Step Up In Your Career With GIBS – India’s 20th Best B-School!

Step Up In Your Career With GIBS – India’s 20th Best B-School!

While we all know that doing a PGDM program not only helps us level up in terms of knowledge but opens up doors for bigger opportunities, we also cannot deny how life-changing it is. In today’s time when the world is fighting back to be in the normal state again, the industries need skilled and knowledgeable professionals.

A well planned and industry-relevant curriculum taught by experts from the field is what you will get in the Global Institute of Business Studies. This program is about a comprehensive approach to a better understanding of business. The recruiters across industries are looking for talents who are capable of applying their knowledge.

The PGDM course in GIBS is an amalgamation of bookish and practical knowledge, ensuring a learning experience for a lifetime. The course is specifically designed to transform students into leaders of the future. From management skills to communication skills, each skill is given equal importance here.

Continuous workshops, training, and seminars make students familiar with the relevant trends in business. At GIBS, the students are given maximum exposure to the ever-evolving world of business. It is important to stay updated with the latest happenings without which the whole idea of doing an MBA or PGDM is a waste of time.


Why Choose GIBS for PGDM?

GIBS has been awarded for its par excellence education system for all the aspiring students. To name a few of their awards, it has been ranked as the 14th best B-school in Karnataka, 20th best B-School in India, and more such prestigious wards of appreciation.

GIBS aims to reform the student with a comprehensive approach to learning and training. The world-class teaching methods has been recognized by many education committees, reassuring that GIBS is on the right track. It is a vision to transform the learning experience and be able to bring out the best in young minds.

Every individual has the caliber to excel with the right career guidance and innovative teaching methods. The importance of getting practical training is understood by GIBS thus offering hundred percent placements and summer internships are a few of their priorities.

GIBS tied up with international universities to give their students the most enriching learning experience through the understanding of different country’s approach to business. Few of the prestigious universities are:

  • Nottingham University, UK
  • Stevenson University, USA
  • Lincoln College, US
  • Lincoln University, Malaysia
  • Putra Business School, Malaysia

To gain a more enhanced knowledge, the students get an opportunity to make international tours to foreign universities. This ensures are a broader perspective of the business and staying updated with the latest trends. They get a prestigious chance to explore the business world of other countries through seminars, workshops, and more.

The program also makes sure that there is an overall development in each student. Each skill is given importance and proper guidance to enhance the skills is also offered. This helps in performing well in the interviews or public forums.

Along with the professional courses, GIBS is also known for its care and concern about the student’s mental health. The HAPPINESS PROGRAM aims to ensure better mental health for all students while they deal with the fierce competitiveness of the corporate world.


What are the domains that you can tap into with GIBS?

  • Marketing Management
  • Finance Management
  • Human Resource Management
  • International Business Management
  • Operations and Supply Chain Management
  • Business Analytics Management
  • Entrepreneurship Management

GIBS offers dual specialization, enabling you to understand various aspects of business in detail. A team of highly qualified teachers and experts from the industry help the students to flourish in their careers in a way that you won’t find anywhere else. It’s an honest promise and a true level up! Isn’t it?

No dream is small at the Global Institute of Business Studies!

What is the scope after completing your MBA in GIBS? You must be thinking!

Any PGDM or MBA course will fetch you the most elite designations in an organization because of the practical knowledge and understanding of the business. There are many executive and managerial roles that can be available for you after you complete your course. GIBS brings in the top players of the industry for their recruitment drive, ensuring the availability of the best opportunities for the students.

From fruitful summer internships to 100% placements, GIBS has it on record. GIBS not only sets the bar high in the education industry but has time and again proven its worth.

The best part of being in GIBS is that you will be able to explore every aspect of business in a relevant way. Your aspirations, geographical location, and your background will not be the deciding factors of what you will get from the course. The most important thing is at GIBS every dream is supported. From entrepreneur dreams to be in a managerial post dream, every dream is given a chance to bloom to its fullest potential.

It is now time to give your dream a chance and the golden opportunity it deserves. Become a part of GIBS and let your goals be fulfilled with the help of top-notch knowledge.


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