The GIBS B School has an Exclusive Optimized Placement Process for MBA Students……!!! – October 19 2016

The GIBS B School has an Exclusive Optimized Placement Process for MBA Students……!!!

We welcome all MBA students to the established campus placements at GIBS Business School, Bangalore. Top MBA Institution in India has their placement cell, which certainly cares about their students’ careers and placements. Where GIBS B School being the Renowned MBA Institute in Bangalore believes that turning Students’ Talent into attraction would provide them Success. The training & Placement cell of GIBS is involved in campus hiring with attention to placement detail and the same level of recruitment efforts from the recruiters. Associations are intending to visit the GIBS Residential Campus to have Corporate Relations with the primary details about Students’ Job Profile or the Project as per the student outline required.

The GIBS Placement Cell follows the prime steps of the placement process consistently. So let’s analyze the Major Placement Process @ GIBS Campus…!!!Mentoring and Guiding – An MBA transmute candidate with the most important investments in life. Here GIBS Management has skilled Mentors who will be preparing and enabling the students simultaneously to progress in an effective and etiquette way according to their potential. And also Mentoring is a key component of Placements which motivates candidates to progress repeatedly and passionately well.

  • Summer Internship Programme – An internship Programme in a Top Management institution like GIBS is the most important stepping stone for MBA Students, which makes them optimistic to enhance their chances & work closely with professionals in various respective fields which expands knowledge, competencies, and experience which directly relate them to once progression objective.
  • Pre Placement Training – GIBS being the prominent B-School fraternity, we furnish the candidates by providing training & internships, additionally extreme opportunities will be given to the students with the help of seminars, live projects & much more… which prioritize the network in an effective way so that students could be true to be placed.
  • Campus 2 Corporate Programme – This programme is an enlarging abstraction that aims to provide an integrated foundation for all MBA students. Here each student will be provided with a large-scale position. And also Campus to Corporate (C2C) programme will guide the candidates to meet certain criteria of the companies followed by abilities like soft skills, professionalism, constructive communication, quality of knowledge, and many more.
  • Final Placements – The MBA+PGPM Batch in GIBS B School is getting an excellent increasing number of placements every year in different sectors with admirable packages. GIBS Placement & Internship Committee has the refuge on maintaining Quality Placements.

The Placement Process Steps go on as GIBS B School Maintains the Standard in terms of Quality Education & Quality Placements because we truly believe that Experience shows success & to succeed you need dedication, hard work, and sustained devotion to the things you want to see happen, the inclusion of something to motivate you, something to inspire you so that one can ever achieve greatly…!!!


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