The GIBS rigorous curriculum and training makes for better placements – May 27,2017

The business management schools in India run into several thousand but it is believed that only 7% of the pass outs are employable. That is the dismal truth in the mighty educational infrastructure that India contains. The problems that ail the b-schools are many like theoretical approaches alone, a weak faculty lacking in industry experience and few placements as a result of lacking national and global connections. These standalone institutes certainly cannot be trusted in spite of the tall claims, the large fees and the appearance of quality.
GIBS in Bangalore has proved its quality through successful placements
Admission is the first stage of contact with a b-school that could make a great difference lifelong. The admission process into the MBA, a two-year full-time postgraduate course at GIBS, follows strict protocols. The GIBS authorities make certain that only those capable of fulfilling the requirements of global potential b-managers are selected. Personality training, fulfilling industry requirements, developing analytical ability and learning to cope up with real like situations through case studies, everything is possible with the right ability, skills, and training. Not everyone is born to become b-managers just like all cannot become doctors.
Management postgraduates find powerful senior positions in diverse industries since their skills fit every field. The chosen sector needs to match their specializations but similar situations would be found in many sectors. Food products, telecommunications, the apparel industry, and the automobile industry are some of the recruiters who knock on the GIBS doors in search of dedicated professionals. They would probably give a lifetime of dedicated service to a single parent company. It is certainly not a good idea to go job-hopping as some managers do though it is a tight competition and opportunities like better offers should not be lost.
Why not earn an MBA at GIBS and get the opportunity to be selected for managerial positions by Bharat Petroleum, Brand Factory, Dalmia, or Imperial Auto? Perhaps JW Mariott, Nandini, Timken or Nestle may find you potentially good and decide to recruit you! Ocean Masters, Parent Lane, and Reliance Jio Infocomm present other great opportunities.
This partial list of recruiters at GIBS thoroughly convinces of the validity of their courses that lead to what every management trainee dreams of. The institution has been showing similar placement records for some years now and it is not a false promise. A network of alumni in top positions globally vouches for the fact that the students are really going places.
The GIBS secret of success
Supported by a world class infrastructure of technology-based education with up to date classrooms and library facilities, the faculty represent the best of IIM traditions. Microsoft and Google are two of the inspirations in training. Dual degrees along with dual specializations are offered.
Life Skill and Innovation Program, Campus to Corporate Program, Six Sigma, SAP and optional Foreign Tours are some highlights of the robust certifications for an all-round honing of the mental and physical skills. Not a moment is wasted during the two years that may appear like a long time but being excessively busy makes it appear like a short and successful duration.
The Bangalore business success motivation
Along with several other factors that spell success like the presence of ample MNCs nearby for productive internships, the Bangalore vibes are challenging and richly satisfying. It used to be a pensioners’ paradise that it continues to be but Bangalore has reached the status of a global city through success in the software industry. That affluence and corporate success are now rubbing off on all those bright-eyed young graduates and postgraduates who are in search of fulfilling careers. The new generation is certainly not happy unless they succeed in bigger ways. That would mean greater productivity for the society and country. Not only are the companies content but the society and nation too are happy at the success of the business managers.
Essentially similar courses, MBA is offered together with PGPM. PGPM may be studied as a one year course too. An industry integrated MBA is offered during weekends. Corporate BBA and Corporate BCom are the other courses offered.
Every aspect of life at GIBS is geared towards business management success. It is in the buildings, the ambiance, the staff and students, and the mammoth supporting infrastructure. There is plenty to do and no time for idleness. A spiritually enlightened approach keeps the system moving night and day on and on towards eventual success. It is a quality hard to define. What makes the world go round? Why are we born? Though there are no ready answers, everybody realizes the latent force that exists in everything and motivates change, the only constant in the universe. GIBS changes too from day to day and positive changes bring trainees closer to the goal each single day.
Besides, GIBS courses are legitimate, recognized by UGC, Ministry of Human Resources Development, NAAC, and AIU. GIBS maintains an ever active Academic and Placement Committee besides a Global Advisory Board.
The unique teaching methodology
Interactive and participative learning essentially succeeds in authentic learning experiences, breaking away from the rigidity of rote textbook knowledge. Guest lectures by industry experts and case studies add to seminars and workshops involving presentations besides project management exercises.
Academic partnerships with several global universities and the multicultural life at GIBS ensure that cosmopolitan thinking emerges. The Global Business Forum and Corporate Social Responsibility are two areas of sustained effort where experts come together in the spirit of dedication to find solutions to common problems with social welfare at heart. Once you belong to that diverse globally strong GIBS culture, lots to do would emerge. Though not so experienced, the institution has seen many changes since its establishment in 2001.
Besides the robust and active life ever on the move in quest of business success, research is the activity that keeps minds busy in exploration. A constant curiosity to learn more and better ensures that knowledge would always expand beyond the present day boundaries.