The Importance Of Personality Development And Communication Skills For A Successful Post MBA Career – February 10,2017

The Importance Of Personality Development And Communication Skills For A Successful Post MBA Career

After acquiring a graduate (either technical or non-technical) degree, most business aspirants tend to apply for the MBA (Master of Business Administration) program. With various available private, deemed, state, and central-level universities along with their affiliated colleges, choosing the best from the lot is a tough job. However, you can make it simple by understanding the exact meaning of an MBA.

Most of the students think MBA is just another course, which will be similar to any other generic course of academic relevance we studied earlier. In fact, it’s not just an academic course that teaches us managerial terminologies but the MBA program includes various aspects of developing soft skills i.e. personality development and communication skills that can help the candidates to reach their professional and personal goals. So, it’s advisable to choose the best management institute that allocates a major portion of the curriculum to this aspect of soft skill training. To let you know the importance, here, we’ve briefed on the role of personality development and communication skills in an MBA program.


Personality Development

Be it a job interview, a business presentation with clients, or a debate/group discussion with teammates, you can’t achieve success without influencing others. To make this possible, you need to have good inter and intra- managerial skills.

The word personality itself resembles the combination of appearance and characteristics. It refers to one’s attitude, politeness, social graces, willingness to learn, eagerness to help others, behavior, style, punctuality, mindset, self-confidence, speaking ability, etc. Structuring your body, attitude, and mindset as per the competitive market requirements lets you build the confidence that is so essential in addressing successfully any type of public forum. So, you need to possess a positive attitude, impressive personality, smart dressing sense, and a fit body that can aid you in creating a lasting first impression.
Among thousands of MBA institutes available in the country, only a handful of institutes teach the art of personality development with the latest techniques of professional image management.


Communication Skills

Communication, the process of transferring meaningful information, is not simple as it looks. From friendly conversation to professional presentations, it plays a vital role in every stage of our life. Every year lakhs of management graduates enter the job market with the aim to realize their future dreams. Even though most candidates secure good marks in their academics, they fail to prove themselves during interviews, business presentations, or meetings due to the lack of effective communication skills and lose out on opportunities that could be life-changing. Even though you possess sound professional and technical skills, a lack of proper presentation may be a major reason for an average-paying job. Thus, you need to acquire good communication skills to lead a successful professional career in this multifaceted corporate arena.

Even an untimed facial expression or misdirected statement may deliver the undesired message to the watchful observers. Particularly, MBA graduates who need to interact with clients, address business meetings, represent a corporate brand to the world, etc. should be more conscious of essential communication skills.

As a business administration aspirant, you should have some communication skills that include verbal skills which let you deliver the content more efficiently, writing skills that enable you to detail the content elaborately, and presentation skills that let you structure and design the overall appearance of information in ways that creates an optimum impact on the desired recipients.

GIBS Business School, Bangalore delivers power-packed soft skill enhancement training modules to its MBA students which is the prime reason that the pass-outs are coming up with flying colors in their respective recruiter interfaces. Packages are decent and the profiles are impressive which are the primal objectives of most MBA aspirants in their first jobs. Specific professional corporate trainers who have mastered the various techniques of corporate communication along with various aspects of image makeover are hired to deliver effective results that completely transform the most introverted and novice graduates into smart confident professionals.No wonders GIBS enters the league of the Best Business schools in Bangalore.

So, along with the rankings, location, infrastructure, affiliation status, placement records, and feedback from the alumnus, one needs to verify whether the institute’s management curriculum has the required impetus on personality and communication modeling.


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