PR – GIBS researches Emerging Marketing Trends with the industry experts

GIBS researches Emerging Marketing Trends with the industry experts

Scholars and faculty at the Global Institute of Business Studies remain constantly occupied with workshops and seminars, field visits, and interactive sessions with celebrity guest speakers. An active, participative lifestyle seems to be the secret to successful higher learning the world over. A variety of educational experiences supported by the extensive state-of-the-art infrastructure at Bannerghatta, Bangalore, eventually bring the boys and girls the right internship and placement opportunities. First, they fight the media battles.

All day long on 26 April 2019, from 10 to 5, the intellectual battle rages! The five presenters are well versed in the business marketing nuances and associated with premier business houses.

  • Mr. Krishna Durbha is Senior Director, Media and Info Services, Cognizant Consultants
  • Mr. Bijal Chaya is Senior Manager, Learning and Development, Wipro Limited
  • Mr. Tejas Pavate is Project Manager at Zykra Bytes Solutions
  • Mr. Vijay Rego is a Marketing Consultant
  • Dr.Chakrapani Gopal is Principal Consultant at Urban Connect

Among the dozens and probably hundreds of companies large and small that crowd the international business landscape or online scape may be a better term, Wipro and Cognizant, Zykra and Urban Connect do represent the essence. It is a good policy that students do not get too ambitious but keep their feet on the ground. The world of mega-corporations can be addictive like Bollywood which makes you lost in dreams that cannot be realized. Slow and steady seems to be the best policy to win the race eventually like the tortoise proved against the hare.


Cultivating a broad business vision

Considering the fact that bookish learning often constitutes an important part of higher education in India, such a session brings the ground realities of the real business scenario to the fore. Coming face to face with the truth of the ever-changing business universe is a great advantage of such sessions. You get to feel not only the pulse of Bangalore but the heart that beats across the length and breadth of India, and perhaps through the world.


Informative and Illuminating Modules

Four modules for the presentations are included in the program. Commencing at 10, the speakers and the program would be introduced. The first segment for over an hour would be presented by Mr. Krishna Durbha. After a short break for refreshments, Mr. Bijal Chaya would take the floor for a long session of about two hours. A brief question/answer and feedback session would conclude the morning events and lunch is waiting.

The three speakers after an hour’s break for lunch in the afternoon would be Mr. Tejas Pavate, Mr. Vijay Rego, and Dr.Chakrapani Gopal. Q/A and Feedback would follow briefly.

Further, Mr . Vijay Rego conducts a Workshop on Segmentation Techniques.

GIBS students should consider themselves fortunate to be exposed to such resourceful speakers who represent a significant part of the Indian corporate industry. The rapid expansion of Indian business to now encompass the world and particularly in the software sector of which Bangalore is an important part has been rather recent. Indian software has been on top for a long time now.


Marketing is the key

In the international sphere, great developments aided by technology are witnessed in both manufacturing and the service industry. Whether it is the making of smartphones or rendering hospitality and healthcare services, it is advertising, visibility, and marketing that are crucial factors. GIBS students are getting an important life lesson on such an important chapter. Hopefully, the students will discover a few shining peaks in their search for higher business marketing horizons. While an excellent future for GIBS students is assured, they need to play their parts well.


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