Test Prep With A Full Time – Job October 17 2016

Test Prep With A Full Time

Exams are one of the most difficult and anxious time in anyone’s life. Without having too much on plate students struggle to get good marks in an exam. Then, what about people who have a full time job and are preparing for an exam to boost their career like CAT or GMAT.

Here are a few tips for those hardworking full time employee/students to manage work and study for these competitive exams:

  • Planning is key: Any thing in life requires a plan to be achieved in the right and successful manner. So plan in advance about how much time on each subject to study, the portions to complete within a period of time, prepare a study schedule or time table etc. The forever procrastinator in you might not see through the plan, but stick to the plan and try your best to reach your goals.
  • Earlier the better: The best way to prepare for these tests is by starting early, especially if you have a job and are an aspirant. Plan and start your studies earlier. You can start off six months before the exams while a normal student would start three months earlier. Know what your study pattern is and decide how much time you may require to get yourself prepared and start accordingly.
  • Right tools: Research and find as many tools, including books, blogs, websites etc. that will help you in your studies. Take up few online courses or join a forum of people who are aspirants just like you. Such simple steps will give tonnes of insight from various sources which can further help you in your preparation. But be warned to choose these tools with accord to your work life.
  • Be efficient: Even with right tools and ample amount of time what has been studied does not retain. Thus, efficiency in studying becomes the need of the hour. Strategizing and figuring out where you need to concentrate more and where you need to revise can help you save plenty of hours and studies will be more effective. Applying what you learn in real life can help you remember things better.
  • Other factors: Some other factors like a calm and stable environment to study, staying updated on current affairs, Using spare time for studies, eating healthy food, proper exercise among other things can boost your morale and give you the inner strength to balance your work and study life.

When you aspire to get admits from a top MBA school like GIBS, these simple but effective test tips will go a long way in utilizing your time in the best possible way.