Students and alumni speak so highly of GIBS academic culture

Students and alumni speak so highly of GIBS academic culture
Teaching and education is certainly the mother of all professions. Doctors and engineers, administrators and IT professionals have all learned from a series of teachers through school and college. Credit should also go to the parents for being the first educators. A national culture depends upon a strong foundation of educational and training institutions that care for student professional futures and assure of positive employment. In the context of the 21st century bustling mega business world of which Bangalore is an integral part with numerous MNCs, effective business education is crucial. Aren’t we lucky to have Global Institute of Business Studies in Bangalore in Karnataka that provides the intensive internship experience and credible job placements at the end of the course?
GIBS is crowned with several top-notch awards
As the best B school in Bangalore, GIBS reputations have been enhanced by many organizations at the regional, national and international level as the stakes continue to rise. Consider two of them. Recognition as the “BEST EMERGING B-SCHOOL IN BANGALORE” by Worldwide Achievers in World Education Summit & Awards 2018. Earlier, “Student Choice Award 2017,” “Best Industry Exposure” & “Best Start-up Incubator” were accolades granted by College
Amidst all the hype and the fakes in terms of goods and services, reputations and news, try to sift the truth from the lies. What the online reviews say is often a good indicator of the ground realities. Educational authorities, parents and students speak very well about the institution as an authentic college as compared to the endless moneymaking educational institutions that operate from cramped buildings in the heart of the city. A few computers nowadays would suffice to create the impression of a busy university. Sweet promises may only end in joblessness and hopelessness at the end of the course after spending vast sums of hard-earned money with the result being merely bookish education. The top 10 PGDM colleges in Bangalore would establish dynamic job careers for the trainees.
Expectations from higher education
Students from Bangalore and across Karnataka may know well about GIBS but scholars from across the vast country study here besides a few countries abroad. How were they attracted to GIBS rather than one of the many other colleges? Firstly, the admission tests separate those who qualify and are serious about the business profession. Further, online research and the recommendations of friends, parents and colleagues along with online research attracts them to GIBS that shines today like a lighthouse to rescue students suffering in darkness. Best Management Institutes with Placements in Bangalore work like dedicated parents genuinely concerned with the welfare of the children.
Reaching a decision!
Choosing the college of your dreams that hopefully would catapult the student into the midst of the corporate world is a difficult choice. In a sense, budgets decide and admission test scores decide. If a friend or brother studied there, it is an advantage of endorsement and greater confidence arises. Some comments from students are very encouraging like ‘wonderful facilities,’ ‘positive campus environment’ and ‘corporate world interaction.’ For doubting students, it would be a good idea to visit the campus in Bannerghatta to see and feel the facilities and infrastructure for yourself. The vast 4.5 acre world class green campus is inspiration enough and talking to students and teachers would be convincing indeed.
Another student uses the word ‘evolve’ to describe the process of education to meet corporate challenges. It is true that educational evolution commenced in primary school and probably never ends! Being ‘privileged’ to study here with ‘teachers being the biggest support system’ does remind that technology and multimedia are only tools for study and the traditional teacher does most of the hard work of imparting knowledge and ideas.
‘Exclusive stay in a world class resort’
Contemporary education and healthcare facilities do remind of luxury resorts! The 2 year full time AICTE approved PGDM program would achieve more than a luxury stay. The impact would be felt all lifelong in successful job careers. Get into ‘Cloud 9’ but fulfill all the assignments and duties to the letter. Long after leaving the campus with the successful job placements, the pretty memories will remain, as the alumni fondly say.
Get into the green ‘lap of nature’
Concrete jungles are not the ideal places to study but the GIBS campus reminds of medieval monasteries amidst greenery where the mind is at peace to really study. The faculty treats you like a family member and shares intellectual sustenance across the semesters. The result is immense confidence that goes a long way amidst serious competition in cosmopolitan world environments in India and abroad. Successful careers are already appearing in the distance like a mirage in the desert, but they are very real.
‘Extra activities along with the curriculum help in growing and building up professionalism in work,’ ‘showcase of talent’ and gain exposure to the ‘best of packages and companies!’ Opportunities are waiting at the top 10 AICTE approved PGDM colleges in Bangalore!