The superior faculty makes the difference at GIBS Business School – April 15,2017

The superior faculty makes a difference at GIBS Business School

The institute is named Global and rightly so. The faculty which consists of several doctorate holders possesses a truly international outlook in inculcating 21st-century values and Ethics among the students. Besides, they not only teach in the lecture halls and the classrooms, but the teachers are also avidly busy with research, having published several research papers in academic and business journals. Corporate training requires their presence across the industry to cater to senior executives in search of a new direction. Consultations are ongoing with the greatest heads of industry.

Bookish learning hardly exists anymore today, though the print media flourishes greater than ever. Printing technology lies at the heart of the digital revolution too. The chalk-and-talk teaching sessions of the past have transformed under the impact of digital and electronic media. The lecture hall contains smartboards with students seated at laptops, having access to internet facilities. Screens become very handy along with audio and video for more effective multimedia teaching.


A few faculty achievements at GIBS

The best teachers are constantly busy updating their knowledge and skills. Essentially, learning never stops, especially nowadays with accelerated development in all fields. Research is constantly pushing the frontiers of knowledge night and day. The GIBS faculty is blessed with such a restless knowledge search with a constant beehive of activity of gathering the best ideas to transmit to students. Keeping up to date is more important than anything else in every field or stagnation would occur.

Just like the chalk-and-talk teaching of the past, the digital and electronic media of the present may not be sufficient. International exposure through their presence at seminars and workshops abroad brings the best minds together. They return from such national and international events, energized further to motivate the students towards higher performance.

In every great educational establishment worldwide, it is the quality of faculty that matters far more than the infrastructure. That indefinable quality of the great minds at work brings an aura of educational attainment that inspires the next generation of students. So it has been for generations at those universities, hundreds of years old. Institutes recently established like GIBS are also catching up with the best practices and learning from the experiences of many generations.


Sample research papers:

  • Director Dr. K. Aparna Rao- “Impact of Occupational ‎Stress on Work-life Balance of women employees in the IT Sector”
  • Prof. Lakshmi RB – “Knowledge Management and Inventive HRM”
  • Prof. Sree Harsha C – “Role of Financial Management in Organization Development”


The international faculty hosted by GIBS

Visiting professors and industry leaders make a difference in student learning and motivation when they share real-life experiences. Such celebrities who possess expert knowledge of their respective fields deserve to be called torchbearers who will generate a new generation of enthusiastic managers. GIBS has been working with international faculty from across the world to set up a global competitive culture of excellence. Intellectual achievements get passed on from teacher to student like one candle lighting many others. If knowledge is like the light or the flame, there is ample motivation for managers to succeed in this hallowed institution.

Some international faculty members

  • Prof. Bergstresser Daniel M.B.A. (Ph.D.)
  • Dr. Sandra Carver Ph.D., MBA
  • Prof. Robert Cha B.Tech., MBA


Research keeps the world moving

The world would come to a halt without constant striving after research in search of the unknown. Besides business and management knowledge in various specialization fields like finance and international operations, climate and environment are some urgent concerns for humanity. Research in politics, peacekeeping, and religious problems is also very much necessary to maintain world sanity.

GIBS serves as a research and knowledge base and some areas of intensive study are the following:

  • Corporate Entrepreneurship
  • Corporate Venturing
  • Cross-cultural adaptation
  • Diversification
  • Human Resource Management
  • International Finance
  • Managerial and Organizational Cognition


Teaching methods at GIBS Business School

The daily round of study and scholarship in this institute relies upon participatory and interactive learning. Students are constantly involved in the teaching-learning process and are constantly occupied with activities. The target is not merely to fill up the minds with facts, information, history, laws, rules, and regulations. While data may be important, stress is given to the development of personality and communication skills. Motivating students and building up confidence is essential too, as they join a bitterly competitive rat race to professional success.


Accommodating the diversity of student levels

While all the students may be graduates with work experience, they remain on different levels with a diversity of backgrounds. Intellectual achievements belong to different levels. The faculty takes many pains to pull up the weaker students with additional training programs to create a homogenous culture. Personal attention in great detail is given to students who may be lacking in some characteristics. Mentoring very often succeeds in bringing desirable changes in students who become more cooperative and receptive. Grooming would be necessary in some cases in terms of character and personality, communication, and sensibility. By the end of the course, it is assumed that the batch members would have achieved equality in many senses. They are prepared to step outside confidently into the real world of work after successful placements.

Guest speakers bring an additional facet of the experience
Occasional guest speakers bring further understanding when unfamiliar faces speak to students on elaborate research themes or industry experiences. It is a pleasant surprise for students who are mostly used to the same set of teachers meeting them all the time. It is a refreshing change to encounter a new personality with a changed approach that throws light on important areas.

Some guest speakers:

  • Dr. Indumathi IISC Senior Knowledge Mgmt. Consultant – Oracle Contribution of body language to Personality Development
  • Mr. Pradeep Mehta YOGA ART Well-being, Happy living, connectivity with YOGA
  • Prof. Vijayanand Associate Prof – The Oxford College of Business Mgmt. Insight into Indian Financial Scenario


A word about the infrastructure

Projects and presentations, case studies, lectures, and assignments along with tests and exams make up the GIBS experience. They succeed with the support of world-class infrastructure that includes the amphitheater, auditorium, seminar halls, classrooms, and recreation parks.


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