The GIBS Bangalore status in terms of AIMA management education stipulations – September 13,2017

The GIBS Bangalore status in terms of AIMA management education stipulations

Since the time when India opened up to the world in recent decades in terms of business, manufacturing, technology, and development, business managers have been in great demand. What we recognize today as a 21st-century multicultural world can only succeed in the truest sense with enterprising business management graduates. Quality MBAs are created in the leading management institutions, but which are the best ones? The All-India Management Association has set certain standards and hopes remain that business education principles would improve in the years to come. Global Institute of Business Studies in Bangalore does measure up to the competitive expectations of Indian business from many points of view like the curriculum, quality of faculty and international exposure, internships, and placements.

Otherwise, the Indian Institutes of Management like the ones in Ahmedabad, Calcutta, and Bangalore have been leading the statistics and rankings, truly international in outlook and performance. It is a proud moment that the IIMs along with the IITs that teach technology have prompted some of the finest scientists and managers and continue to do so. The future belongs to them along with a few other private institutions that have specialized in business education. GIBS is certainly on a high pedestal.

Many institutions and universities exist in India that include management as one of the many departments along with engineering, architecture, and journalism perhaps. In an age of excessive software and technology where nothing can remain secret for long, the same standard curriculum may be followed everywhere around the world with some local variations. Yet, the age of the rote learning system still prevails in India with memorization a common practice of remembering things. Memory games are not enough to ensure clear understanding!

Creativity, initiative, and dynamic problem-solving capability thus do not exist. Most graduates are excellent at bookish knowledge but do not possess the practical understanding that the man on the street knows so well. That is the reason why so many Indian students migrate across the world to America to join the leading universities there for the best business education! But then our country has lost so many great brains that could have contributed to the nation’s development.


The GIBS courses that prepare effective business managers

Unlike a single management department among many, GIBS concentrate purely on a single area, and thus specialized knowledge is available with a single-minded purpose. Graduate, postgraduate courses and a diploma too are available according to the existing educational qualifications and the needs of the moment. The three-year BBA and BCOM are available for those completing 12 years of school education. The two-year MBA plus PPM is the postgraduate course for those who have completed at least three years of graduation. The PGDM is a one-year diploma course for graduates. Just like all rivers lead to the sea, each course is essentially the same and works on different levels of business management education.


Internship and employment prospects

In a country that has over 4000 management institutes of different sizes and cultures, the quality of graduates and their employability are crucial concerns. The job situation is not so encouraging with a few only getting employed by the leading MNCs. It would appear that most students get good jobs, but that is media hype. Institutions do not hesitate to tell lies for the sake of attracting students and charging high fees with sweet promises.

The competition in the surrounding environment matters very much. Management graduates from small towns cannot be expected to compete successfully in the global atmosphere of MNCs. GIBS has the immense advantage of being located in Bangalore the Indian Silicon Valley that many MNCs call their home with a population of 10 million people. First came the software revolution and now the endless MNCs who are attracted to the immense possibilities of manufacturing and marketing as a global hub that Garden City has now become.


The GIBS perks

GIBS graduates and postgraduates have imbibed the rich cosmopolitan culture of Bangalore along with the best traditions of quality management education. They have been exposed to realistic industry backgrounds through interaction with authorities and speakers, workshops, and seminars. Thus, they truly understand what industry requirements and expectations are. Rather than learning from books alone, pragmatic ideas and philosophies are constantly being fed to them by a competent and scholarly faculty that cares for their welfare and professional success.


The Future of Indian management education

With a management education infrastructure among the largest in the world and second only to America, it is a dream that management education standards could be elevated to improve the performance of the Indian industry. The quality of the industry, whether it is Transport or manufacturing ultimately depends upon the business managers, though raw materials and finance along with human resources are prime concerns. GIBS and institutions like them that concentrate on management education alone ensure the success of Indian business managers in the future.

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