PGDM vs. PGP. Which is better suited for you?

PGDM vs. PGP. Which is better suited for you?

Education functions at a variety of levels for study, training, and careers like the Himalayan peaks. After elementary school education that could end with the matriculation or intermediate exams, a vast world of academic or professional programs opens up. Those professional courses that are more industry centered are to be preferred since they directly prepare you for the working life with hands-on training. The reputed institutes offer internships and placements and usually keep their promises. The top 10 AICTE approved PGDM colleges in Bangalore will help make those dreams real.

Global Institute of Business Studies in dynamic Bangalore has been conquering many milestones with the AICTE-approved PGDM during a short existence since 2010. The 2-year full-time AICTE approved PGDM program has successfully fulfilled the wildest dreams of energetic and dedicated girls and boys with super appointments. The truth is that the present is an age of business management worldwide, and it is the only field that offers high salaries and fast promotions up the corporate ladder. The hottest areas earlier of medicine and engineering too are different forms of business! A doctor or an engineer with business training would be doubly fruitful.

In quest of professional diplomas

The reverence for university education that has continued for ages is now somewhat changing. Easy and cheap online training with multimedia facilities has spread the light of knowledge far and wide. So much does everybody know these days that specialization is rare? A little information makes you appear like an expert. The most significant expert is Google, of course, to whom everybody turns with a million questions each day.

Bachelors and masters, along with doctorates, continue to have their say, and many of them are purely academic courses. Universities confer them directly or through colleges affiliated with universities. Autonomous institutions not affiliated with the university, do not have the power to award them.  Best Management Institutes with Placements in Bangalore offer the PGDM course.

Autonomous colleges grant PGDM and the PGP diploma

We live in an age of mighty development of educational resources. Digital data and technology have proved a great bonanza for the student fraternity. Since autonomous colleges can grant diplomas, PGDM has been in high demand. PGDM in India is treated on the same level as an MBA that is globally recognized. Both are postgraduate courses, and both are 4-semester courses stretching over two years. In terms of syllabi and study topics, internships and placements, they are similar. Institutions may differ in terms of reputations and effectiveness, fees and faculty, infrastructure, and location. Study at the top 10 PGDM colleges in Bangalore for a glittering career.

PGP diploma courses

As compared to the two years AICTE approved PGDM, the PGP or postgraduate program is also two years long but unregulated and hardly known or recognized. Accreditations mean everything. Some institutions offer PGP of a single year just like the Executive MBA. A single year does not provide many opportunities for extensive study. Finance or marketing, IT, or HR are some possibilities. Such a PGP diploma, whether for one or two year’s duration, will not prepare you for a good career beginning. On the other hand, the AICTE supported PGDM will be beneficial.

PGP will benefit professionals with experience who wish to upgrade qualifications. Careers are getting so competitive that everybody is searching for higher education and better jobs. In this race, companies often sponsor employees and send them for higher education or training workshops, seminars, and study tours. In terms of careers that may last several decades, a single year or even two years is a brief sacrifice if the benefit is added learning and experience in a world-class institution with super faculty and elaborate educational infrastructure. Climbing the career ladder further seems quite possible. Never stop dreaming!

Advantages of autonomous institutions

Mighty universities with excellent reputations do bring confidence with a world of contacts and senior faculty. Autonomous colleges have some benefits of being more up to date with syllabi and are industry centered in realistic terms. While the university syllabus may change once in several years, autonomous colleges are continually trying to catch up with industry trends. Single colleges have simpler systems and procedures as compared to the university that may be very elaborate and have umpteen rules and regulations, procedures, and laws.

Besides, autonomous business schools have a single area of expertise to research and can concentrate thoroughly upon while the university may consist of ten or more subject departments with all the complexities. While we love the sea, the lake or river is more natural to deal with.

Worldwide, the trend is towards nationalism rather than globalization that was the culture of the recent past with the television and internet. Small formats are easier to deal with, just like the building model designed by the architect. It is better to work and study in small institutions just like the comfortable life in small companies even though the bigger ones are more dramatic and offer higher opportunities. It is essential to start small. The best B school in Bangalore wishes you success in studies and career goals.


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