Placements In 2020 And How Is GIBS Making Its Mark!

Placements In 2020 And How Is GIBS Making Its Mark!

A PGDM course is a professional course that helps you to understand the real world of business and its various aspects. Today, the rapid development of all industries is a remarkable change that the world is witnessing. To become a part of this massive shift, one has to be an expert or have in-depth knowledge about the business process, various functions, and more. All of this can be achieved through a good PGDM course from a reputed college.

If you are looking for an opportunity that can change your life forever then the Global Institute of Business Studies is your answer!

While we all know how important a PGDM degree is in building a career, the most essential factor is placements. When you choose your college for a post-graduation course, make sure that you are looking into the placement records of the college.

The ultimate goal is to get the dream job and salary – to achieve the goals you must build your career with the right combination of knowledge and skills under the supervision of an experienced guide. To learn in the best possible way, you have to make sure that the college and the teachers are in sync with your goals.

This year has been hard on a lot of people and it is evident that the job market has suffered too. With a PGDM degree from a reputed college, you will have a better chance of cracking an interview. Remember, employers are now looking for people who are knowledgeable, theoretical, and practical.


Placement Scenario In 2020!

The pandemic has affected the whole job market adversely. Amidst the time when getting the dream job looks like a lost cause, a good placement cell will help you through. Some sectors are still hiring. Some of the companies here are majorly looking for professionals who are ready to take over big responsibilities as the new normal sets in.

Most of the reputed colleges make sure that there is a 100 percent placement and internship pertinent to the student’s goals. In these difficult times, it might be a little difficult to get that dream package but the placement cells with their constant efforts are making sure that the roles they are offering are fulfilling and is a stepping stone.

While the world is shifting to the online mode, it is evident that sectors dealing with big data, it, and digital solutions will keep hiring professionals with in-depth and practical knowledge.

Welcome To GIBS – A Perfect Place To Empower Yourself!

GIBS is one of the most reputed colleges that host PGDM courses with various specializations that will keep you aligned with your career goals. The college has one of the most competitive curriculum with industry-relevant subjects and is taught by professors from all around the world.

The international approach to imparting knowledge is not only an unbeatable way to learn what is going on in the world of business globally but also adds uniqueness to your learning experience. The globally accepted curriculum helps students to learn about businesses around the world and apply the knowledge to the Indian business scenario.

The best part of becoming a part of GIBS is there is a 100% assurance of getting an internship, placement, and maximum exposure.

The list of advantages of choosing GIBS as your college is endless but let us look into the most unique advantages:

Academic partnerships with top-notch foreign universities.

Globally acclaimed professors as faculty members.

Curriculum designed according to international standards

Ensuring healthy minds with happiness and success programs.

Global Advisory Board for better implementation and addition.

Various training programs to enhance skills.

International assignments for better understanding.

Endless opportunities to explore one’s abilities and capabilities.

A Supportive and fun learning atmosphere on the campus.

100% internships and placement opportunities for all students.


Perfect Placement Process of GIBS:

The placement department of GIBS comprises a very focused group of people who are actively involved in bringing the right opportunities to the students. The placement cell works hard all around the year to make the students capable leader who is empowered with knowledge and skills. They make sure that proper training is given to the students, enabling them to stand out in the pool of talents.

Analysis of the student’s caliber to understand and connect the student to the right kind of opportunity.

Hosting numerous training and workshops to overcome the barriers and shortcomings.

Mock interviews with group discussions and aptitude examinations for better performance at the actual interviews.

Proper guidance for writing the perfect resume as it is one of the first impressions that you make on the employer.

Placement cells build an association with companies across industries to make sure the right employers are available for the recruitment process arranged by the placement cell.


Change The Game With GIBS

Become a part of the leading college and do your PGDM with the help of experts from around the world. Top-class education and facilities enable your career and guide you toward success. A college that cares about the students, from mental health to dream job, they are looking after everything.

Very few colleges in the country will offer you a comprehensive learning experience like this that includes everything you need to make your dreams come true. Start your journey with the 20th best B-school in the country and shine bright in the corporate world forever.