Plantation Day – Time to give back to Mother Nature – May 2, 2016

Plantation Day – Time to give back to Mother Nature

The temperatures all over the country are hovering around 40° C. This was unpreceded before. What is the cause for this? Who is responsible? We all know the answer. But are we, as responsible citizens doing enough? It is our utmost duty to stop degradation of the environment and what better way than planting trees?

The GIBS Social Foundation Trust(GSF) took the noble initiative of planting saplings in Bangalore to cause awareness and do their bit towards environmental conservation.As a symbolic gesture, GSF organized “Bangalore Plantation Day” on 24th April 2016 at Vijaynagar, Bangalore. The day began with ‎planting of saplings by Mr. Ritesh Goyal – GIBS Chairman, 70+ volunteers, students from various colleges, Corporates and volunteers of WeRiseforHer in association with World Merit to emphasize the importance of planting new trees, and also aimed at fostering green practices and protecting the ones already around us.

The GIBS Social Foundation ‎Trust is an initiative of ‎GIBS Business School, ‎launched on 31st January 2016, and Consolidating‎ CSR activities in India under one umbrella growing and working in unison towards effecting social change and nation-building.‎ GIBS Social Foundation Trust firmly believes in creating a wide impact by‎ Awareness Campaign in Bangalore about plantation, planting of 2000+ plants with the aim of building a greener and ‎healthier environment by our team spirit of 70+ volunteers and 100+ students have taken initiative in enabling on-ground excellence, connecting together – Corporates, individuals, rural farmers and other students.

It is a wonderful initiative and quite a thoughtful step to giving back to the society and Mother Nature. The future generations will be thankful for such initiatives which are trying their best to cut down on the pollutions levels and save our planet from further deterioration.