How to Bag the Best of Salary Packages: B-School Placement Guide – April 20,2017

How to Bag the Best of Salary Packages: B-School Placement Guide

Whether it’s about graduation or post-graduation, there’s always a tremendous amount of anxiety and excitement among the students when it comes to the important turn of placement. Placements generally start in the third semester of the MBA and may continue for the entire second year. However, to be successful in acquiring the perfect job with a high salary, one needs to be extremely cautious, patient, and skillful not only in one’s core subject area but also analytically and logically.

In the upcoming sections of this article, we will be considering the various factors which are important with respect to placement and must be especially given due consideration if you are aiming for the highest of salary packages.

Company Portfolio Survey

As a first step, it is always better to do some prior research on the organizations visiting the campus during the placement drives, and also the current market trend on the job opportunities presented. Moreover, knowledge of the company’s market reputation, financial position, and upcoming projects’ status will help you stay ahead of the other candidates, as you’ll be more confident in front of the panel. Further, the eligibility criteria, recruitment procedure, and other such parameters should be researched thoroughly.

Goal Driven Preparation

As soon as the placement time starts, do see to it that you revise all the subjects from the previous semesters, which students, otherwise, easily tend to forget. The reason is that the basics are covered in the initial semesters for all the subjects, which are actually very crucial for fundamentals as well as interviews. Adding to this, one or two subjects should be marked as favorites and you should have a strong hold on them. Further, mark your dream job and company, and start preparing for its recruitment process.

High Aptitude and Analytical Skills

The very first round of the recruitment process for most companies is an aptitude test which is as important as the interview but is not taken seriously enough by the candidates. More than 60% of students are rejected after the first round, so keep practicing hard and prepare well for this particular section. Some of the common topics or subjects covered under the aptitude section in the test are quantitative, logical reasoning, data interpretation, etc. Apart from aptitude, analytical skills are also mandatory to be polished since they are required for reasoning in group discussions and interviews.

Strong Communication Skills

Communication skills are required in almost each and every aspect of life. Whether, it’s the viva-voce conducted at different phases of student life, placement-related discussions, interviews, or any other day in one’s social and professional sphere, strong communication skills are necessarily required. To gain an upper hand in job interviews and to draw the best pay packages available, it’s surely an important parameter to be considered.

Communication skills are important to express yourself effectively and show confidence in your work. It may so happen that even after knowing the answer, one may not be able to efficiently express because of poor communication skills. With respect to recruitment, strong communication is the most important factor required to clear the group discussion round where you need to speak up and emphasize your points, and also at a later stage, where you are supposed to give to-the-point answers to interview questions.

Attentive and Logical Interview

Once the requisite steps of the recruitment process have been cleared, the last stage is the personal interview. This round is particularly conducted by the employer to assess whether the candidate is suitable for the position offered by the organization or not. To successfully crack this round, it is important that the candidate maintains high levels of confidence and patience, and keep a calm and composed mindset.
If any hint of over or underconfidence, anxiety, and hesitation is caught by the panel, the candidate may get rejected straight away, no matter how skilled he/she is. This round also requires strong observation and quick learning skills since you’ll be expected to give some instant yet clever answers.

In other words, you have to be very attentive while sitting in front of the recruiter during an interview and should always answer with logical reasoning and data points (if possible). In addition to this, you must be very vigilant about how to answer the questions with respect to the job profile and organization standards.

Portray Your Best Self

Last, but surely not least. Throughout the placement process, keep in mind that you have to portray the best side of yourself. This includes showing the best of your manners, etiquette, professional attire, and not to forget, punctuality.

It is very important to dress up like a professional and behave like one when attending the group discussion and interview rounds since it will be your first impression on the selection panel. In addition to this, never be late to reach the venue of the test, discussion, or interview. It would be better to reach before time, so as to avoid any last-minute hassle, gasping, and unnecessary confusion. This would also help you to keep calm and confident which is considered to be a big plus during the selection process.

No doubt, subject knowledge, skill set, and competency are the prime factors that are essential from a recruiter’s perspective. However, the aspects mentioned above do play a vital role when it comes to bagging the best salary packages. Thus, even if you have not remained a topper in your MBA class, remember to get hold of the aforementioned factors, which will not only help you impress the recruiter but would also enable you to draw the finest remuneration offers.

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