Pursue MBA/PGDM During Covid-19 (Unlocking Phase) Or Wait?

Pursue MBA/PGDM During Covid-19 (Unlocking Phase)

Unarguably, things changed pretty quickly in the second half of 2020. It seemed like yesterday when news headlines were dominated by financial growth, the stock market, technology advancements, and global tariffs.

Nowadays, natural disasters, unemployment, and Covid-19 are dominating the headlines. Due to Covid-19 Pandemic, every sector is adversely affected, and the dreams of many MBA aspirants are shattered.

Is joining a business school worthy enough in 2020? It’s becoming a debate among aspirants as uncertainty revolves around everything. Undoubtedly the next 2-3 years will be challenging for aspirants who have just graduated and are looking for a job.

Currently, business schools are continually striving to maintain normalcy in the admission cycle as much as possible.

It’s 100% sure, the upcoming 2-3 admission cycles in every business school will be far different from the regular.

AICTE (All India Council For Technical Education) recently allowed business schools to start the admission process and qualify students based on their undergraduate exam scores.

The regulator also further said, this relaxation is only applicable to the 2020-2021 session.

Is It Worth Starting Your Management Career Now?

Making your action plan and moving forward to fill out the admission form takes courage. Putting a hold on your education even after getting opportunities for joining the business school is a no-brainer and not an option worth considering.

MBAs are leaders and game-changers. Covid-19 Pandemic has given you an opportunity to turn this Covid-19 pandemic into growth opportunities.

Now more than ever, joining the business and starting your management career is the best option.

And the right time is NOW! When you’ll not get reeled under competition and polish your skills to become an industry-ready MBA.

Starting Your Management Career In Post Covid-19 Will Become A Fruitful Decision. Reasons?

Lower Tuition Fee

The biggest hurdle for most management aspirants is the high tuition fee. Now MBA admission, even in top-notch business schools, will become a buyer’s market. With the Covid-19 pandemic, many potential aspirants have dropped plans of doing an MBA/PGDM. Due to which various changes are made to the tuition fee structure.

Many Tier-1 and Tier-2 business schools in the US, UK, Australia, Switzerland, and even India have made changes to their fee structure.

Several business schools have rollback decisions to increase the tuition fee. However, there might be additional expenses that business schools have to bear like delivering quality online programs.

Better Scholarships

Business schools are also providing scholarships to grab the attention of aspirants, especially price-sensitive ones. However, the competition among aspirants to grab scholarships will increase because many students are facing economic hardships. With the waving MBA/PGDM application fee, banks are also extending the deadline for repaying their student loans.

Less Competition

There might be competition among aspirants to pursue an MBA with scholarships. But, the number of applicants will be less compared to previous years. Many students who planned to join business schools with their applications will stay in a dilemma. Due to this, courageous candidates who come up with their applications will build a lucrative career.

Should You Still Wait For 2021 Or Start Your Management Career Immediately?

It looks like a no-brainer because business schools were heading toward e-learning before Covid-19 Pandemic.

AICTE hasn’t clarified whether business schools should start traditional classes and open the gates for students. With the recent innovations in remote learning, pursuing an MBA/PGDM has become more easier and flexible.

Are you thinking of learning some skills to become a better MBA? Well, learning and polishing your skills is never a bad option. But sparing the remaining months of 2020 and waiting for the next admission sessions is not a smart decision. Because now business schools aren’t increasing tuition fees, competition is less, and banks are ready to provide education loans without any hassle.

Now say bye-bye to the pause of your career, and grab upcoming opportunities with determination and both hands.

The Final Touch

The MBA degree helps in career growth and transforms you into a well-skilled professional. It’s a safe package that nurtures budding entrepreneurs and opens innumerable networking opportunities. For skilled MBAs, joining the corporate world to reach top positions is just a matter of a couple of years.

You should understand tough times don’t last in the management sector, but skilled MBAs do!


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