Catering to the present-day business world at GIBS, Bangalore

Life and times had transformed so much since 50 years ago when the Americans landed on the moon! Come to think of it. Space ventures have also changed and become big business deals. Living in an age of mega-businesses where chains of eateries and gymnasiums, libraries and transport agencies are obliterating small independent businesses, it is time to think again. While some people may regret the disappearance of traditional ethical values in the race to survive and prosper amidst mighty corporations, it is necessary to keep in tune with the times. The best B school in Bangalore equips the boys and girls with high standard business education along with personal development to cope with the stressful times ahead.

Surviving in the international marketplace!

Service is another name for the same work, but specific fields like hospitality that includes travel and tourism have more of that. Manufacturing implies making goods and finding buyers for them on the other hand. If good quality air-conditioners are manufactured, they will be sold no matter what, with or without advertising gimmicks. Quality sells and eminent business education is what Global Institute of Business Studies specializes at. Just like the air-conditioner, GIBS graduates and postgraduates will find impressive careers and Bangalore has no dearth of mega-corporations and multimedia ventures. Best Management Institutes with Placements in Bangalore can assure that you are going places after the expert training.

You cannot play football successfully amidst a desert without the requisite infrastructure. Nor would you find business opportunities amidst the burning hot sands. Yet the centers like Dubai have transformed such desert sands into thriving significant business communities that attract global trade and shopping. A child’s life is somewhat similar, starting with nothingness initially and going on to great things after excellent professional training.

While the kids grow up with digital technology and smartphones as toys, they need to be adequately trained to succeed in the new ways of life. In personal life too, you need to handle and manage money on a daily basis, though cash may be less used as compared to plastic money. Some similar principles of wise and careful allocation of resources, whether in buying and selling raw materials, commodities, or manufactured goods would apply across business careers. No doubt those who specialize in financial or banking careers would know such policies better, but the essential nature of family life and business ventures is similar. The 2-year full-time AICTE approved PGDM program will help develop a rounded business personality that understands the basic principles of life and business.

Working and succeeding well amidst the technological future

Business and economic principles apply to everybody’s life, just like the sun shines upon all. Interpersonal skills and leadership are common to all, just like excellent written and spoken communication and the ability with several languages, preferably international.

Reinventing ourselves and getting adjusted to technology that continually keeps evolving is yet another essential consideration. Flexibility and adaptation would be necessary. In some sense, the future has already arrived, and technology is going to expand and diversify, but some things will remain the same as the sun and moon in technological terms. Who would have thought in the 1960s that data or information would mean so much one day?

Easy and cheap transmission of data across the world and the affordable multimedia files over the internet have simplified and diversified learning and understanding. Education has taken on a new significance, and the dependence upon wise and experienced professors has now ended though senior faculty members continue to play essential roles. Students do not learn from the teacher alone but follow numerous learning paths through digital media.

The top 10 PGDM colleges in Bangalorelike dedicated babysitters, will escort the boys and girls through the complexities of managing digital business data. Teachers have many roles to play beyond the classroom and are always busy with researching and journal publications to add to the teaching. Compare the business manager of the 1960s to one today, and the difference is mainly the digital data management and working through software, the most potent weapon imaginable in business battles.

Speeding up life and business procedures through technology

Life is getting faster and better through technology, but populations and environments are worsening comparing past and present. More people may be stronger, but so many more need jobs and food, housing, and medical care. The top 10 AICTE approved PGDM colleges in Bangalore deliver pragmatic education according to the living present amidst ground realities rather than the idealistic world taught in books. When the change happens from college life to the working life often through campus placements, it is a quick adjustment because of the practical preparation during the semesters. It does appear an extended and complex academic journey, but the few action-filled GIBS semesters will not take too long. Make an early beginning.

How to choose a futuristic b-school for yourself?

In an age of the digital internet that reaches everywhere with no secrets left, it should be comparatively easy to assess the reputations of b schools. Accreditations and affiliations apart, rankings for institutions, awards and honorable mentions should indicate the truth at least partly while it is true that the media is prone to falsifying information for money-making purposes and wild promises about jobs are made to attract students, which is unlikely. Just like job fairs, educational fairs and exhibitions regularly highlight institutions and face to face meetings would result in positive realistic impressions being formed.

Develop a list of possible b schools

Locations and geographical factors matter and cultural and linguistic details need to match. You don’t want to feel like a fish out of water in some isolated remoteness. Where would you wish to study and feel comfortable? After the study, the goal is to work in leading companies and institutions located nearby business centers would be most convenient. After all, it is proximity to markets that drive businesses worldwide. If goods are manufactured in China and sold in America, that is possible on a massive scale of production.

Among the top 10 PGDM colleges in BangaloreGlobal Institute of Business Studies enjoys the advantage of being in the midst of mega-companies in the Karnataka State capital that proves to be a happy hunting ground for dynamic girls and boys in search of suitable careers. Conversely, the companies are enriched with such high-quality staff from GIBS that enjoys quite a reputation of being the best B school in Bangalore with an emphasis upon BBA and PGDM courses.

Does the college tally with your own career goals? 

Regarding Bangalore, would you be happy to work here in addition to the studies? If the target is service, that is somewhat easy. If the intention is to launch your own start-up business or continue to work in the already existing family business, it is a different scenario. The fields may be as diverse as photography or leather, confectionery, and transport services but the formula of business of money, manpower, and resources like raw materials and services apply everywhere. Managing them all effectively is what b school studies are all about.

Visiting the campus and meet faculty and students

Many students don’t go so far, but they should try to get a feel of the campus where a few semesters would be spent. Meeting a few teachers and students provides ample feedback on what to expect. You don’t need to go out of the way since many b schools conduct workshops and seminars, face to face meetings, and organize stalls in job fairs with the same purpose of advertising.

Professional courses require deliberation

Unlike joining the first school or a degree in college, professional courses are more expensive and much is at stake. A lucky college will reach you to the best internships and deliver a green signal to commence an incredible career with some good company. Yet, where is the guarantee after paying those huge fee amounts?

It is partly the reputation gathered from a variety of sources and hope and faith. Further, the students have to shoulder responsibilities and earn a place in the sun. Those who neglect regular study and allow all the work to pile up until the eleventh hour will not be so lucky with the academic and professional results. An inspired and dutiful approach to study to serve the family, community, and nation and give back would succeed. Best Management Institutes with Placements in Bangalore are good bets for successful b studies.

  • Online research and rankings
  • Cost and reputations
  • Records of past internships and placements
  • Specializations, course structure
  • Faculty, infrastructure, and location
  • Syllabus and teaching methods 

Don’t give up amidst the stressful times

Everybody has to face such harrowing times during the process of growing up. Don’t forget that the parents are the first teachers and they have contacts with teachers and seniors and elders in society. They will be having some plans for the children though it may not have been revealed well in advance. If you have faith in the family system, wait and see. Independently, continue researching and writing admission examinations diligently. Among the colleges to be earnestly considered are the top 10 AICTE approved PGDM colleges in Bangalore. The attraction to the silicon valley of India brings together students from many Indian states and a few neighboring countries too.

Avoid enrolling at a place where you will not feel comfortable. Many factors contribute to successful studies, and it is a sensitive period of life. Maybe the two-year full-time AICTE approved PGDM program will help realize your dreams after all aspects are considered. Hope for the best.

GIBS reminds of limited preparation time before CAT 2019

While the nation is busy celebrating Independence Day and floods are ravaging some states, many anxious students are busy preparing for entrance exams. Such is the system to select students for entry into top tier management institutions like Global Institute of Business Studies in Bannerghatta, Bangalore. The best B school in Bangalore is now accepting admissions for the 2019 batch. Internships and professional placements with leading companies in the previous years prove that the time and the expense at GIBS will be richly rewarded with strong professional standing. If the quality of faculty and educational infrastructure are considered, here are the best. Cross the hurdle of the CAT 2019 with good scores on the way to the successful semesters at GIBS!

How long does CAT 2019 preparation take?

Don’t forget that only three months are left before CAT 2019 on November 24. Some students may spend one year of costly institute coaching to prepare but is it really necessary? Even if you started now, successful preparation should be possible with the right motivation, study materials and ample dedicated time. Instead of long preparation time being wasted, why not focus tightly on preparation and give it a lot of energy?

At the same time, don’t forget that mental labor brings exhaustion. The diet is important and adequate sleep and rest, exercise and play would refresh the mind between study sessions. Keep up to date with the daily news and reading newspapers has a positive impact upon exam preparation. Best Management Institutes with Placements in Bangalore recommend an active media-filled exam preparation.

Individual strong and weak areas

Get familiar with the CAT 2019 syllabus and examination format. The three-hourly sections are VARC: Verbal Ability & Reading Comprehension, DILR: Data Interpretation & Logical Reasoning and Quant: Quantitative Ability.

Most of us know what we are good at and where the weakness lies. Basically, it is mathematical ability and language comprehension. After identifying weak areas, it will be possible to give them more time and attention. Mock tests, books and other study materials would help understand individual ability and performance better.

Coaching institutes

Not all the students are dependent upon institutes for preparation. Some toppers did not attend institutes. However, we must accept the fact that the institutes have a great deal of professional experience and have been coaching for years. They understand study techniques well and can personally help students. Such coaching is costly and not every student can afford it. Some students are not comfortable to study in a group and may prefer a personal tutor.

Confident self-study

Several top rank holders in previous CAT exams did not attend coaching institutes. Perhaps they were sheer genius. The weaker students may need the encouragement of institutes or tutors. Students who went for tutors every year should continue such a system now. Those who are confident with self-study should first understand the syllabus and the exam format. Collect ample study materials and build a portfolio of notes and question papers of earlier years. Though studying alone, maintain contacts with a group of students who are also busy with the same task and exchange notes and ideas. The top 10 AICTE approved PGDM colleges in Bangalore think that data processing is the chief activity involved.

A basic time table plan

As a rough estimate, since three months are left, why not spend a month on each of the three sections? It is not a rigid time table and more time could be spent on the weak areas.

Building up understanding, speed and accuracy

Improved performance comes only with practice and more practice. That idea applies to every industry like sports and entertainment, managers and divers! The time factor only means that the work must be fast enough. At the same time, accuracy and correctness will be needed to score high.

Mock tests and questions from previous years should be attempted firstly on a sectional basis of an hour each. Once that is done successfully, attempting the entire exam in one sitting should be practiced. After analysis, weak areas would be visible and more time and effort should solve them.

Maintain a positive approach

Realistic exam preparation needs to maintain high morale. Avoid giving way to negative thoughts. Life is made up of challenges in one way or the other all through the long life journey. With the right understanding and strategy, the best study materials like books, question papers and guided by tutors or even self-study, scoring the qualifying marks should be possible. Don’t forget that each section should show a good score for IIM requirements. Always remember that the 2 year full time AICTE approved PGDM program assures of excellent career prospects.

Time is short!

With three months left, you should be neck deep now and fully involved in the systematic exam preparation. For those who have neglected the work earlier and are waking up at the last moment, perhaps the institute or tutor help would be best, just to make sure that the focus remains on the important areas. It is important that the exam preparation ends at least a week before the CAT 2019 exam on November 24 so that you have some time to rest and relax. The top 10 PGDM colleges in Bangalore pray for your success.

GIBS forges ahead every day with well-equipped infrastructure in a prime location

Times are changing, and populations and educational institutions just like hospitals and hotels, factories, and vehicles have all increased drastically. While strength lies in numbers, in developing countries like India, mighty populations have become a liability rather than an asset. Besides, automation and AI are taking away many jobs from human workers. Digital devices can do the work so much better and at cheaper costs like painting cars in factories!

Meanwhile, colleges and universities are busy researching the secrets of great institutions down the ages. What is it that is in common with the leading world universities? Why don’t Indian universities qualify for world status except for the IITs and IIMs? It is also true that international students visit India in large numbers for the sake of education. Factors that are responsible for attracting international students to India are proximity for Asian and African students, cost-effectiveness and similarities of culture. Political conditions are peaceful in India and Bangalore has a cosmopolitan lifestyle. The top 10 PGDM colleges in Bangalore have brought professional success to thousands of boy and girls.

The importance of reputation and infrastructure

Global Institute of Business Studies in Bangalore has already earned an excellent reputation and showed outstanding results in terms of student achievement. Validity of a professional course is judged the quality, status of internships and placements at the end of the course. Successfully graduating from the campus into a high-powered career is what every business student dreams of but not many achieve it. Best Management Institutes with Placements in Bangalore help fulfill those dreams for sure.

Faculty before infrastructure?

Imagine the conditions in universities in antiquity and in medieval times! Whether it is Nalanda, Taxila or Oxford and Cambridge universities, it was primarily the excellence of quality faculty along with extensive library facilities that were paramount. Gadgets and technology were unheard of. Even the remote religious monasteries tucked away in the mountains depended heavily upon the learned teachers rather than anything along with the spiritual literature.

In the basic sense, it has been practiced for ages and still does in some parts of India and elsewhere. The chalk and talk teaching philosophy is good enough at the lower levels of education. Further, in a day institution where students arrive in the morning and leave to return to parents in the evening, such a sophisticated infrastructure would not be required. That is how many institutions are making huge profits with small buildings and overcrowded classrooms, cheaply printed notes, and many tall promises of good jobs. Unfortunately, a considerable number of business graduates pass out every year in India with degrees but no jobs.

Offering hostel accommodation means engaging the boys night and day. Boarding facilities will mean arranging for a healthy diet, security on the campus, and medical and transport facilities. Students will need recreational amenities and study materials far beyond what a day college will require. The 2-year full-time AICTE approved PGDM program is certainly worth the expense and the time spent.

Along with the amphitheater and swimming pool, games facilities like volleyball and basketball, yoga and meditation corners exist in GIBS. Clubs and committees keep the students occupied and bring chances of applying lessons learned in classrooms to real-life situations. Now and then learning activities and competitions are being organized along with the regular meetings with guest speakers and field visits to companies. Observing national and international significant days like world health day along with occasions like Independence Day creates bonds of community living where lifelong friendships are made. Business certainly depends upon developing contacts and connections that will endure throughout professional life.

Developing networks in business locations 

Perhaps the best academic learning takes place in remote areas far away from the noise and the evils of city life. Imagine a heavenly world now, far away amidst greenery with peaceful rivers flowing nearby. Civilizations sprang up on the banks of rivers. Will that situation suit the requirements of the business world? Just like the best lessons in history would be learned nearby historical sites, business lessons would best be accomplished near busy markets!

In the 1960s, Bangalore used to be a pensioners’ paradise which it is still claimed to be. The peaceful town has grown into a mammoth world-class city due to the software explosion that attracted international giants to start branches like Accenture. Indian companies like Infosys are also part of the large software system.

Just like attracting international students to India due to proximity like Bangladesh and Sri Lanka, the closeness of leading companies in Bangalore has become a feather in the cap for GIBS. Maintaining close links with leading companies that are looking out for dynamic new staff makes the GIBS education realistic according to the current needs of the business world.

The best education, just like the two hands to clap, is infrastructure and location. GIBS enjoys the best of both worlds, along with an exceptional caring faculty. Among the top 10 AICTE approved PGDM colleges in Bangalorethe best B school in Bangalore will launch your lifelong successful business career.

PGDM vs. PGP. Which is better suited for you?

Education functions at a variety of levels for study, training, and careers like the Himalayan peaks. After elementary school education that could end with the matriculation or intermediate exams, a vast world of academic or professional programs opens up. Those professional courses that are more industry centered are to be preferred since they directly prepare you for the working life with hands-on training. The reputed institutes offer internships and placements and usually keep their promises. The top 10 AICTE approved PGDM colleges in Bangalore will help make those dreams real.

Global Institute of Business Studies in dynamic Bangalore has been conquering many milestones with the AICTE-approved PGDM during a short existence since 2010. The 2-year full-time AICTE approved PGDM program has successfully fulfilled the wildest dreams of energetic and dedicated girls and boys with super appointments. The truth is that the present is an age of business management worldwide, and it is the only field that offers high salaries and fast promotions up the corporate ladder. The hottest areas earlier of medicine and engineering too are different forms of business! A doctor or an engineer with business training would be doubly fruitful.

In quest of professional diplomas

The reverence for university education that has continued for ages is now somewhat changing. Easy and cheap online training with multimedia facilities has spread the light of knowledge far and wide. So much does everybody know these days that specialization is rare? A little information makes you appear like an expert. The most significant expert is Google, of course, to whom everybody turns with a million questions each day.

Bachelors and masters, along with doctorates, continue to have their say, and many of them are purely academic courses. Universities confer them directly or through colleges affiliated with universities. Autonomous institutions not affiliated with the university, do not have the power to award them.  Best Management Institutes with Placements in Bangalore offer the PGDM course.

Autonomous colleges grant PGDM and the PGP diploma

We live in an age of mighty development of educational resources. Digital data and technology have proved a great bonanza for the student fraternity. Since autonomous colleges can grant diplomas, PGDM has been in high demand. PGDM in India is treated on the same level as an MBA that is globally recognized. Both are postgraduate courses, and both are 4-semester courses stretching over two years. In terms of syllabi and study topics, internships and placements, they are similar. Institutions may differ in terms of reputations and effectiveness, fees and faculty, infrastructure, and location. Study at the top 10 PGDM colleges in Bangalore for a glittering career.

PGP diploma courses

As compared to the two years AICTE approved PGDM, the PGP or postgraduate program is also two years long but unregulated and hardly known or recognized. Accreditations mean everything. Some institutions offer PGP of a single year just like the Executive MBA. A single year does not provide many opportunities for extensive study. Finance or marketing, IT, or HR are some possibilities. Such a PGP diploma, whether for one or two year’s duration, will not prepare you for a good career beginning. On the other hand, the AICTE supported PGDM will be beneficial.

PGP will benefit professionals with experience who wish to upgrade qualifications. Careers are getting so competitive that everybody is searching for higher education and better jobs. In this race, companies often sponsor employees and send them for higher education or training workshops, seminars, and study tours. In terms of careers that may last several decades, a single year or even two years is a brief sacrifice if the benefit is added learning and experience in a world-class institution with super faculty and elaborate educational infrastructure. Climbing the career ladder further seems quite possible. Never stop dreaming!

Advantages of autonomous institutions

Mighty universities with excellent reputations do bring confidence with a world of contacts and senior faculty. Autonomous colleges have some benefits of being more up to date with syllabi and are industry centered in realistic terms. While the university syllabus may change once in several years, autonomous colleges are continually trying to catch up with industry trends. Single colleges have simpler systems and procedures as compared to the university that may be very elaborate and have umpteen rules and regulations, procedures, and laws.

Besides, autonomous business schools have a single area of expertise to research and can concentrate thoroughly upon while the university may consist of ten or more subject departments with all the complexities. While we love the sea, the lake or river is more natural to deal with.

Worldwide, the trend is towards nationalism rather than globalization that was the culture of the recent past with the television and internet. Small formats are easier to deal with, just like the building model designed by the architect. It is better to work and study in small institutions just like the comfortable life in small companies even though the bigger ones are more dramatic and offer higher opportunities. It is essential to start small. The best B school in Bangalore wishes you success in studies and career goals.

GIBS feels deeply concerned about maintaining world peace

Study at the Best Management Institutes with Placements in Bangalore and lay a strong foundation for a business career. Stressing on BBA and PGDM among bachelors and postgraduate courses in business studies, Global Institute of Business Studies certainly deserves to be named the best B school in Bangalore

Each year, a series of national and international occasions are observed, many of them mere formalities. They are all important as the health day, and none is more significant than the problem of maintaining peace on the troubled planet earth. Further, the theme for this year’s peace day reminds of the crucial issue of environmental preservation. “Climate Action for Peace” is the 2019 theme, let us give it the most excellent efforts to realize the cherished goals of the UN General Assembly. The ideals of peace should extend globally to all nations and peoples.

Are we getting closer to peace ideals? 

While the International Day of Peace has come and gone on 21 September, are there higher hopes of peace in the future? It is wise that the focus has shifted this year to climate and environment because that might turn out to be the greatest killer and not wars and weapons. The truth is that the world has a single interconnected ecosystem, but few seem to realize that. While America pollutes the environment heavily, a tiny nation like Bhutan is carbon neutral! One certainly wishes for the sake of the environment that there existed more countries like Bhutan and less industrialized nations. The two-year full-time AICTE approved PGDM program promotes environmental protection.

Demonstrations for climate and environment augmentation in 140 countries

Along with high-level meetings scheduled for 23 September, it may be hard to believe what the media says that 21 September witnessed mass meetings to create awareness in 140 countries. The youth particularly are more concerned about environmental degradation because their lives may be affected in the near future. Senior citizens do not have too many years of experience left anyway.

Harmony between nations and races

Even before the climate got degraded in recent times, peace was conceived not only as a life without war but a world without tensions and animosities on a community, racial and national level. Health and food are undoubtedly primary priorities of experience along with shelter and clothing. One could argue that these essential exist on different levels, but everybody knows what could be considered the bare minimum for sustained subsistence living.

Basic survival needs are denied to millions and especially in Africa that suffers malnutrition and health epidemics. Isn’t it an injustice that mighty projects that promote luxury and comfortable living like superfast trains attract all the public money while starvation and malnutrition result in numerous deaths?

The doves and the vultures

Though it is clear that authentic Buddhist teachers like the Dalai Lama are few and far between, a more significant number of propagators of the war machinery and terrorism rule the world. Perhaps for non-violence to succeed, vegetarianism would put an end to killing for food, but animal predators would continue to kill and poachers too. An inclination in favor of non-meat diets is slowly catching on and hopefully will attract more considerable attention in the days to come. Imagine a world free from meat-eating because that will mean an end to animal slaughter. Killing would be reflected only in movies and games then.

Regarding terrorism that not only kills but spreads fear of being killed across large communities, the Modi-Trump joint action hopefully will result in Islamic terrorism being curtailed if destroyed at the roots.

UN 17 Sustainable Development Goals, 2015

The top 10 PGDM colleges in Bangalore support UN goals for development. Along with economic and social development, the UN vision aims to curtail poverty and hunger, though it is easier said than done on a global scale. Promoting gender equality and social justice are other mighty challenges. Reaching adequate drinking water to the community and developing sanitation facilities are being taken up on a war footing in India presently with Swach Bharat campaigns.

Wars and conflicts never seem to end

Counting the scenes of war and conflict zones due to a variety of causes on the different continents is a sad activity indeed. Race and politics, skin color, and the injustices of colonialism of the past and not heeding the local voice are some of the ghastly mistakes that lead to terrible situations. While some problems have no solutions, the rich and powerful countries can make a difference, and the UN is doing precisely that. How long will the process take until the global community experiences a minimum of the life requirements at a minimum standard? Literacy, food, and health, shelter, and clothing are those urgent needs.

Awareness will certainly lead to change

Since the reason behind observing Peace Day on 21 September is to create awareness, it has been fulfilled in a big way this year with the CLIMATE for PEACE movement in 140 countries. When awareness spreads, action will follow for a more harmonious world of peace and understanding. The top 10 AICTE approved PGDM colleges in Bangalore pray for a peaceful world free from strife.

Gearing up for future business challenges at GIBS

‘Media plus Business’ seems to be a comprehensive summing up of the present condition of society that has transformed through several stages of social, political, industrial, and technological development. Can you imagine what life was like about fifty years ago in 1970?

Many would prefer the seventies since peace existed to a greater extent with stress-free study and work in comparison to the digital universe of today. While engineers and doctors were revered for ages, now it is the business management graduates and postgraduates who are on top. BBA and PGDM at Global Institute of Business Studies reach very far along with professional careers. Business not only earns the highest profits but also pays the best salaries with fast track promotions, unlike most other careers. The best B school in Bangalore brings the best career opportunities to the dynamic students. The 2-year full-time AICTE approved PGDM program will build powerful career goals and help you achieve them.

Trading has been practiced for ages!

If the concept and the practice of buying and selling goods initially starting with exchange and barter are so old, what happened so drastically in recent times? The truth is that business may have existed for very long but was not studied or researched extensively. Study of money did exist like in the ‘Arthashastra,’ but the mechanisms of business were unknown. It is evident that communication and transport, along with a highly developed language system, were necessary to launch large scale businesses.

Security systems in business

Just like you cannot work optimally amidst danger, it was a turbulent world in the past where goods of any kind were not safe from plunder. Might be right and organized business was not possible. Even today, poachers and dealers in contraband drugs and weapons have to rely upon private armies to make sure that the deals are successful. The top 10 AICTE approved PGDM colleges in Bangalore provide safe and caring environments for the study of business though goods may not be physically bought and sold there!

The highest peaks of business exist in the here and now!

Starting during the 19th and 20th centuries, the study of economics and commerce was gradually launched, and the golden age of business had begun and will never end. When nations talk about a trillion dollar economy, they are talking in business terms. The world makes sense to us nowadays, only through the prism of business ventures. Every aspect of the home or office originated in the form of business that involved human resources, money, real estate, materials, and manufacture or service delivery along with management expertise. These have become refined and sophisticated through a few recent decades with the help of the blessings of technology like automation, AR, and AI.

Travel from a remote village in Karnataka to the Bangalore state capital is not only a study of contrasts, but the journey contains the entire history of the business. Development, language, and communication, transport, and software for booking, every critical aspect is condensed within a single journey.

Living in a world without borders

Politically, geographically and linguistically, the world is getting unified and simplified through the power of the internet, which has become a global communication media. In spite of language, racial and religious differences, some strange power is uniting us or at least making everybody feel that it is a vast world family. No doubt there will be dissenters who wish to look the other way, but something is happening to melt the ice. Unless humanity joins hands in good time, it may not be possible to save the planet earth in terms of environment, climate, and peace.

Strangely enough, just like geographic boundaries are melting, sectors like education and transport, healthcare and hospitality, technology and pharmacy are all getting similar in some senses like the business aspect. It is possible nowadays to develop skills of management that apply equally to a variety of fields through the grace of accelerated learning and multimedia lessons. Language and communication skills indeed occupy essential places in such a cosmopolitan world and the ability to get along with people in multicultural worlds. Best Management Institutes with Placements in Bangalore help develop business skills very well.

A superficial world

With advanced up to date information cheaply available online in vast quantities, it is an external world we have created. A little knowledge is passed off as an expert if well versed in computer software and up to date in technology. Appearing like an expert and possessing authentic knowledge with experience are two different things. GIBS students had better get deep into the study of business and avoid becoming chameleons. Study at the top 10 PGDM colleges in Bangalore and make a positive career beginning.

5 Job Skills You Need To Join the E-Commerce Sector

Everybody has heard about e-commerce and shopping online has become a fashion and a necessity. The convenience of shopping 24/7 from any location with a wide choice available at low prices are some of the benefits. Considering the population of India that stands at 1.3 billion, one can imagine the mighty online market that exists. It is only getting bigger and better with advanced technology and greater online security. E-commerce portals are numerous and cater to different markets like B2C and B2B, C2B, and C2C.

Global Institute of Business Studies, a reputed b school in Bangalore, is vigorously pursuing BBA and PGDM programs and attracts students from all over the country and nearby countries abroad. The best B school in Bangalore realizes the importance of e-commerce along student career paths, and internships and placements ensure the best job opportunities for the boys and girls. Campus to career is a significant jump that students dream about.

Diverse areas of the e-commerce sector

In a world of specialization, you first need to get a bird’s eye view of the industry before choosing one area. Would you be interested in the arts or the management aspect? Financial, technical, and marketing duties are other aspects of e-commerce employment.

  • Artistically speaking, UI/UX and creativity in designing
  • A product manager requires managerial skills
  • A content person would need writing skills
  • Dealing with stakeholders, marketing and logistics would require financial skills
  • Software skills are on top of the technical workers
  • Marketing methods and strategies are compulsory for visibility

Among the specializations offered at GIBS are some of these areas like marketing and finance, international business and information systems. Banking and insurance, retail and supply chain management along with small business management and entrepreneurship are some further areas of research. Though e-commerce may seem to be overwhelming at first glance due to size and complexity, breaking it down into segments reveals the endless possibilities. Give it deep thought if genuinely interested and plan a dynamic career accordingly. The top 10 PGDM colleges in Bangalore encourage student interest in e-commerce because of infinite opportunities. Don’t forget the tough competition!

5 Important e-commerce sectors

Online retail and marketing organizations are busy buying and selling goods, whether furniture or garments, cars or houses.

Travel, food and accommodation, ticketing for flights and trains, buses and cabs offer a mighty market.

Education online is developing in significant dimensions, and students, teachers, and parents are genuinely interested.

Classified columns like in newspapers help people to find anything they want, whether shopping or jobs.

Hyper-locals is booming, which is combined apps and GPS systems that generate lots of jobs.

5 Essential skills for success in the e-commerce sector

The top 10 AICTE approved PGDM colleges in Bangalore include the principles of e-commerce in their academic programs.


Online communication excellence is the greatest challenge and covers almost everything that can be achieved. Whether it is website writing like blogs and product descriptions, good writing will reach very far across that vast online world. Bright and exciting literature that sells ideas or products is essential, and we see it all the time in the media.


Graphics and logos, symbolism and videos, images, and text work together to develop a brand. The impact on the audience in a campaign matters so much in selling success. The customers receive the messages and how they respond is the result of intelligent and artistic marketing supported by technical skills.

Data Collection, Testing, and Development

Collecting data is a big business now with all the technical tools, and aids understanding generates awareness and helps marketing. Google Analytics and other software help to prepare reports. Optimize and other testing systems will benefit the knowledge of the strengths and weaknesses of email reports or selling statistics. HTML and CSS would help the development of code in marketing systems. Technical aspects and coding are crucial skills.

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Advertising and Visibility

Many channels of advertising have opened up today in several media forms, and some of them are mobile advertising and video commercials. Social media and SEO are others. Company sales and profits primarily develop from the visibility effort, and paid advertising is compulsory. Aiming for effective ROI and using all the technical and artistic magic are some approaches that pay well.

Automation and Search Engine Optimization

Managing marketing automation processes well would bring huge returns. Automation brings many benefits like reducing marketing expenses, improving the shopping experience, and increasing sales. Identify the marketing automation tools relevant to the particular business and work hard on them.

By search engine optimization, we mean the design of the website to cater to the demands of the search engines crawlers to index. Avoid fake content and curtail malpractices.

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