The All India Management Association and the GIBS status – November 06,2017

The All India Management Association and the GIBS status

As the AIMA completes the diamond jubilee of an honored existence across the years 1957-2017, we need to study where management education stands in present day India. The apex body that provides a leadership and a direction assumes immense significance in sailing across the rough seas that management education has now become in India. The mighty Indian population makes it necessary to dispense management education in numerous universities, institutes, and colleges. Several kinds of course durations, degrees, diplomas, certificates and shorter-term courses make it all very complicated. Besides regular college courses, some students take the part-time courses, weekend courses and even online courses, according to convenience, and time and money available.

A sea of confusion and perhaps missed opportunities are faced by students after they complete Class 12 and are wondering which course to opt for next. Management would be an excellent course to pursue because of several factors. Besides employability with managers being needed universally, no matter what dimension of organization, management graduates are in great demand globally. The internet has opened vast job markets internationally and connecting with employers, appearing for online interviews and the selection process have become so much easier with technology.


The AIMA inspiration

It is crucial to have a leader like the AIMA that sets the benchmarks. Like a backbone, AIMA has always been in the background and provided a direction and moral support. While we are tempted to think of the many IIMs as leading the management education in India, it is not possible for every student to become an IIM alumnus! Nor can every management institution follow the world standards practiced by the IIMs. UGC recognition is fine but can every institution achieve that with at least 3000 institutions that teach management to the millions of students who pass out each year?


Where would management be without AIMA?

The All India Management Association is supported by the Government of India and the local industries as an apex body for management education. With a base of 67 Local Management Associations, AIMA has connections with over 3000 institutions and individual professionals too. AIMA contributes towards management testing and distance education, skill development, and training. AIMA participates in conferences and research and organizes publications and management development programs.

AIMA has the support of several important organizations like the AICTE. Support also comes from the National Board of Accreditation (NBA), Boards of Governors, Indian Institutes of Management, Bureau of Indian Standards, New Delhi National Productivity Council, New Delhi, and Central Direct Taxes Advisory Committee.

The AIMA foreign networks include the  Asian Association of Management Organisations (AAMO), the  University of California – Berkeley, and Samuel Curtis Johnson Graduate School of Management – Cornell University. AIMA also collaborates with The World Bank and St Gallen Foundation etc. in conferences and management programs.


The middle path should be good enough!

At the crest are the IIMs that remain every management student’s dream but like the moon may be beyond the reach of most students. On the other extreme are the hundreds of moneymaking institutes that are out to exploit student weaknesses to make easy and quick money. Such shady institutes may make mighty promises and charge huge fees with cooked-up information about excellent placements. The education racket has reached mighty proportions with fake degrees being sold in the market. Unfortunately, there exists no short cut to success and such candidates would sooner or later be found inadequate in coping with managerial tasks in plush jobs.

A few cases of authentic education in management and other fields do exist among private universities and institutions in India. It is difficult to identify them because they are few and far between. Compared to universities and institutions that teach many subjects, management specialists should be preferred.


The GIBS route to management excellence!

Research keeps the students up to date with the latest management knowledge and expertise at par with the leading institutes abroad. Curriculums are similar in these days of advanced technology.

Some activities may be frivolous but that is part of the dream life that students lead. Fashion and parties, music, and picnics would form part of the youthful agenda for sure.

Orientation programs for new students and the Fresher’s Party, selection of the Student of the Year, Internships and Placements, Projects, and Seminars keep the campus more than busy and excited.

Work can get quite stressful but then you have a range of leisure activities to maintain a healthy balance between work and play. As in life, there is always something interesting happening in GIBS. Social causes supplement academic efforts at all times.

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