Residential Campus Life Benefits at GIBS, Bangalore – June 03,2017

Residential Campus Life Benefits at GIBS, Bangalore

Those who studied in the shelter of their homes and families have missed out on the adventurous hostel experience. Learning to be independent is a part of the philosophy besides wider exposure to learning and club activities according to preferences. A brief period of adjustments to new circumstances is followed by elated activities that never end except with sleep. Feel the pulse of a 24-hour study and activity-filled life at GIBS, pursuing one or two-year business management courses!

Academics come first and the various learning activities associated to maximize the grasping of important concepts, the field trips and industry visits, the internships, and the eventual placement. That is what the students are here for, to make it big in the competitive world of business management.

The GIBS ventures that make a difference Working through several organizations provide a multipronged approach to academic accomplishment, humanitarian activities, and social services. Besides the GIBS Academy exist the GIBS Social Foundation, Global Business Forum, GIBS Sports Academy, and Pathfinder Value Creations, an Event Management Company.

Abundant choices of activities in the after-study hours
Depending upon the time, interests, and passions, pursue the healthiest sports events, participate culturally in concerts or staged drama, and arrange exhibitions. Environments matter so much in stimulating participation. Mute witness or actively taking part is the big question and it is always better to get a real feel by handling things and playing a role.

Lots take place in that 4.5-acre nature-embedded Bannerghatta campus. Some annual events take place regularly with tremendous labor and zeal on the part of the organizers! The GIBS Convocation Day, Annual Day, and the selection of the Student of the Year involve a lot of feelings. Inter-Collegiate Management Fests bring out the best talents of several institutions. The Global Business Forum brings together the best minds. Alumni Meetings provide a great deal of inspiration to future professionals. Job Fairs present immense possibilities.

An Annual Festival of the Creative Arts is an occasion to remember. Performances combine with the visual arts to present a feast for the senses. It is an amalgamation of music and dance, theater and film besides amazing artworks that come together to express the creative potential of a multitude of students.


Some of the cherished events

Courses commence with a comprehensive orientation program to kick off motivationally. MBA study requires a range of technical workshops that deal with accounting and business mathematics, statistics, and ethics. Students come from diverse backgrounds and Personality Development programs bring them to par with the demanding requirements of the business world. Crisis management and Time management workshops and seminars hold special importance.
The short programs matter too, and students participate in debates and quizzes, IT and IB-related events, and HR, Marketing, and Finance programs.

The Fresher’s Week comprises several rounds of activities by way of introduction to a new campus, culture, and lifestyle that will mean so much toward successful careers. The course experiences a lot of drama during the few semesters and ends with Placement Meetings; hopefully, the students get what they dreamed of. Internships and Job Fairs have similar themes of professional success, competition, and accomplishment at heart.

Festival Celebrations to commemorate special national and international occasions provide respite from the rigid schedule of academic study. Independence Day, Republic Day, Teacher’s Day, and Gandhi Jayanthi are some patriotic themes.


Community-based activities

Activities in aid of the neighboring community bring dedicated occasions. The students and faculty, staff, and alumni get together to pool resources in service projects to help the local community. Several CSR activities bring satisfaction like Fund Raising for the needy and Adopting a School in a Village. Affiliations with NGOs provide ample opportunities to practice social work.

Concerns for a green environment are certainly a driving force and every activity is geared towards a conservation of resources. Recycling and reuse are consistent practices. Cleanliness is visible everywhere on the naturally endowed campus with hillsides and abundant greenery beside the well-laid-out gardens.

Amidst the hue and cry over water issues, Rain Water harvesting is an activity that reminds us that the solution lies in our hands. Simply collect rainwater to solve most water scarcity issues. It is a pity that it is not practiced widely.

The Clubs and Committees carry out a great variety of programs
Playing a greater role is what every student hopes to achieve. Instead of participating alone, become an organizer and direct the course of action. Students are trained to be managers anyway. Meaningful social and cultural, literary, and sports activities are a way of life at GIBS. Some events may come annually, yet the enthusiasm does not fade.

Like guests in hotels, students come and go after a brief period of a few semesters. Placements bring the hard work of study to an end. GIBS remains with them for a lifetime and the alumni often get together in the industry across the world. The globe beckons with ample chances of business management success.


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