The Challenging GIBS Location in the Global City of Bangalore

The Challenging GIBS Location in the Global City of Bangalore

Associated with CAT 2019, XAT 2019, and ATMA 2019, the Global Institute of Business Studies was hailed as the “BEST EMERGING B-SCHOOL IN BANGALORE” by Worldwide Achievers in World Education Summit & Awards 2019. GIBS certainly brings a lot of ideas to those searching for the Best Management Institutes with Placements in Bangalore. The postgraduate diploma in management or PGDM promises to be a joy ride into the most attractive business positions with attractive salaries and perks. The hurdle of faring well in entrance exams will have to be crossed first, along with good performances in the interview, written tests, and group discussion. Many ambitious young boys and girls are making it each year into successful placements at the end of their PGDM studies. A glance at the previous records of internships and placements would reveal some of the leading corporations globally.

Founded in 2014 by the Goyal Educational Trust, GIBS has an extremely well-qualified and experienced faculty that cares for the future of the children. The management board, the academic advisory board, and the global advisory board are composed of distinguished individuals who have been honored many times in their respective fields of endeavor. They represent the leading lights of industry and celebrities in a variety of sectors that combine many shades of excellence for the benefit of the students.


Renowned cities gave birth to hallowed educational systems

Researching the global history of universities and institutions that earned renown through the decades and centuries, one thing in common united them all. The names of towns and cities were associated with the educational infrastructure from the very beginning. If it was not for the place names like Harvard or Cambridge, there would exist no such university. Considering the fact that Bangalore is a mighty beehive of industrial and corporate activity involving numerous mega-companies from all over the world, it is better understood how the inspiration for GIBS was born.


The software and IT growth

Bangalore used to be a peaceful so-called pensioners’ paradise in the olden days several decades ago, beloved because of the cool climate at 3000 feet. The greenery and the ‘garden city’ label were enough to attract many who wished to settle and work in this education and commerce hub, far away from the disturbances of the national borders in the north of the country or the hectic life of the mega cities. Nobody knew then that a mighty rapid growth would result from the communication technology boom and the internet explosion of the late 1990s.

Bangalore never looked back since! Just like each famous city has its distinctive ethos and culture, whether food or beverages, handicrafts or automobiles, software became the brand name and the trademark of a cosmopolitan city of many languages and cultures living happily together.

The GIBS passionate dream!

Like the fish in the ocean, educational institutions and private universities in Bangalore are too many to count on the finger. Among the top 10 AICTE-approved PGDM colleges in Bangalore is the exceptional GIBS that genuinely nurtures students and grooms them toward the makings of a successful business management career. With the rapid development of digital technology, educational facilities have become much easier and cheaper now. Study materials are easily duplicated and sent across long distances. The syllabus of large and small institutions hardly differs in essentials. The multimedia online easily creates mock classroom settings and even remote areas can study well.

The Bangalore inspiration

As compared to the mushrooming colleges that promise the world and betray students in order to make quick money, GIBS has a well-established network not only in Bangalore businesses but globally through the alumni who have reached senior positions in the industry. It is a constant interaction with industry representatives and campus placements that the links are regularly maintained. Faculty members from abroad facilitate student and teacher exchanges in the virtual and real worlds and thus a rare exchange of know-how is possible. Like the churning of ocean waves, it is the regeneration of knowledge that keeps the learners on their toes.

Just like the capital of Karnataka, the best B school in Bangalore is reaching higher every year. Plans are being made to set up branches within the country and abroad that will soon become a pulsating reality. When that happens, many more boys and girls would join the list of successful industry placements. Sandalwood has been one of the many inspirations that drive Bangalore, a city-state of potent facets of the future. Already three centuries old, it is further history in the making for a city that never sleeps.

Consider the multifarious benefits of outstanding education and infrastructure, curriculum, and faculty, ending with dream placements when you study in GIBS. Get past the entrance exam and study the 2-year full-time AICTE-approved PGDM program and be ready for a lifetime of professional accomplishment.


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