PR – GIBS welcomes Lincoln University delegates from Malaysia

GIBS welcomes Lincoln University delegates from Malaysia

In a world of superfast and very effective digital communications worldwide, academics prospers fabulously by putting heads together. VR, AR and AI serve many crucial purposes so dramatically and multimedia presents absolutely stunning learning experiences. Well, video conferencing will not be required with the Lincoln University officials who arrived at Global Institute of Business Studies for a series of Research, Publication and Exchange Programs. With the Vice Chancellor accompanied by other representatives, GIBS can look forward to lots of stimulating academic action reflected in the rare culture that makes up this premier business teaching institution. Best Management Institutes with Placements in Bangalore inculcate the finest ideas and qualities in the future business leaders.


GIBS adds another glorious feather

Already festooned with a series of honors and recognitions at the Karnataka level, the national education scene and internationally too, GIBS looks forward to an exciting future. While digital communication has brought about some sort of leveling of institutions and companies worldwide that share in similar resources in the knowledge and machinery areas, it is the breadth of experience that differs. The first aspect of the institute is the superb campus culture spread out on a pristine 4.5 acre campus in Bannerghatta, Bangalore. This location has served as launch pads for illustrious and persevering girls and boys who laid the foundation of scintillating careers.

Regarding the students who join GIBS in 2019, adjustment problems may arise initially after coming together from a diversity of backgrounds. After the orientation, it promises to be a joy ride through the intricacies of the business world, not without hard academic labor when the occasion arises.


A constantly changing business landscape

Just like the business world and the stock markets that experience ups and downs constantly, students need to be geared to face disruptions and the unexpected. Learn lessons from the weather that is getting impacted by climate change and becoming unpredictable. Keeping track of the business complexities is the first task of the successful business manager.


Research and Publications

Independent research and assignments, projects and publications online or in hard copy or both have nowadays become compulsory. It is an advantage for students that the faculty and the delegates are busy with similar pursuits. Identifying weak areas in the knowledge world of business and pursuing remote studies would bring rich rewards. Parroting the same information will not do, but venturing out into the far reaches of space would be rewarded. Research and Publications have earned a bad name because of the copy and paste culture that makes it very easy to prepare scholarly articles, but then plagiarism software would detect the copying. Labor on, dear students, and do not consider the rewards.


Student and teacher exchange programs

Rising levels of awareness and financial constraints set aside, the experience of foreign cultures and developing business connections internationally make exchange problems absolutely smart opportunities. Sons of the soil possess the patriotic instinct but need a breath of foreign air. An amalgamation of ideas like the rivers meeting the sea would be experienced. The mind opens up to new thoughts and cosmopolitan thinking is encouraged.

Ideally, every student and teacher needs to participate in such exchange programs across at least the nearby Asian and European institutes to intensify research and collaboration. Far from being isolated islands of knowledge and experience, the fusion would create one mighty iceberg of learning. The 2 year full time AICTE approved PGDM program would be a wise investment in the future business potential in Bangalore, the challenging world of mega companies and ambitious startups.