The Alumni Support Continues at GIBS Bangalore – August 08,2017

The Alumni Support Continues at GIBS Bangalore

With world class educational standard, Global Institute of Business Studies (GIBS) proved that here students would get the best nurture to appreciate their ambition. The center is established at Bangalore in Karnataka. The finest location of the institution helps the students to get the necessary facilities easily. The College Campus is completely peaceful and the main stream urban lifestyle is continuously running just outside the gate. Therefore, GIBS’s students can get the perfect infrastructure for reading. As such establishment is rare in India so many Alumni get connected after their course. These pass-out students support the progressive thoughts of GIBS.


The necessity of GIBS:

Bangalore became a metro city, where many high rises, corporate sectors, and fast lifestyles are running. In such place, an institution with international class and infrastructure is very important. GIBS formed the best place for business studies. There are few colleges that can provide the modern teaching technique and study material, whether the demand is so high. The importance of good business school is always. GIBS can deliver places for hundreds of students every year. It can accomplish the need of business experts in India. Students can join the school through regular or part time classes. Such facilities are unique in the country.

GIBS help many corporate sectors with human resources and the sectors support to increase the store of the institution. Especially, Bangalore’s companies are taking interns of GIBS for several projects. Such easy available human resource was quite an impossible thought in the city. GIBS knocked at that point and resolve many huge problems. Many students are lightening some huge sectors of the Bangalore city now. GIBS deliver the best business experts not only for Bangalore but also for the nation and globe.


Prime Mission:

Whether you are looking for an institute, then you should know its resources, missions, and other details. The prime mission that is written on the portfolio of GIBS is to give nutrition to the trading sense of the students and craft a complete business expert. With this dream, GIBS made a vital administration. The main committee of the Association indulges the thought of the institution continuously. The mission of the college is not a bookish quotation. It is in the practice of the administration. It is proved through many issues. The media coverage shows how GIBS gave a supply of some highly talented students in every session. These students are in the higher posts of the leading business authorities of India and internationally. It proves that GIBS fulfill the targeted mission every year.


Sub missions:

Along with the excellence of student making, GIBS take many ventures for society. Sometimes students are arranging many cultural programs, seminars, and others to convey social messages among the students. GIBS send the upgraded projects into the bigger platform so that common people and students of other institutions can see. The social exchange opens the students’ minds and it increases the range of school as well.

The administrative department organizes many ventures like, planting, stop pollution, cleaning and others. Many students have joined in such incidents. The main committee has created many sub-committees who are organizing regular camps to keep the students active. These sub departments of GIBS are very much active and they arrange many programs apart from the exam phase.

Sports committee is one of the most important and effective sub-committee of the institution. Many tournaments have been associated at the college. These help the students to make their body and mind fit. The regular sports practices can happen in the field, a swimming pool is there for refreshment and some indoor games are on the campus as well. The committee takes care of the sports infrastructure because according to the modern teaching methodology, sports become very vital for students. The experts say that being active through any sort of sport doesn’t allow any lethargy in the brain.

The alumni committee of GIBS is one of the most exciting committees. The administration follows every pass out and they try to connect with everyone. The focus is to recapitulate the association with many programs. Therefore, every year huge programs have been organized to refresh the alumni. The pass outs can stay connected with the college throughout the year. Some alumni are in the sub committees of the institution as well.



GIBS, build up the appropriate infrastructure of a business school. The thoughts and future plans are very promising. The upcoming renovation projects are very effective for the institution. It would create more prosperous business experts through a perfect care. Therefore, the development projects are in a row. Many synergistic plans need to be developed further. People who have donated to the institution earlier, they have donated because they could see possibilities into those plans. GIBS get a donation for years, because of their promising plans and urge of execution. The committees of the institution utilize every penny on the development and It is recorded.


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