Innovative thinking to attract talent, especially among the younger crowd has become a trend these days. Huge Corporate and Startups have started inventing “Fancy Designations” that are more creative and interesting to implement at the workplace. The 21st century or the digital age that we are living in has seen a huge change in the way people look at things and approach them. This thought process also applies to organizations, be it Indian or on the Global front. Perhaps people have started giving importance to “Designations” as a matter of pride and status quo, as it deals with the mindset of the people.

The idea behind having such “Fancy and Wacky Designations ” is to motivate employees, retain potential employees, understand the Roles, improve productivity and in turn generate revenue for the company. Big Corporates have already made structural changes in the Roles. Even small and medium-level companies have started realizing the importance of structural changes to be made in regard to Designations. People are stuck to the so-called “Titles” that HR Experts come across candidates curious to know their job roles before making a decision. Talent Acquisition Team agrees that this is an exciting way of attracting candidates, especially among the fresher’s.

One of the drawbacks of these “Fancy Designations” may be they may confuse people by convincing them to take up the job based on the “Designation”. Any job opportunity providing a Fancy Designation is of no use if there is no learning or career growth. Hence, it is advisable that candidates have to be cautious in making the right decision with the job Profile, package, and the responsibilities involved in it.

In this day and age with various “Fancy Designations” are being created each day. Every person doing a particular job needs to be a manager of oneself. He needs to possess soft skills in additional skills required to do the job in order to further his career in an organisation

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