighty events do appear astronomical and require a superhuman effort, but nothing is impossible. Managing law and order issues become a significant aspect of the organization, and private security agencies take responsibility.
Learning experiences for GIBS students
It is vital that 21st-century students learn from a variety of sources rather than the classroom and books alone. Seminars and workshops, field visits, guest lectures, internships, and clubs and committees are some outlets for the students to apply classroom lessons and gather experiences. When they participate in event management, it is a world of professionalism and creativity that insists upon quality, integrity, and innovation.
Involvement in event management that revolves around a theme like literacy or sports, or health has many advantages for the boy and girls. Along with personality development comes greater confidence through practical work in the real world — further, visibility and credibility increase. Opportunities to meet industry leaders and executives would increase the range of contacts so crucial in business worlds. Best Management Institutes with Placements in Bangalore find suitable opportunities to develop the skills and experiences of students to improve their professional chances and employability.
The scholarship begins with theories and books
It used to book alone for many generations until the software came along. Starting with fundamental methods, it is essential that the ideas are applied in practical terms. Along with recreational facilities like outdoor sports and indoor games, GIBS students are always on the move. The motivation comes from many sources, and the stunning Bangalore garden city and world-class business hub is a great inspiration too. The list of companies that crowd around Bangalore does not end, and the opportunities for good jobs are almost endless.
Corporate, social and institutional events
The exciting world of events and entertainments have their due importance. The world of movies and music, big businesses across countries like Walmart and trade and industry too require immense organizational powers. At the very peak are the administrators of the state, the lawmaking and enforcing bodies and the security forces. Just imagine the complexity of structure and the effort required to manage them! Simply, students are learning the basics of organization. The fun way is the best approach to learning and getting a party or picnic together also requires the management of people, materials, and money.
The top 10 AICTE approved PGDM colleges in Bangalore are often busy organizing events within the campus to celebrate national occasions. Freshers Day and farewell parties to the seniors communicate the spirit of living and studying together. Feelings develop over time, and lifelong friendships are often made along with business contacts. All the Seminars and workshops are directly related to the curriculum. Institute Foundation Day and Institute Annual Day carry a depth of feeling.
As business students, they are naturally more interested in corporate events that would require more complex arrangements and more significant resources. Board meetings and award ceremonies, product launches and trade exhibitions are some such occasions. Business dinners and press conferences keep the corporate world moving where contacts are developed, and alliances made. Networking events online are getting important too nowadays. The top 10 PGDM colleges in Bangalore do encourage active student participation.
We must not forget those emotion-filled social gatherings like birthday parties! A charity ball or student reunion holds a world of meaning for those concerned. The 2-year full-time AICTE approved PGDM program wishes to bring many such event management opportunities to the students to develop their experiences and expertise.

GIBS builds a corporate network of collaboration for successful student careers

GIBS builds a corporate network of collaboration for successful student careers
Much like ants in their colonies and fish in the oceans, businesses require particular surroundings to succeed. A system of corporations that follow similar policies of working with money and materials, human resources and services need to collaborate. The mutual give and take are not only desirable but essential. Businesses have their associations that provide support in times of stress and work to take on challenges like professional development. Business management institutions also need to be in constant touch with the current realities of the industry to pass on the right information to students. A mismatch between education and the industry will only mean that the students suffer.
Best Management Institutes with Placements in Bangalore take pains to maintain industry links and invite guest speakers to guide the students. Global Institute of Business Studies in Bannerghatta, Bangalore, runs GBF (Global Business Forum) to serve as a platform where industrialists gather in search of student development through mutual dialogue. Business opportunities are thus created with senior professionals who have spent decades in pursuit of financial knowledge. Considering the rapidly changing technological advancement and the intense competition to attract customers and promote profits, it is a mighty challenge at every bend.
GIBS internships and placements
The first experience of work in a leading company is a priceless, challenging experience. , and it is smooth sailing in the career of a lifetime. Once established in a good position in a caring company, promotions and career goals will be reached all in good time.
The best B school in Bangalore realizes that the most significant companies owe their success to the dynamic business managers more than the software and machines, money, and buildings. Where will the companies find the best talent? While experience is essential and receives weightage, the modern business industry is continually evolving. GIBS talent has been in high demand with more than 70 companies wishing to recruit the best boys and girls. MBA/PGDM batches 2018-20 have been particularly successful with their internships that attracted stipends and were followed by encouraging job offers, based on performance. It does not long to recognize the best talents.
Nestle and Cadila, Accenture and Vivanta, Bisleri and SAIL, Mahindra and Bharat Petroleum, Haldiram’s and Timken – these are some of the corporations that will bring change in student lives over the decades.
The 2-year full-time AICTE approved PGDM program arranges meetings and interactions, seminars and workshops with over 500 senior industry leaders during the four semesters. The different stages of business awakening are quite a complicated process. Like the construction of a complex building, lessons, and concepts, definitions and economics lay the initial foundation. Meanwhile, personality building and soft skills are equally important, and the ability to work in challenging office surroundings needs to be taught. The acquisition of a business personality may be compared to difficult trekking to reach one of those Himalayan peaks with great patience and endurance. Not all make it, but those who enter the peaks have something to be proud about, a reward for extraordinary labor.
Academic tasks do not require physical labor so much as being alive to the continually changing business universe. Being physically fit is essential, nutritious meals consumed on time and regular sleeping hours. Substance abuse is best avoided even at this young age so that you do not have to struggle later on. Cosmopolitan Bangalore does offer many temptations to students with lots of time and money to spend. Be especially careful during weekends and outings to the happening places in the city. Remain within the group and seek the guidance of seniors and faculty members.
A semester or two later, when you no longer feel like a fish out of water, business lessons are working! The top 10 PGDM colleges in Bangalore will establish such an environment where business connections are made, perhaps for a lifetime. Sharing ideas face to face and exchanging notes, and relating internship experiences would probably result in business referrals. Remembering the business to a business relationship like the business to consumer relationship would help in a better understanding of the complexities.
Business as complex as a vast city
While we may exist in megacities, it is a small world of home and school, office, shopping and workplace. In the mighty cities like London and Tokyo, it is said that a lifetime will not suffice to know every part of it. Business is just like that, and it is best to be happy with the particular company and the allotted duties. A narrow vision of concentrating upon the present and the task at hand is sometimes better. As the months and years pass, the experience will bring greater awareness and capability, higher designations, and fatter paychecks. The ones who can wait it out will eventually win rather than rushing from one post to another across different companies.
The top 10 AICTE approved PGDM colleges in Bangalore advocate specializations. Dedication to one or two aspects of business like finance or human resources would go a long way in achieving success. Specialties are the little secrets that will get you to the peak.

GIBS train realistic business managers practically, beyond textbooks and examinations

GIBS train realistic business managers practically, beyond textbooks and examinations
Global Institute of Business Studies in Bannerghatta, Bangalore, inspires high caliber business managers who possess the requisite aptitudes and skills. Hectic business competition is what the present life is all about. The technology that the whole world is raving about is also managed as a mega-business. By business in whatever dimensions, we mean an entity that is profit-oriented and deals directly or indirectly with products or service delivery and uses finance, raw materials, and human resources. Best Management Institutes with Placements in Bangalore with the sound educational infrastructure and experienced faculty can successfully obtain placements for students among the leading companies.
Automation and robotic intelligence
Isn’t it natural with so much of AI and AR that people are worried that human workers may no longer be required in certain professions? Robots work in car assembly plants and restaurants already. Perhaps business intelligence someday will also be handled by robots. The kind of analysis of complex business worlds and their emerging trends required may be too much for machines to handle.
Thoughts and feelings do matter in business, and it is not merely a game played with money, materials, and people. Just imagine the colossal task involved in setting up a large factory! A private business usually starts small and develops through stages into a large organization. It is nowadays found that the small companies are losing out and chains are taking their place like with hotels and hospitals. Thinking big is essential now and challenging too.
A superhuman business manager!
The best B school in Bangalore believes that profound qualities of head and heart would create a successful business manager who can face the heat of competition and work in cosmopolitan surroundings. Leaders require sterling attributes and not only in business. Whether in politics or sports, administration and education, healthcare and hospitality, leaders nowadays are required to be more than human. A larger than life personality would be capable of succeeding against the many challenges.
Excessive information comes easy nowadays
In an affordable data-driven world today, there is no shortage of data! The internet supplies far more updated information on business than you can consume. Everybody is an expert in terms of access to information. In the olden days, it was thought that only the ones at the top of the pyramid knew so much. The sort of information that CEOs and Directors, executives, and managers once possessed is nowadays known to almost everybody, so much has the information age advanced through digital technology.
You need knowledge plus several social and organizational skills
Along with relevant business knowledge, speaking well with good manners and presentation skills are taught at GIBS. Faculty succeeds in inspiring students with real-life stories and moving quotations. Audio and video files make the task of transforming boys and girls easier. Access to the various learning materials available online is a vital resource. The truth is that most boys and girls who have no work experience need to learn everything from scratch. Expert faculty escorts the students through a series of programs that tap the hidden potential and let the latent energies flower. Role plays, and life-transforming stories of escalating to business heights from humble beginnings to make a severe impact.
The 2-year full-time AICTE approved PGDM program lays a career foundation for a lifetime. If the entire career of perhaps 30 years or more would be devoted to the business field, it is better than the lessons are well learned initially. Research reveals that an overwhelming majority will continue to work for decades in the area that they have received training in. It is true that once the cycling or fishing art is learned, it will never be forgotten. Living in a fast developing world, it will be necessary to refresh knowledge and ideas, perhaps through workshops or further training courses. Companies do arrange for such professional development sessions for their workers to keep abreast of the competition.
Developing a confident business personality
The top 10 AICTE approved PGDM colleges in Bangalore train students to get more positive at self-management. Avoiding stress and anger, perhaps through exercise and meditation lets you get a reasonable control of yourself and avoid getting carried away by changing circumstances. Self-esteem is essential, too, and needs to be developed. We are not born with self-confidence.
Society works like a well-oiled machine, and a confident personality reaches far. Relationships lie at the heart of professional success, and conventional approaches work best without the taint of violence. A strong character that does not give up and perseveres for the company and the family, society and the country is the dream manager.
The top 10 PGDM colleges in Bangalore have realized that group work brings the best benefits. A project leader is in charge. Guest speakers are very encouraging and throw light on many of the real conditions existing in business worlds. Personal problems and interpersonal matters are heard in mentoring sessions to remove any mental or physical barrier, real or imagined, that may exist. Core beliefs are essential, and diverse students come to GIBS from all over the Indian states and some countries abroad. A common platform will have to be built, and a close understanding reached.

GIBS believe that SMART goals work best in realizing dreams of success

GIBS believe that SMART goals work best in realizing dreams of success
When it comes to defining success, many answers would be possible. Money and position, power and influence, marriage and children, home and car, yes, and so much more. Nobody lives on an island and bridges connect us to the mainland. Giving back to the institution and family, society and country should form part of the deal. The top 10 A.I.C.T.E. approved PGDM colleges in Bangalore consider success in business terms since that is what they teach. Internships and campus interviews leading to placements with the leading companies in Bangalore create an influential runway to ascend to business success. While most graduates and postgraduates from GLOBAL INSTITUTE OF BUSINESS STUDIES start with services, a few set up independent business ventures, perhaps in partnerships.
Develop a sound mission and vision
Considering the realities of the bitter competition amidst urban chaos in the technological 21st -century existence, it may be called survival instincts. Concrete jungles are getting worse than the primitive lawless forests. Environmental degradation is getting to be alarming like the energy crisis.
Develop S.M.A.R.T. goals over time – specific and meaningful, achievable and relevant, time-based too.
Just like nations and institutions, individuals to require careful and elaborate goal setting, usually classified as short term missions and long term visions. As students, personal goals could relate to planned achievements like a better use of time to complete pending assignments. Getting rid of bad habits like smoking could be another plan for the semester. Developing the right habits of regular sleep and work, eating, and avoidance of substance abuse early in life would pay rich dividends later.
An eye on the priorities
Best Management Institutes with Placements in Bangalore realize that the media filled world nowadays require too much of attention in different directions! Looking in too many courses will not work. Avoid having too many interests that would only dissipate attention and energy, time, and money. Set priorities in a focused manner, and it is presumed that they concern cash and materials, human resources, and services since these are the concerns of business ventures. Less and more essential tasks would be best written out since research reveals that they are the most effective. With writing dwindling fast, perhaps typing them out would be the alternative. Rather than carrying them in the head alone, put them into words and days, figures and years.
The best B school in Bangalore wishes that the boys and girls get better organized with files and folders, certificates and copies, study materials, lists of addresses and contacts, etc. Much of these are nowadays in soft copies, but it is wise if hard copies are also maintained just in case the computer crashes.
Along with the pragmatic approach contained in the idea of ‘learning by doing,’ don’t forget that interpersonal skills play an essential role. The soft skills of leadership and teamwork, motivating the team and getting along well with colleagues are crucial too. Along with the cognitive and social skills, build up meaningful relationships with people that would become an asset to business later in life.
Complete tasks to the conclusion
Especially nowadays, when everybody presents an impression of knowing too much, it is vital to keep the feet on the ground and the head upon the shoulders. Being so easy to get distracted, avoid losing attention, and concentrate upon the work at hand. Even if the job of the present is not such a sensational one, keep working hard since it is inevitable that better opportunities will come and soon. It is the business world today that witnesses the highest salaries and fastest promotions. Honor the contracts and keep working until the conclusion rather than get desperate and seek short term successes that may be regretted later. Avoid the habit of changing jobs all the time for the sake of a somewhat better salary.
The 2-year full-time A.I.C.T.E. approved PGDM program believes that positive approaches will work! Constantly comparing your position with the ones who are better off with salaries or live in bigger apartments and possess bigger cars will get you nowhere. Instant fame or wealth cannot be achieved through the sensational media makes it appear like that. Avoid getting very depressed by failure if it happens. A vast majority of lottery ticket buyers receive nothing at all.
A caring and compassionate, helping and charitable nature stand the best chances of success in spite of the cruelty and killing around the world.
You need a team in the business to succeed, and a lawyer and accountant, real estate agent and financial advisor are perhaps required. The top 10 PGDM colleges in Bangalore will show the way initially before you set out on your own. Luck, spirit, attitudes would all matter in finding success.

GIBS encourages physical fitness and recreation via regular sports activities

GIBS encourages physical fitness and recreation via regular sports activities
If there is anything that can save the future, it is the innocence, dedication, and good health of sports participation as compared to all the contemporary vices. It is universally accepted that various forms of physical activity maintain vigorous health by promoting body metabolism and reverse many symptoms of aging and mental decline. When we insist upon the physical, it is evident that the mind is also getting a boost as the mighty brain rules over everything! Some authorities rightly think that the benefits of yoga and meditation that deal with the body as much as the mind would show the way to better and healthier lifestyles. Best Management Institutes with Placements in Bangalore encourage indoor and outdoor games and sports as an essential part of the business study package.
GIBS Sports Academy
The top 10 AICTE approved PGDM colleges in Bangalore stress physical activities. GIBS organizes such events around the year. Basketball and Volleyball, Cricket and Cycling are some areas of interest unless it is online games that are universal favorites. Many are the skills waiting to be learned in sports fields and computer screens.
Adopting a commercial approach to business education
Isn’t it evident that the study of business would extend the economic principles to their institution? Global Institute of Business Studies in Bannerghatta, Bangalore, believes in an activity that is ruled by values and traditions. Adopting a systematic and principled approach to the best of business education, a network of industry contacts ensure that the most exceptional internships and placements offer students the right opportunities for exciting and fulfilling careers.
The best B school in Bangalore realizes that the mighty sports industry spread across the world and encompassing dozens of games and sports holds great business potential too. Consider just a few international events like the cricket and football competitions and the Olympics and Asian games to realize the excellent business prospects. Even though they may be held only annually or once in four years, the revenues would equal the earnings of huge corporations. Many businesses are seasonal like agriculture itself and the short harvest season that brings mighty profits. Tourist seasons too do not last long either according to the weather or festivals, but the incomes are enormous.
Interests and specializations
Sports goods and the supporting infrastructure like stadiums offer great business opportunities. Being busy with the television and the mobile phone indoors all the time is not healthy and leads to mental stress and weak eyesight. Compare that lifestyle with the games out on the field or track events and the beach, surfing and diving activities. While it has to do with interests, specializations like supply chain management and manufacturing would lead to such sports fields that apply universally.
In business, emerging trends often change and things that are liked today may go out of fashion soon. Sports and physical fitness gadgets, just like food and medicine, religion and law enforcement will hold well over time no matter what. It is always better to develop a range of interests and keep options open. A smart businessperson is still prepared to change fields according to the situation. No wonder that shops in the town can quickly change from grocery to electronics according to the need of the hour.
The outer and the inner worlds
The top 10 PGDM colleges in Bangalore encourage active lifestyles even if it is jogging or running daily. Academic labor that stresses the mind should be continuously balanced with physical activities, mainly when the classes are done in the evenings. A balance of mind and body would thus be achieved. Otherwise, the danger of turning into a bookish lifestyle would be counter-productive. A practical approach of learning by doing and experimentation, field visits and clubs and committees organizing exhibitions are other ways to intensify education. Books alone won’t turn you into a capable business manager through the knowledge from books is crucial too. While only books taught lessons in the olden days, a range of media makes learning so much more exciting and useful, quicker, and action based these days.
It is not all fire and fury in the realm of sports though it may sometimes appear so. For those who are not interested in violent games, quiet indoor games like chess and cards may be prescribed. What about yoga postures that are carefully and deliberately assumed? Many are the health and mind advantages of assuming the yogasanas or positions, and India has a rich tradition over the centuries. Yoga is a profound gift of India to the world.
Recent times have witnessed an international interest in mindfulness and meditation, so much so that they have been prescribed and practiced in hundreds of schools in England. Hospitals and prisons use them to bring peace to the troubled minds of patients and prisoners. Meditation has the power to transform the harassed world into numbing peace and get rid of the technology-induced stresses. Give it a chance and see what splendid transformations may take place in the inner personality. Perhaps a musical accompaniment as available on YouTube videos or meditation apps could get you started.

GIBS stresses value-based socially committed careers in business

GIBS stresses value-based socially committed careers in business
The study and practice of business do appear to be money-oriented because some unfair practices have given entrepreneurship a lousy name. Trade wars and intense rivalry through advertising to attract customers have been the norm. The recent controversy over American tariffs upon imported goods from China is a real-time case in point. On the other hand, the vast trade in fake goods and counterfeit currencies diminish the image of the business and technology in the public eye.
Since the earliest times, the business has existed to generate monetary profits, but some standards and values have to be followed like fixing the profit margins. International, national, and state rules and conventions would apply to Indian businesses that are reaching very high with all the benefits of advanced technology that has enhanced education and skills. Excessive MRP will not work because of the competition, especially online, that will offer the same goods at cheaper rates. Besides, online shopping is so convenient too!
The best B school in Bangalore, Global Institute of Business Studies in Bannerghatta, believes that business must have a human face! Robots cannot build and run a business though AI and automation play essential roles. A system of values must guide business policies, and social traditions must be maintained. Otherwise, it would be piracy and crime and not a legitimate business. Fraud may have the same profit motive but unethically.
Duties towards society
While the parents and community have nurtured the child from day one right through school and college, the question of giving back naturally arises. According to the level, is it not a duty to contribute to social causes and render a helping hand to the economically weak and socially backward? GIBS Social Foundation deals with Corporate Social Responsibility Activities relating to Government, Business, and Civil Society. Education for deprived children and youth is a significant thrust. Best Management Institutes with Placements in Bangalore are playing a part in uplifting disadvantaged kids by catering to their educational needs.
Sustaining Education and Health
The 2-year full-time AICTE approved PGDM program stresses concern for humanity as a part of the career path. Consider social welfare from any point of view, and the fact is evident that education and health are the chief concerns. In a nation of 1.3 billion people like India, how does one ensure that the basic literacy and a healthy existence reach everybody? While scholarship allows independence and training bring an earning capability, health and hygiene provide a disease-free life for the family and the generation.
Awareness is most essential, and nowadays, the highly advanced media through audio and video files is powerful enough to change the thoughts of people. A desire to help the less fortunate is the beginning of the change. Volunteers are needed materials, and money too. Starting at the grassroots level and working upward, research and studies of local populations and particular regions suggest that much improvement has been achieved. Change can come, and change has come already, positive changes that have brought smiles to many. As a result of the ‘swach Bharat’ campaign, is it not true that the construction of toilets made a significant difference to the villages?
Competitions and seminars on World AIDS Day, Environment Day, and Birthdays of National Leaders are some surprising ways that awareness may be generated. In the villages, educating the people on sanitation, cleanliness and good habits would promote better lifestyles.
Traditional business families have indeed succeeded for generations without formal education. Knowing the secrets of running a business, they did not need schooling to learn the trade. Now that the world is so much technologically advanced, they will need to keep in touch with the changing trends. The top 10 PGDM colleges in Bangalore will teach them the essential lessons to succeed globally amidst tight competition.
With an eye on social development activities and helping the weaker section achieve better education and health, the GIBS social foundation has come a long way. Putting a smile on the face has succeeded very well and is ongoing. Orphanages and old age homes do need attention and cheering up with songs and dances along with whatever gifts they could be given.
Wherever it is possible, vocational training and teaching skills would begin a new chapter in people’s lives. Arts and crafts are taught within a few weeks, and small incomes could be thus generated. Once a new activity is taken up by an organized group, success will follow rather soon. It is the mind that must think positively, and a dedication to values would avoid any wrongdoing.
The top 10 AICTE approved PGDM colleges in Bangalore certainly consider it their duty to impart value education along with the business skills and knowledge. The faculty shares in the mission of fostering a concern for the underprivileged and a desire to elevate them in terms of education and health. The task of improving the lot of the backward Indian population may sometimes look impossible, but there is nothing that cannot be achieved if you set your heart to it. Joining hands and hearts, resources, and money, it is one step at a time before the social welfare goals are achieved successfully.

How do students and executives apply for GIBS courses

How do students and executives apply for GIBS courses?
Would you prefer to study at the top 10 AICTE approved PGDM colleges in Bangalore? Global Institute of Business Studies conducts leading graduate, postgraduate and diploma courses in the study of entrepreneurship. Considering all the media development and digital technology, business students have a significant advantage in rising to senior positions within a few years. Some enterprising students may start their own ventures with smart business ideas. Regarding finance, banks extend educational loans on easy terms. Axis Bank and Canara Bank are some. The top 10 PGDM colleges in Bangalore will help you to find a way.
Getting organized
Applications to colleges involve a lot of stress, and information gathering is essential. It is necessary to search and find all the documents that will be needed. Along with the original documents and a number of Xerox copies, keep them carefully together in a file or two. Take good care of the files and put them in a safe place. Do not submit original copies except when it is asked for. Avoid losing original documents since it is challenging, time consuming, and costly to get documents issued once again. The 2 year full time AICTE approved PGDM program encourages students to maintain a professional portfolio.
Eligibility criteria
Students completing the final year of graduation or class 12 are allowed to apply in anticipation. Company sponsorships for students would be considered based on earlier records of Group Discussion and Personal Interview.
Graduates who have attained 50% of more are eligible to apply for the postgraduate programs MBA/PGDM. Further, the result of a qualifying exam like CAT/MAT/XAT/CMAT/ATMA or State Level Entrance Exam would be considered. In addition, work experience is given credit and any additional qualifications.
To be eligible for BBA/BCOM, candidates should have completed both class 10 and 12 examinations.
In the case of the one year Executive PGDM, graduates in any subject with 50% and more marks are eligible to apply.
Application procedure
Following the common trend, online applications are accepted. Hard copy applications are also possible. You can download the application form from the GIBS website ( which also supplies all the relevant information regarding application procedures, course details, fees and placements. In case of queries and doubts, refer to Admission Help Desk: +91 8050 3000 60 /70. Admissions are now open for PGDM / MBA / BBA for Batch 2019. May your application and course of studies be very successful and lead to accomplished careers. The best B school in Bangalore delivers placements as a powerful career beginning.

Avoid falsification and make sure that genuine, valid entries and declarations are made on the application form and testimonial submissions.

Submission of documents along with applications

While applying online or through hard copy, copies of documents would be submitted. At the time of admission, original certificates will be required.

On the website home page, click on APPLY ONLINE. After the institute receives the application, officials will contact you within two days. A personal interview or telephonic interview will be arranged according to student convenience. Students can also call the institute to arrange the date and time for the telephonic conversation.

Safe procedures for fee payments

Students are naturally anxious at this stage of their academic careers when they join higher education and beyond. They are worried about application responses and the safety of money payments. GIBS has a well-planned system in place, and there is no need to worry about applications or fees.

Online transfers of payments to the GIBS account is the easiest and fastest payment method. After the online transfer, scan the acknowledgment or deposit slip and send it by courier along with scanned documents and photographs to Don’t forget to mention the name and contact information.

If you wish to send payment by demand draft, it should be drawn in favor of ‘GIBS Business School’ and payable at Bangalore. Now, SMS your Name, DD No, Date & Amount to: +91 8050 3000 60/70. Also, scan the demand draft and send it to along with the name and contact information. The demand draft can be sent by courier or speed post along with the document Xerox copies.

Criteria for selection

A large number of boys and girls from all over India and some countries abroad apply for admission to GIBS courses. Suitable candidates would ensure success in studies, and it is essential that a proper selection is made. During the interview, the panel would consider several factors. Academic performance is very important, along with the test score in the competitive exam. Work experience gets weightage, but all the candidates do not have it. Motivation and maturity, and awards and honors would be considered. Interview performance and confidence levels are some other factors.

Confirmation of selection and fee payment
Along with a message to the student’s email id, a hard copy of the selection letter will be sent to the postal address. A prospectus copy will inform of the details. The registration charge of Rs.40000 has to be paid before the last date to confirm the admission status. Study at the Best Management Institutes with Placements in Bangalore and lay the foundation for a fabulous business career.

Why should GIBS students get serious early about ‘No Tobacco’

Why should GIBS students get serious early about ‘No Tobacco’?

Warnings of tobacco consumption being harmful to health have appeared on cigarette packets for a generation. The authorities have done the right thing by prohibiting tobacco advertisements over radio and television. The less the growing age knows about tobacco, the better.  It is said that Out of sight is usually out of mind. The kids pick up such habits out of curiosity or perhaps after watching parents and elders doing it. That single smoke may commence a lifetime of tobacco addiction, ending in lung cancer or early death.

Is the tobacco habit worth the price? The best B school in Bangalore realizes that it is mass suicide when you consider the millions that smoke regularly. Can you imagine chain smoking when one leads to the other almost all day long? What will happen to the lungs? Not only doe second-hand smoke cause further damage but babies in the womb suffer and stand a higher risk of decreased lung function.

Get eco-friendly before it is too late

Propagating the 2019 theme of ‘Tobacco and Lung Health,’ World No Tobacco day has been observed since 1972 under the World Health Organization on 31st May each year. Perhaps it should have started a century earlier. Humanity has always used tobacco, even in the first days and discovered some wild plants that contained narcotic properties. While studying why tobacco is so attractive to so many, it is partly ‘hype’ and the ‘style’ factor associated with screen idols. Advertising makes you feel that liberation and happiness lie in such habits as smoking.

Survey of school and college students in Bangalore reveals plenty of tobacco use and even drugs and alcohol. These substances should be viewed together rather than in isolation because they are interconnected. One usually leads to the other. Frequently, it is found at parties, for instance, that several such substances are consumed together. Once addicted, it is a vicious circle that is not easy to escape from. The top 10 PGDM colleges in Bangalore wishes that the campuses are free from such evils that interrupt student careers and harm professional chances of success.

The price to be paid

Hopefully, we are all aware of our surroundings. Usually, that is a small world of the home and family, school or college, and maybe the workplace. The media speaks of global happenings. Do people know how many are adversely affected by tobacco? Probably, most don’t.

Along with lung and mouth cancer, tobacco use causes asthma, pneumonia and bronchitis, tuberculosis, and lower respiratory infections. Lung power is diminished. Already, environmental pollution is terrible enough in India and very bad in some places like the capital Delhi. In addition to that, hellish pollution, tobacco smoke indoors can be severe.

Tobacco smoke includes maybe 7000 chemicals, and 68 of those are known to cause cancer. The smoke lingers for 5 hours in the surrounding and may look innocently colorless and odorless but is a slow and silent killer in the long run.

A tobacco-free lifestyle is best

Best Management Institutes with Placements in Bangalore advocate never saying ‘yes’ to tobacco. Even those who tried a stick or two out of curiosity could end it there with the vanity satisfied. The awareness campaigns everywhere on such a large scale against tobacco should be convincing enough. The previous generation did not have such a highly developed digital media and perhaps smoked innocently without really understanding the gradual damage over time. The present age will be digging their graves if they continue with such a destructive habit, in spite of all the media warnings.

Getting rid of the various forms of tobacco

Smoking and chewing are the most common forms of tobacco consumption. Snuff is also rather common. Tobacco is also consumed along with betel leaves and as zarda in India. Though the authorities may claim that they are banned, the truth is that they are freely available. Just like plastics that are both prohibited and possible in plenty, tobacco spreads everywhere.

Once the mind is made up, quitting is not so difficult. A long-standing tobacco habit may witness mild withdrawal symptoms. Tobacco substitutes that copy the action like vaporizers may help. Discuss with medical personnel or seniors. One feels healthy after stopping the habit and energy returns. Appetite increases and lets it be a permanent break! Otherwise, depressing thoughts and fears of the disease will linger in mind all lifelong.

Research reveals further bitter truths about tobacco

Mostly made by nature, tobacco companies naturally want their products to be consumed widely to boost profits that lie at the heart of any enterprise. Business students understand that idea very well. Only Bhutan has banned all forms of tobacco sale or consumption. Why can’t other countries follow the example? No, the attractions of money profits are more significant than human health, life, and death.

Now that research has developed so much further, the risks of tobacco usage and second-hand smoke are better understood. It is difficult to imagine the enormous scale destruction of health and mortality that results. In global terms, how many die each year from cancer of the mouth and lungs? For many, it is a living death that may be worse than mortality itself.

The top 10 AICTE approved PGDM colleges in Bangalore pray that good sense will prevail. May the students avoid frustration and desperation that usually lead to various forms of substance abuse. Though tobacco is yet legal in many ways, it is too big a risk over the long term.

Overall health and well-being depend upon the lungs and the heart, of course, along with several other body constituent organs. Like a machine, even if one organ is non-functional, everything comes to a halt or is severely impaired. Lungs play very crucial roles in health, far more than earlier thought.

Hopefully, the concerned authorities and the media will continue the campaigns to bring awareness to the public with the hope that tobacco use is curtailed. Think of the unborn and the second-hand tobacco smoke damaging human life in addition to the millions of lungs set on fire each day.  Research reveals that tuberculosis deaths also owe much to tobacco.

If you are convinced about how great a villain is tobacco, you will make a great effort to quit it before it is too late. The 2-year full-time AICTE approved PGDM program wishes to make student families tobacco-free forever. Can it be achieved?