Post-MBA Career Goals…!!! – December 02 2016

Post-MBA Career Goals…!!!

Earning a degree is like earning an extra star in the list of achievements you have done. Earning an MBA degree is a huge star in itself. It is but obvious that an MBA degree is not just a degree but a major breakthrough in the career ladder.

The variety of fields that a person can enter is enormous. You can become the HR consultant of a firm, or be a fundraiser for an NGO, that is left up to you. Here is a list of careers that can be chosen post your MBA:

  • Analyst: An analyst, obviously, analyses and investigates on the problems of the firm in various aspects like finance, HR, etc. Their work ranges from interviewing people for the right position to reviewing the latest trends in the stock market. An analyst does the keen job of analysing the future keeping in mind the past experiences. They recommend possible measures to be taken to keep the firm in good books in all aspects.
  • HR consultant: One of the most rapidly growing specializations in MBA schools among students is that of Human Resources. HR is the most important driving factor for any company. Hiring the right people, their payroll and their satisfaction is something that has to be looked after. Thus, the HR department plays a very important role in the company. People who can leverage talent of someone else and think how they best fit the position have scope in this field.
  • Health care administrator: If you had the dream to become a doctor when you were young but ended up doing a business degree, do not sweat yourself. You can become a health care admin in a hospital or in a wing of hospitals. Main role of an administrator is to set parameters in domains like medical staff management, inventory management, etc. Doing a thorough research on the happenings of the medical world and latest medical news helps gain certain plus points.
  • Financial advisor: Yet another field wherein experts feel there is going to be surge of employment. These people basically advice their client on various type of investments that can be done, retirement plans, tax, and insurance related advices. They give or plan out various investment strategies and financial goals to their clients.
  • Fundraiser: This is one of those off-beat jobs that you can do after an MBA degree. Most people want to get into a corporate firm after their degree. But what they do not realise is that the same degree can be used in NGOs, educational institutes or political campaigns. The degree can be applied to raise fund and to also help manage a rally if the need be.

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