Survive Your First B-School Rejection – November 03 2016

Survive Your First B-School Rejection

You got rejected from your dream MBA admission. What will you do about it now? Mope, sulk, and think you don’t deserve an MBA or you maybe go to the extremes of death and whatnot.

Stop right there. Getting rejected is a part and parcel of life and should be dealt with in the same manner as if you were accepted.

The first step to face rejection is to accept it. Tell yourself “I got rejected from my dream MBA School. But you know what, I will for sure makeup for what I did not do last time.” This way you have things in perspective. You know what you want to do in the coming months until you apply for the next term. This time gap can be utilized to get hands-on experience on a job, network, or learn additional skills that will help you for your second chance.

The top MBA colleges in the world have a very complex and notorious selection process. You may not have been selected because you fall out on one of these aspects. Go back to your application and see where the fallout was. Was your essay not good enough, or were the experiences that you listed less? Analyse and work on the points where you feel you need to sharpen your skills. This not only helps in getting into a good MBA school but will also help you in your future.

Do not give up. Getting an MBA degree is your dream, especially from your dream school which is very prestigious, and a matter of pride for you. Not getting through once does not make you a failure; it should make you stronger and more intent on doing better next time. So strategize and work on all aspects next time while applying for the MBA program.

Like top MBA Colleges in the world, GIBS too has a strict policy for the acceptance of students. This is to ensure that the students selected get the best in today’s world. Do not stress out and worry if you were not selected the first time, you have more chances to improve your profile, and make sure to give your best the next time.


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