The All-Powerful, industry ready GIBS MBA Program | Top Ranked MBA Program in Bangalore – April 04,2017

The All-Powerful, industry-ready GIBS MBA / PGDM Program

Accepting the profound realities of Indian b-schools, GIBS belongs among the upper crust with a diversity of specializations. While everybody talks about global standards, many middle-rung Indian b-schools with mediocre teaching-learning standards attract thousands of students. While the IIMs may be the premier institutes for generating top-level management professionals, many excellent institutes like GIBS deserve commendation.

The compact 4.5-acre GIBS campus in Bannerghatta, Bangalore is a dream world in the making. Student life is traditionally filled with the flowering of dreams, but an MBA is a different universe. The students in this master’s course are seasoned professionals or are supposed to be. They are graduates with substantial work experience in middle-level positions. Having tasted working life realities, they are better equipped with analytical and situational skills. Logical and systemic skills are already ingrained through exposure to a variety of tough work experiences.

Global aspirations apart, such institutes primarily prepare trainees for assimilation in the Indian business scenario. Business in India is no longer what it used to be a few decades ago. MNCs always held branches in India as a result of the British rule that ended in 1947. Yet the present shows a loosening up of trade barriers. The digital world has opened up the Indian business space with 100% FDI permitted according to law. Foreign universities are free to set up teaching shops in India. Student exchanges, dual degrees, and foreign faculty have all combined to bring new resilience and competitiveness among Indian students. Particularly in Bangalore, a vast number of foreign students from Asia and Africa crowd college campuses, bringing immense diversity.


Higher Education Review 2016 rankings

GIBS is truly recognized by the media to belong to the upper strata of B-schools! What are some rankings like? Ranked the third best b-school in India and the fourth best in infrastructure, the institute does figure among the best. Industry exposure is the eighth best, according to Higher Education Review 2016 rankings. While these rankings by a single entity are indicative of the way the winds are blowing, several other recognized organizations have sweet words of praise for GIBS.


The Bangalore cosmopolitan experience

Much has been said and written about the global IT hub that is Bangalore, a culturally and linguistically diverse world. The student culture is as invigorating as the greenery that is characteristic of most urban areas. While the digital world has succeeded in waking up the remotest regions of Asia and Africa, Bangalore inspires through a dynamic city culture, once believed to be a pensioner’s paradise. As long as the students stay on the right track, it is a one-way path to big success professionally. The city’s existence of a number of MNCs setting up manufacturing and assembly facilities provides ample opportunities for potential-filled internships and lucrative job offers at the end of the program.


Changing careers midway

Unlike many other routine academic courses that hardly bring industry success, the MBA is professionally oriented. Though many specializations exist, the banking and finance sectors are most in demand at the present moment given demonetization brings ample employment opportunities. As compared to the olden days when the entire life was spent on the services of the government, perhaps, job scenarios are nowadays changing. Contracts and promotions, job changes for more salaries, and global opportunities have resulted in greater competitiveness. No longer will the dynamic youth be rooted to the spot like a tree for employment reasons. It is time for youth to explore the world and not during vacations alone. An MBA can very well become a passport to fly across the oceans and the mountains on a long success story.


Senior management positions would be available after MBA

Consider some of the specialized study courses available. Besides Banking and Insurance that is getting hotter at the moment, Marketing, Finance, and HR are very much in demand. Tourism and Travel besides Healthcare lead to fabulous management careers. That is not all! International Business and Information Systems could take students across the world in search of jobs with the internet opening up vast opportunities. Small Business Management and Supply Chain Management are sectors ripe with opportunity in a global commercial and industrialized world.

As a starting point, Bangalore itself would provide a launch pad for most careers! Yet the youth hardly remains in a single place for long with wanderlust not only to see the world but to conquer newer professional territories. Begin dreaming then and with prolonged hard work it may well turn out to become a realistic dream.


Building skills and a knowledge base!

Perhaps the challenges of a dual degree of MBA plus PGPM with two specializations would appeal to many aspiring students. Fast-tracking careers are often resorted to at a young or middle age to speed up the process of promotions and appointments to senior positions. The higher designations do require greater skills and an advanced level of industry knowledge.

The advanced laptop and the institute uniform, a range of study materials, workshops, guest lectures, and seminars usher you into the world that is fated to transform lives. Internships and industrial visits may come later in the course, but they mean so much in terms of exposure to the real world of work.

A foundation for a new beginning to reinvent the personality in a new direction is the beginning of a new approach to life and work. The student who joins and the accomplished character who leaves at the end of the study are the same individual but essentially transformed, and motivated in new directions. An ability to manage and lead, be involved in productive teamwork, and make informed decisions to benefit the organization and the employees are the new thrust.


Short certifications add up

Just like the drops making up the ocean, a range of certifications is slowly increasing skills and knowledge. Some of them are Project Management, Campus to Corporate Certification, Logistics, and Supply Chain Management. Learning a Foreign Language and the optional Foreign Tour help adjust to global realities.

Six Sigma, Case Studies, Systems Application Products, Sports Management, Life Skills, and Innovation, there is so much to learn and it is all happening on that charming campus making GIBS one of the best B schools in Bangalore.

Once the decision is made to join GIBS, there is no stopping in the endeavors to lead a meaningful and more productive life. Reach the highest management levels successfully.


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