The GIBS Dramatic Campus Awakenings in late 2017 – November 06,2017

The GIBS Dramatic Campus Awakenings in late 2017

With the greatest Hindu festivals of Dussehra and Diwali successfully celebrated across the vast subcontinent that is India, one does feel the onset of winter and the year coming to a grand conclusion. Yet, secular India looks forward to further awesome celebrations of Christmas and New Year before the curtains come down in 2017. You can feel the spirit of communal amity and universal understanding among the students and faculty in the world-class green campus of the Global Institute of Business Studies in Bannerghata, Bangalore.

If one wonders how religious and national festivals besides international events are connected with business studies, it is the camaraderie of campus life that provides valuable learning experiences. Business and management are universal terms and would apply to every form of human inventiveness. Leadership and motivation, team spirit, and the dignity of labor are connected with every country and community on the globe. It is truly inspiring to witness the GIBS students work together across several nationalities to bring programs to life and develop skills and abilities, and interests, and build up a network of professional connections for later life.

In spite of devoting all their skills and energies to the development of business skills since that is the life profession they must probably embrace, additional interests are necessary. A single-track mind cannot succeed in the 21st-century life that is getting severely competitive and only the best will survive, something like the fittest that will last the longest in the concrete jungle. And thus it is a day and night pursuit of the cultural and the literary, the scholastic and the corporate, the culinary and the sports that keep passions engaged for the few semesters that GIBS hosts the students before they fly the nest forever. Though formal contacts would remain with the alma mater for a lifetime, life will never be the same thing again after the students are fully fledged to pursue independent careers and busy climbing the intense ladder of success.


Management is a profession like none other

Though everybody makes a great fuss about several professions like Hospitality and Healthcare, for instance, many seem to forget that management is the root of all. Just like teaching is certainly the mother of all professions, management may be considered the root since education would also require business management skills. The vast educational infrastructure in India that deals with millions of students each year has become a money-making business enterprise!

GIBS students are fortunate to receive some of the best opportunities on an all-encompassing scale. Firstly, the prime location in the most happening software hub of Bangalore that has reached the status of an international city is inspirational enough. The winds of motivation and no mere dreams, but several professional opportunities arise from the many business conglomerates that have set up head offices or branches, assembly centers, or extension offices. Productive Internships and placements are just a whisper away and many dreams are sure to get realized. Just wait and watch with a little patience through some months or semesters of further waiting. Having waited so long since school and college careers, a further brief wait would deliver you into the hands of a just and equitable fate.


Live it high in the campus adventure of a lifetime

While it is rightly said that student life is a golden life, the sweet world of teenage dreams would not occur again though happy experiences would light up your way regularly. Professional success, humanitarian causes, uplifting society, and duties towards family and country are some areas that concern every dedicated student. The web of learning experiences and extensions into the corporate world happens in small ways, a little at a time, over weeks and months at the GIBS campus. Unlike most people who complain of a paucity of time, campus residents have all the time in the world! They do not have to travel up and down and waste precious time each day. Away from homes and families, they have a single-minded concentration on studies without distractions. Some students do feel suffocated initially, but then outings will come, and opportunities will arise to flex their muscles and embark on quests.


The Ankit Tiwari rare experience

TUM HARDAFA HO is the upcoming album for which a promotional event was held at GIBS! Singer and music director Ankit Tiwari with a voice that communicates with millions of hearts across the world did set pulses racing. Such occasions do set the scene and restore faith in the power of art and music, culture and enterprise. If business and management principles sometimes appear too theoretical and stale, here are occasions to pep up the spirits.


The November promises

A much-awaited QIP or Quality Improvement program descends upon GIBS soon in November beginning. An excellent learning event waits. Soon afterward, within the same month, the stage is set to select the Student of the Year 2017; a fabulous event eagerly looked forward to by the student community.

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