Study for an authentic, professionally oriented world-class MBA at GIBS, Bangalore – May 18,2017

Study for an authentic, professionally oriented world-class MBA at GIBS, Bangalore

Business managers of caliber and international reputation will never go out of fashion, just like the sun. Unless we wish to define the contemporary world in terms of science, industry, and technology, it is a business-oriented world that depends upon manufacturing and production besides finance and marketing. At every step of the way, managers who possess the required skills supervise technical requirements, processes, and distribution. Besides technical knowledge, soft skills like leadership quality and teamwork are getting more and more important.

Where would ambitious young men and women go to receive such a dynamic business management education? Those who wish to rise in global terms certainly want more than bookish knowledge alone. In terms of numbers, Indian management education stands tall with perhaps 5000 b-schools. Unfortunately, a great majority of them do not measure up to international standards. In terms of global rankings, Indian B-schools, and institutes do lag, though the syllabi and curricula are at par with the best of American universities.

A few institutions like GIBS in Bangalore hold on to values and deliver what they promise. Two years may not be such a long duration but can make a potential difference professionally towards a lifetime of successful work. Graduation in any subject is compulsory for admission to MBA at GIBS or any other B-school. Business management courses abroad insist on several years of work experience as a necessary qualification for MBA entrants besides graduation. Indian colleges do not insist on work experience and that is a serious problem.


Theoretical approaches do not succeed in business management

A manager needs to break away from textbook theoretical approaches and find pragmatic strategies to succeed at the task at hand. It is an action-filled work culture and finding quick solutions, thinking on the feet, and working long hours are necessary attributes.

One weakness of the Indian educational system is the excessive dependence upon rote learning. The students who memorize, remember, and reproduce the best receive the maximum credit. That ability may be fine to write examinations, but it won’t suffice when managers have to fight corporate battles like advertising wars or financial rivalry.


GIBS train well-rounded business administrators

Compared to rote learning, a successful business manager needs lots more courage and daring to take on international competition. Besides all the skills the institute may impart, the managers have to fight their own lifelong battles. They continue to work under the shadow of the dynamic institution. GIBS alumni would be found globally just like many Indians have made it very big in international business. Instead of living in the sweet world of dreams like many students do, perhaps work experience after graduation and two years of MBA at GIBS would jump-start a supremely successful business career.

Several advantages are derived from the strategic location in Bangalore, a global city with a large number of MNCs present, mostly about the IT industry. Thus, internships and industry experiences are forthcoming with great intensity. It is a vibrant and challenging atmosphere where students are motivated to rise and shine and do their best. Getting better acquainted with the requirements of the global management industry is a great living advantage. Knowing the industry first-hand helps to frame specific goals.

Regarding specializations, to name a few at GIBS, international business and information systems are two new-age careers. Healthcare Tourism and travel management are vast industries globally. Banking and insurance, Retail and Supply Management, Small Business Management, and Entrepreneurship are obviously high-paying opportunities for dynamic business executives.


International tie-ups bring a global culture

Being exposed to cosmopolitan Bangalore itself is a mighty accomplishment. The international students present in GIBS and close partnerships with institutions abroad create the kind of environment that international business managers need to be familiar with. It may be easier to work in isolated villages where everyone speaks the same language and practices the same religion. Working in international marketplaces like the many mega online businesses requires a different set of soft skills. Being able to adjust to a variety of languages, cultures, and points of view requires broad-mindedness and cultural diversity. An isolated member of a remote village community would not be comfortable to work in such multicultural environments.

Top-level institutions like GIBS are the few where excellent business managers are born, who pursue a lifetime of success at the upper rungs of the social ladder. The thousands of mediocre B-schools in India and abroad teach theoretical concepts alone, unsupported by practical thinking and training. A rich case study method of learning along with analytical thinking in a spirit of competition completes the task of creating skilled managers who can think on their feet.


The ultimate reward of attractive placements

Financial and Healthcare, Oil and Gas, Aviation, Banks, Biotechnology, Cement and so much more – the potential employers who turn up regularly to recruit the best MBA pass outs each year are growing just like the MBA numbers are growing. Perhaps Pharma, Construction, and Retail are more attractive industries according to some people. GIBS has a network in place that organizes placements and so neither the time of two years or the several lakhs of rupees spent go to waste. The ROI is massive and students who take educational loans have to wait long years to repay from the salaries that they earn.

In every way, it is a winning spree for the students in this progressive and well-organized institution that does not exploit students as many B-schools in India are doing. Those mediocre B-schools lack the facilities, the faculty, the international network, and the industry connections. Reading management books alone would be like an online education or a part-time, short-term management program that brings theoretical knowledge alone.


Train thoroughly and live life exhaustively

GIBS certainly teaches you how to get along well in the fascinating and challenging world of business. Not only do you need to know the market, the economy, and the finance, but develop a taste and a feel for industry specializations and an instinct for success. In the final analysis, it is productivity at the individual and corporate levels that contribute to national and social accomplishments in a world of values.


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