The Ever helping Faculty at GIBS take every step to change lives – July 24,2017

The Ever helping Faculty at GIBS take every step to change lives

Automation has today entered almost every aspect of life as a result of mechanization and technology. While the advantages of such industry and online based cultures may be good news for economic development, the traditional human touch seems to be missing. We are getting more electronic and mechanical as the years roll past! One wonders if such is the condition of the educational system in contemporary times when youngsters use every kind of gadget imaginable.

The Global Institute of Business Studies in Bannerghatta, Bangalore, may be richly endowed with the benefits of modern technology in infrastructure, but maintains a caring, trusting and cooperative atmosphere in its dealings with students. The students themselves work at different levels. The Class 12 pass outs would study for the degree courses like BBA and BCom. Graduates would enter the MBA course and the PGDM. Though students from diverse backgrounds like the many Indian states study here besides foreign students, they all live together in a fraternal spirit.

While we often describe academic and professional organizations as one big family, is it really so? They do belong to a single system, united by campus rules, the curriculum, the professors and the infrastructure. They have common dreams of finding successful placements and qualifying for good jobs through internships and tests and interviews.

Right through the entire spectrum of activities of the weeks and months of the several semesters, the students work individually or in teams, supervised by teachers, counselors or mentors. Learning to work together in harmony itself is a special skill that is essential to good performance in multicultural organizations. Here in this hallowed training ground, business managers of the future are nurtured each day.


The GIBS counseling and mentoring process

The weekly counseling session brings together students and counselors with the purpose of helping students refine professional goals. At this stage, students may be full of dreams but are lacking in a realistic understanding of the industry conditions and requirements. They know little about the tomorrows though they possess the potential to develop in terms of latent skills and intellectual ability. Finding the right opportunities for them is relevant to the duties of the counseling committee.

Career information supplies information about the syllabus and further educational opportunities besides professional openings. Bringing dreams and reality closer together is the task of the Institute committees.

The three Mentoring Rooms also provide teacher-student teacher interaction in the process of student development. The mentoring takes place in little groups of 3 students and monthly meetings throughout the academic years throw light on personal problems and intimate concerns. Mentors possess professional experience and groups are arranged according to fields of interest. As a result, students develop confidence levels. They understand the industry better and choose career plans. Support and guidance are crucial at these early stages before they reach professional milestones. Developing employability skills and framing a powerful curriculum vitae are crucial concerns. One to one guidance goes a long way indeed. Training to face interviews successfully plays an important role in getting good appointments.


The staff around the GIBS infrastructure

The library and digital library, cafeteria, gymnasium, swimming pool, and amphitheater are some important aspects of the student life. Campus life has its many moral and esthetic rewards though students need to observe a large number of rules and timings. The hostels and the academic block, playgrounds and the swimming pool are all parts of that beehive of activity that happens every day in GIBS.

It does sound a hectic life that it certainly is! A successful student life is constantly on the move in search of knowledge and experience. If it is not lectures and workshops, seminars and presentations, it may involve field visits to nearby industries within Bangalore city. Each activity is controlled and supervised, every activity is planned and organized by the expert staff. Institutions all over the world follow similar study and work procedures based on research for optimum student achievement and authentic learning.

While the academic study can often get tedious with research based study sessions, ample opportunities exist for recreation through games and sports in a rich naturally endowed 4.5-acre campus on the outskirts of Bangalore. The Morning Prayer ground, a farm house, a pretty pond, waiting for lounge, the jogging track, and a parking lot provide an ambiance suitable for hard work and refreshing morning and evenings. Heath care facilities on the campus attend to such problems that may arise.


Students need a private space!

The over busy lifestyle can get stressful and students find a private moment in the self-study sessions that are certainly required. Since many situations in life like writing examinations and making professional decisions require independent thought and judgment, the self-study sessions develop a moment of introspection when the students are by themselves with the best study materials available. The library books, research journals, and online materials provide a huge selection of up to date research materials that provide ample food for thought.

The teaching methodology constantly encourages participatory and interactive learning that has proven to be the most effective study method. These study lessons are supervised by good industry experienced, qualified and capable teachers from across India and abroad. The finest minds that serve consultation and research tasks side by side with teaching duties are at the forefront of the profession. Research publications and contributions to academic journals confirm their depth of knowledge.


A unique learning experience in business skills

Rated among the leading business management institutes in India, GIBS maintains an aura of excellence in every aspect of its existence. A disciplined approach to institute routines and a common purpose keeps the large family working on their date with destiny. Internships and placements come much later in the course, but it is a hectic coverage of the demanding syllabus from day one after the orientation. Industry leaders and guest speakers enlighten the students of real working conditions out there as if revealing trade secrets. The alumni come forward to guide the novices with their global network of contacts. At every step, eager helping hands and minds facilitate the training of the future business managers with dedicated hearts and souls.