The changing face of business life at GIBS

The changing face of business life at GIBS

Business degrees in India as a passport to professional success have been popular for at least half a century. Never before in human history have so many mega businesses been established to cater to the needs of a consumer-driven society? After the coming of science, the industrial and technological worlds made it all possible. Yet, each year, changes in software and technology bring new approaches and systems of thinking. Artificial intelligence and virtual reality, getting work done by robots and apps for running businesses have all transformed the business world around us.

Global Institute of Business Studies in Bannerghatta, Bangalore, trains efficient business managers who can cope with the changes coming into the world of business. Media and corporations seem to be an appropriate summing up of the present-day world. Screens large and small bring the media everywhere and social media attracts personal participation. Communication has quickly reached across the globe and nothing is private anymore. The mighty world in the fast lane is controlled by mega businesses that embrace the whole world with branches in several countries. It is hard to imagine how gigantic these businesses are and the economic and commercial power they wield.


A business world of immense opportunities

Instead of thinking negatively, try to understand how many jobs are being generated as lifestyles change and everybody needs to be surrounded by gadgets and screens, wishes to shop online and designer trends extend to every little thing. It may be said that traditional arts and crafts are dying out, but let us hope that both worlds will continue.


The age of the specialist

Having reached well into the 21st century in 2018, we realize that specialization is essential in whatever field you enter. Business graduates who also have a degree in pharmacy, engineering, hospitality, etc would be preferred because they combine two fields. Rising to senior positions would require experience of some years, though promotions come fastest in the business sector. The truth is that the present world is an age of information with excessive data found everywhere, with so much available for free. Duplicating information has become so easy, it is not valuable anymore. Yet, you should know how to use and apply the data, and it means nothing for its own sake.


The rise of blockchain technology

In the world of big business, collaboration is important and blockchain technology helps digital transactions, and traditional approaches would become obsolete. IBM is collaborating with Nestle and Wal-Mart while Accenture and Deloitte are developing alliances.


Artificial intelligence is the way of the future

Gradually, it is found that AI can replace some of the repetitive tasks once done by humans. The advantages of AI are many like less expense and error-free work, though machines might go wrong too. Not only can machines perform tasks but learn independently and learn deeply too with the chains of learning. Human control would still be required to manage the tasks. The use of GPS in telecommunications is an excellent example of the rich possibilities of AI. Research is busy finding more and more ways to get machines to work with AI, and will finally reach every sector, businesses particularly, in all their mighty manifestations.


Social media interactions

Compared to the isolation of workers and professional groups in the past, social media now backs you up with an endless range of connections that can be local and global, according to your wishes. The give and take that would extend to business groups is breathtaking as we imagine the possibilities of collaboration and learning from each other. No longer will anybody feel lonely and lost, able to sign in at any time from any place over the internet into social groups, according to areas of interest.


Social learning versus remote working

With working from home online becoming practical and often necessary to avoid long journeys, offices are getting less important as places of work. The home would be a more peaceful and productive place to perform, though the office culture and colleagues would be missed. Just imagine learning from online courses that often come for free and compare the tedious process to learning from social groups. Conversation for a few minutes with seniors at the workplace may help them understand complex concepts that would have taken a week of lessons. The additional advantage is practicality and realism that is absent from typed lessons and online virtual exchanges.


Payments are on the rise

In spite of occasional hiccups, the biggest motivation for money is gradually on the increase. Unemployment is decreasing too and particular sectors and businesses among them, do witness an upsurge in wages, which is encouraging.


A problem-based approach to work

Having reached a sophisticated level of development in business and technology, the emphasis is now on removing hurdles. Some online companies render such services that focus on removing the problems that organizations face. Shall we call them Terminators?


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