The Action-Filled Adventure of Studying Business Management at GIBS! – October 06,2017

The Action-Filled Adventure of Studying Business Management at GIBS!

Experience teaches that it is wiser to study professional courses that consist of internships and placements so that the professional chapter of life can commence without hassles. Further, institutions that specialize in a single subject rather than those that teach several courses are better with greater chances of success. Management courses at the Global Institute of Business Studies may be an excellent investment in the future since young boys and girls wish to rise and shine in professional courses. College courses are not really aimed at the present but at future opportunities that open up magically after laborious study over a few semesters.

Consider the excellent records of internships and placements for the recent few batches at GIBS and you would be quite satisfied. GIBS has carved an important niche in the forest of business schools in India that promise more than they teach. If reading a few books and passing examinations were all that education can achieve, the future of Indian business graduates looks dismal. GIBS has its heart in the right place. The teaching faculty is regularly engaged in research and publications. The dazzling world-class 4.5-acre green campus and infrastructure do promote sustained scholastic efforts. Industry connections and guest speakers provide that vital link for a realistic understanding of the professional world. An updated curriculum and advanced teaching facilities ensure that students remain at their fighting best throughout their stay over the several semesters.


A choice of management and commerce programs

You can study for the Bachelor’s Degree in Management, the Corporate Level Bachelor of Commerce Program, an Industry Integrated MBA during the weekends, and a Master’s Degree in Management with a Post Graduate Program in Management. Depending upon the present level of qualifications and preferably work experience, the choice of course would be made.

Which will it be in your case? All the routes lead to the same destination of excellence in management as only GIBS can inculcate it. It is certainly a great advantage that every little energy in this high-achieving campus is focused in a single direction. Business and management do go together though several areas would be covered under the broad umbrella of economics and marketing, finance, and manpower that are crucial for the distribution of products and services anywhere in the globe.

Like a beehive of intense activity, the Bannerghata campus is truly action-oriented in every sense. The amenities in the residential campus are truly mind-boggling and no student would be bored with so much to do. All work and no play would certainly dull the senses and facilities at the campus do provide refuge in action.

The Language Center and the Dance Studio may represent two aspects of life out there and both are important. Linguistic skills are as important as creative expression. Physical fitness is not left behind in the race to become eclectic and competitive enough to withstand multicultural environments and work in MNCs. Learn to spread wings far and wide not only in management and business abilities but also in interpersonal skills and leadership training.

While the classrooms are equipped with LCD projectors, elsewhere you find a Yoga Room and an Auditorium, the Conference Hall, Internet Café and Student Syndicate Rooms. They remain busy with the teeming students seeking the facilities either to advance in the academic sense or socially and professionally.

We do realize that life out here would be a lot weaker in the absence of hostel facilities that not only create a family setting but also teaches the value of independence. Getting excessively dependent upon the family or siblings may turn out to be a disadvantage when you chase professional dreams abroad, far, far away from home!

The open-air circular amphitheater also represents many dreams coming true with cultural performances and plays. Others may be in favor of the gymnasium and swimming pool activities since likes differ among the student fraternity.

The well-equipped Library of course is close to every student’s heart. The Digital library keeps you up to date with trends across the world.

Would it rather be indoor or outdoor sports for many? Table tennis, chess, carrom and snooker perhaps. The football, basketball, and cricket grounds, cycling, badminton, netball, and kabaddi facilities are equally attractive.


Annual electrifying events to set the pace

Whether it is the celebration of national or regional festivals, the students come together with a passionate dedication. Though the students hail from different backgrounds, the unity of spirit is praiseworthy.

Fashion and drama, music and fete are necessary in a place where youth congregates with all their pretty dreams of a professional and family life yet to begin. The training they receive here will last a lifetime. Though they may conquer many peaks, they will never forget the base camp that launched their careers high into the sky.

And so it is a life of research and innovation, seminars and workshops, guest lectures and orientations, internships and placements for the present. The future is unknown but we know what it is likely to be with the GIBS grads and postgrads. Good times are coming.


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