Redefining Placements with newer meanings : GIBS, Bangalore – June 11,2017

Redefining Placements with newer meanings: GIBS, Bangalore

The two-year MBA course at GIBS may be a long duration in comparison to shorter courses but many study courses extend to much longer durations. The placements take place towards the end of the course though internships happen much earlier. Placements are certainly expected as a primary duty of the parent institution that has nurtured the student for so long. Placements will come like the icing on the cake, in some cases better than the others but everybody is bound to get a fair share. On campus, placements are no joke and really happen year after year though some stupendous offers to students may seem quite unbelievable. Institutions do publish records of placements after each session that indicates the maximum salary offered and the average salaries.

Management and Business are truly universal in the sense that every sector is covered by business activity that requires finance and needs management. The management could refer to materials and resources, people, and money. The system is experienced in every home and office, except for the change in dimensions. The principle is the same. After studying one of the courses at GIBS with appropriate specialization, which industry do you hope to join? Will you get the preferred choice of the industry at the required location? It all depends upon the situation at the time of recruitment. Indeed, recruiters regularly knock on the institute doors and a series of meetings are held to select the most suitable candidates. Naturally, a rush ensues to grab the students performing the best!

Perhaps Insurance or Banking, Manufacturing, Advertising, Engineering, Healthcare, or Hospitality could be your lucky star! There exists much more for sure like Construction and Retail, Oil and Gas, and Pharma and Retail. The entire spectrum of the global industry is the playground for smart business managers with appropriately developed skills and abilities. In many cases, the first appointment leads to a lifelong career in the same industry which is an advantage with great experience rather than switching sectors. Technical knowledge added to business skills would ensure even higher senior positions in the industry.


The GIBS Placement Cell

As a first step, students need to prove their skills and knowledge in several semesters. Sustained study and regular attendance are followed by passing university examinations and obtaining adequately good results. The sustained hard work is finally rewarded with plush placements in well-paying jobs.

Considering placements based on industry, some of the highest recruitments in the past were based on IT, Engineering and Hospitality, Insurance, and apparel. The institution makes intense efforts through the placement committee and contacts with the corporate world to provide the best appointments to students. Real-life work experiences come with internships and often the company expresses a desire to hire the candidates they prefer.

The placement cell encourages active participation by the students in several activities that are geared toward industry understanding. Consider the programs like Campus to Corporate, Aptitude Tests, and Mock Interviews. Thorough professionalism is encouraged through study programs like SAP and Six Sigma that motivate greater productivity. The institution provides guidance on Career Planning and trains in soft skills. Besides live projects like internships, students get involved in corporate events. Industry leaders deliver guest lectures and hold panel discussions with students. The alumni are often present to encourage the present batch of students.

When students interact with corporates, sometimes through job fairs and workshops, a better understanding is achieved. Companies visit GIBS for pre-placement meetings when they conduct tests. Thus, the process of communication and relationship building with the would-be employers increases visibility for students in a highly competitive industry interface where no tomorrow seems to exist.

Let us not forget the nuts and bolts of employability success! Besides academic knowledge and practical skills, students need to prepare resumes. In the real world, a job hunt can involve applications to dozens of organizations with an indefinitely long waiting period and many interviews and written tests. GIBS has simplified job hunting with a streamlined process of industry exposure, interaction, interviews, and selection. It is one-way traffic. After students join the institution, they leave after two years with a good appointment in hand.


Several Placement Activities

Programs like HR Consultancies and the Start-ups in India program bring students face-to-face with career prospects. The Placement Advisory Board and GIBS Talk Shows increase the ideas and knowledge of employment possibilities. International Placement does happen with a network of 2000 alumni scattered across India and the world. Tie-ups exist with over 400 companies and many of them regularly recruit at GIBS.


The Placement Process

The students receive Career Counseling in the different aspects of various industries from professionals and the faculty. Company representatives interact with students on campus through conferences and workshops formally and informally. The Placement Team provides student profiles to potential recruiting companies. The Pre-Placement Discussions explore further job roles and profiles. According to interests, students submit resumes for consideration within the company deadline.

Slots are now allocated, according to several parameters like work profile and student preferences, job location and salary package, etc. A shortlisting for the final interview takes place. The final selection is based on the CV, discussions, and interviews, followed by the company announcement.


The superb training facilities

How do the students reach such a high level of competency and confidence that enables them to shoulder seemingly incredible responsibilities right at the beginning of their careers? The answer is not so simple. Like climbing a mountain, it is a little at a time with a long way to go. All the researched methods of personal and personality development are practiced by a highly qualified and industry-experienced faculty. Global connections have increased the reach and the clout of training programs with international networks.

GIBS has a conscience, unlike some institutes that make money and let the students down with mediocre placements though they make tall claims of success. Professional education believes in ethical approaches and green, sustainable practices. Lessons in communication and leadership skills require guest lectures by professionals from all over the country.

By management, we mean a world of big business where wide connections are necessary. The Global Business Forum at GIBS brings together industrialists from a variety of sectors. Thus, the students get to meet dozens of industry leaders across the training program of two years. Exploring the world of corporates was never easier or more interesting with the promise of lucrative appointments coming as a reward for good performance.


A typical GIBS student

At the end of the comprehensive training, the GIBS student leaves with an appointment that might lead far up the corporate ladder. The students have been trained to create opportunities. They can interact effectively with groups and with individuals with equal ease, possessing highly developed communication and interpersonal skills. Handling complicated business and management situations is what they have learned to do with confidence. They understand the key business ideas and possess the capability to build and transform profitable business environments.

Such students understand global concerns and are dedicated to the country, society, and family with their hearts in the right place. Though working with the mind, values, and principles are never up for sale. Intellectual acumen combines with ethical systems to deliver value-based duties. Capable of sound judgments, they communicate well with every kind of audience. We never stop learning and developing the knowledge and skills that would continue across a lifetime.


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