Success is achieved brick by brick at GIBS B-school: A Cover Story – July 06,2017

Success is achieved brick by brick at GIBS B-school: A Cover Story

Under the aegis of the Goyal Educational Trust, Mr. Ritesh Goyal, Managing Director, and Dr. K. Aparna Rao are some of the towering personalities that come to mind while discussing an outstanding institution like the Global Institute of Business Studies in Bangalore. To mention some of the teaching faculty with an international reputation that remains busy with research in addition to teaching duties, Prof. Kampa Belliappa (M.Com, PGDHRM, M.Phil, MBA) and Prof. Lakshmi RB (MBA, Ph.D.) constantly endeavor to enlighten the students with a future to sustain. Among the hundreds of B-schools that constantly produce thousands of MBAs, BBAs, and PGDMs, GIBS stands out by virtue of a unique teaching methodology, sincere faculty, an ideal location in multicultural Bangalore, and particularly successful placements with major companies besides a thorough screening for admissions.

Encouraged by student success in internship and career placements, GIBS is busy forging ahead in the task of creating hard-hitting business managers to perform at a global level. The industry and students have responded favorably and global exchange programs for students and faculty are in the planning. After tremendous success in national rankings, GIBS now strives to achieve international accreditations. The future would probably see GIBS campuses being established across India in Delhi, Pune, and Kolkata along with international destinations like Dubai.


The critical B-school requirements

What makes up the quality of the most successful B-schools across the world? Professional courses have the responsibility of providing adequate jobs at the conclusion of the course. The best schools are not purely money making institutions, but have a social service message at heart. The syllabus is aimed at a realistic industry assessment and constantly updated according to the changing scenario in the sales, services and manufacturing industry. Besides book study, the best courses incorporate highly stimulating workshops and seminars into the learning experience. It is interactive learning where activities take first precedence. Besides the academic study modules, a series of short course certifications like soft skills and personality development result in molding dynamic professionals who will succeed as business managers. Internships bring students face-to-face with the requirements of the real professional world and may result in excellent job offers. Industry leaders deliver guest lectures and prepare the students in terms of real-life working situations that prevail in the industry.


The promise of the Bangalore location

Once called a pensioners’ paradise, the green city of Bangalore has today achieved the status of IT capital of India and a global city. In a teeming city of over ten million people exist some of the greatest international companies that hold out the lure of excellent job offers, perhaps for a lifetime. It is a cosmopolitan culture that prevails here with the most foreigners residing here as compared to elsewhere in the country. Consider a large number of universities and colleges, both government and college, that teach engineering and medicine, besides law, humanities, and commerce. Residence in Bangalore with a large number of foreign students is an educational experience and cultural delight in itself. The best opportunities would come your way! Yet the GIBS 4.5-acre nature-blessed campus is located in Bannerghatta, away from the din of the city that hardly rests. May the GIBS students imbibe the smart, hardworking culture of the Bangaloreans, a mix of state government politics along with the best of dynamic information technology with whiffs of sandalwood films and business life.


A list of five dynamic courses

GIBS conducts a two-year postgraduate MBA course combined with PGPM. The industry-integrated MBA is conducted during weekends for two years. Corporate BBA and Corporate BCom are three-year graduation courses. GIBS also offers a one-year PGDM program.

While the MBA and PGDM courses are open to graduates who completed at least fifteen years of school and college education combined, the graduation courses are meant for those candidates who completed twelve years of school education.


The dynamic curriculum approach

Though the different courses work at their levels of maturity and experience, some aspects are common. The study of economics, marketing, labor, tax laws, legal aspects, communication, personality building, information technology, software, and soft skills are modules in common. When it comes to specialization, several subjects are offered that include the entire gamut of international and national business.


How does GIBS admit students?

Applications through the online process or hard copy are acceptable. A counseling session provides information about study programs, placements, facilities, fees, and infrastructure. Students have the choice of attending GD/PI or telephonic interview according to convenience. Candidates receive information through messages, mail, or letter. Selected candidates register through payment of Rs.40,000 within the specified date.

The selection panel considers academic performance along with test scores in competitive examinations. Work experience for postgraduate courses receives due consideration. Interview performance matters and an estimate of ability and confidence, extra-curricular achievements, honors, and awards help the panel make decisions about admission.

A painstaking and thorough screening of candidates ensures that the most appropriate students join the courses and that the best chances of professional success would be achieved. It is a great diversity of students representing several cultural and linguistic backgrounds and a harmonious batch is selected with common goals. The fact that students have studied many different subjects earlier makes the orientation very important for adjustment to the business management culture.


The successful internship and placement policy

Perhaps ten weeks are spent in internships during the curriculum. The exciting opportunity to apply theories arises after the first year. Some companies that served internship opportunities were ITC, Nestle, Mahindra, JW Marriott, Cadila- Pharmaceuticals, Dalmia Cement, etc.

Regarding placements, students receive counseling sessions. The Placement team meets the recruiters. Company representatives hold meetings with students and conduct pre-placement talks. Students now submit resumes according to the jobs on offer. According to student profiles, job location, salary, and career prospects, job slotting is carried out. Companies conduct a selection based on interviews, CVs, and group discussions before announcing the final results.

Whether it is Healthcare or Hospitality, Pharmaceuticals or Fashion garments, Information technology, banking or insurance, every sector needs management leaders. GIBS gives you a great start to lifelong careers of substance.


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