PGDM course at GIBS inspires an exceptional business career

PGDM course at GIBS inspires an exceptional business career

Awards and rankings, accreditations and affiliations mean a lot and contribute towards the integrity and structure of educational institutions. GIBS runs several top-notch business courses and the PGDM Program is approved by AICTE, Ministry of HRD and Government of India. While the vast universe of Indian education comprises of dozens of business schools within a single city and state, many of them do not measure up to the challenges of the 21st century. Studying from books and even online multimedia approaches may result in an empathy but developing the business personality and skills, communication and managerial abilities along with an understanding of concepts would result from the PGDM at Global Institute of Business Studies, Bangalore.


A corporate world beckons in all directions

Remote peaceful locations may help study and contemplation but the urban Bangalore setting offers the best of both worlds. The 4.5 acre world-class GIBS educational infrastructural campus molds thoughts and ideas through vivid experiences. The presence of numerous mega corporations within Bangalore present immense potential for internships and placements in a thriving industry base that embraces telecommunications and textiles, electronics and manufacturing, to name a few flourishing areas. Starting with such a challenging career through the campus selection, get ready to set sail on a lifetime business career to discover international horizons. Join PGDM at the best B school in Bangalore!


An age of specializations

Gone are the days when general education sufficed to carve out a splendid career. With knowledge and communication bases enhanced everywhere and information at easy reach even in far-flung areas online, specialists are in great demand. Even within business that can be loosely defined as a combination of HR, finance, raw materials and services or manufacturing, dual specializations in PGDM prepare the managers for shining in multi industries, spreading out careers in several directions. It is not enough to have a single passion but dual specializations provide a strong foothold in a complex world. The top 10 PGDM colleges in Bangalore help to live out the business dream.

Marketing and Finance, Human Resources and Finance Information Technology, International Business and Retailing & Supply Chain Management are the six specializations that will bring success closer each day.


Short courses that light up the path

Like in every field, the little things matter! SAP and Six Sigma are some of those short courses that mean so much. Business Analytics, MS Excel and Digital Marketing, Life Skills and Innovation Programs, Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning are some areas that consolidate the business lessons, industrial visits, seminars, workshops and projects.


A range of activities offer heightened student experiences

Naturally, it cannot be academics all the way! Rest and relaxation, sound sleep and a series of games and sports activities, literary and cultural pursuits, celebrations and clubs and committees make sure that it is a comprehensive development of all round abilities. Young men and women who hesitate while joining the Best Management Institutes with Placements in Bangalore have created a niche for themselves by the end of the course in one of the vibrant companies.

Research proves that it is the quality of educational experiences rather than the books and infrastructure that result in the best learning and development of managerial skills. Along with the accomplished and caring Indian and foreign faculty and affiliations with universities abroad, a culture of business knowledge based in reality is imbibed by the boys and girls. By reality is meant the real industry conditions and requirements rather than book-based learning that would only teach theoretical concepts. It is often argued that no bridges are built between study and work and so the youth do not succeed and remain unemployable or find mediocre jobs. Constant contact with the industry leaders and field visits, guest lectures, the internship and placements would prove that GIBS has truly succeeded and the fee was spent for a useful purpose.

The 2 year full time AICTE approved PGDM program provides a comprehensive understanding of important facets of the business world that is nowadays mostly run by international chains, whether in hospitality or healthcare, media and pharmaceuticals. Small businesses are vanishing to be replaced by the giants. Not every student at GIBS is interested in service, though most of them are. Some with powerful connections and a large capital are set to enter independent business ventures in delivering services or manufacturing, perhaps as franchisees.

Along with the Principles and Practices of Business Management, Organizational Behavior, Managerial Environment and Corporate Communication are certain core research areas. While many students have come to study postgraduate courses after BCom, they have miles to go to understand business culture at a higher level. Financial and Statistical aspects of business are stressed and the digital world figures at every turn. Where would business stand today without software programs and CRM systems? Accounting and economics are what most businesses are all about and efficient management would show the path to success. The top 10 AICTE approved PGDM colleges in Bangalore assures of dramatic career success.


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