Teaching Methodology at GIBS – January 12, 2016

Teaching Methodology at GIBS

Business and Management Studies have proven to shape and build careers. In the earlier times, one had to travel abroad to pursue a business management course. Today people come from all over the world looking for MBA colleges in India. This explicitly proves the point that India is a destination for Higher Education, and our presence felt globally in all respects is one good reason for such a drive.

Why are people so particular on looking for a good institution? What does the word ‘good’ have to do with education? The formative years for a student play a pivotal role in elevating his career. These years must be one that will be filled with knowledge, wisdom and practicability to handle life and life situations in a competitive world. The word ‘good’ here directly refers to the way the syllabus is imparted. Hence, the search for a good Institution is necessary.

GIBS Business School is the Best B-School in Bangalore and your search should stop here. A student here is evaluated based on his strengths, abilities and learning styles. They are divided into three different groups with excellent skills in ‘A’, very good skills in ‘B’ and good skills in ‘C’. Each batch is taught by adopting unique teaching techniques to hone their skills, confidence and motivate to do better. An additional curriculum is included for group B and C. They are further moved up when their performance is improved. The motto behind is to bring all of them in the same rank.

The participative learning approach in the classrooms improves interaction, communication, thought process and ideas towards the subjects. Lectures held by distinguished faculty enhance their learning experience. The case studies assigned to a student enables him to apply practical approach on complex data, understand industrial fundamentals, deal with the on-going situations and make managerial decisions in the corporate world.

The short term projects and summer internships with reputed companies for a specified interval is a real-time experience for the students taking them on a short tour for close interaction with industry experts; time-bound projects and an experience of corporate culture. This will determine their professional attitude, sense of responsibility, analytical ability and leadership qualities which further provides a student’s performance results from which the pre-placement offers are often made.

Self-study is essential for a student to comprehend in silence what he has been in classrooms and for all the extra research there’s a well-equipped library and internet. Teams are formed, and projects are assigned to awaken the hidden talents that make the in-depth learning and understanding process easier. Through projects, presentation and public speaking the students are encouraged to shed their fear, speak their mind and stand tall in the crowd.

GIBS, Bangalore is one of the top MBA schools in India which gives its best to enhance and enrich the learning experience for its students from the start of their course until they are placed. They have a very committed teaching faculty whose ambition is to see their students achieve success and growth.