The Inferno Outbound Training Program excels at GIBS MBA 2017-19 Orientation – August 14,2017

The Inferno Outbound Training Program excels at GIBS MBA 2017-19 Orientation

The complicated application and selection procedures completed, the MBA 2017-19 batch of diverse, eager students are set to begin their two-year academic and professional journey. It is obvious that their participation would decide the most important specialized chapter of their young lives. The orientation assumes additional importance for students who come from different backgrounds.

Among several exciting and meaningful activities at the orientation programs came the Outbound Training Program. Mr. Dilip along with a dynamic team from the Inferno Event Management conducted the live event on 4th August 2017. The delightful activity-based experience did bring home several lessons geared toward improving productivity and understanding. Are we not members of a single family? Cooperation comes easily under the right circumstances and opportunities. It is the environment in which we operate that matters so much. Can we not manipulate the surroundings to our benefit and reap rich rewards in terms of heightened productivity?


The Global Institute of Business Studies’ unique culture

GIBS occupies pride of place among the reputed Bangalore business management institutes and numerous such training centers exist. How to decide which to join? Reputations matter as well as the awards, affiliations, and accreditations over the years. GIBS has earned many of those though it is a young institution that specializes in a single subject. Many institutions and universities have taken up much more subjects than they can handle successfully. GIBS alumni already occupy senior positions in a range of MNCs in India and abroad in sectors like pharma, hospitality, telecommunications, textiles, retail, and e-commerce, besides much more.


Action-based activities geared for the outdoors!

A lot of learning activities nowadays aimed at the mind are learned through participation and role play, simulations, preferably in the grand outdoors. Getting out certainly brings on the adventure spirit that is equated with the challenging nature-based sports and track and field events across the world. Many people would not have it any other way. As students become virtual slaves to desks and chairs, books and smartboards, laptops and software, that escape means a refreshing treat for a while.

When the boys and girls get a chance to work with charts and models, form groups and hold hands, deliver speeches, sing, and dance, it is truly a happy paradise of feelings and emotions. Long-repressed emotions are brought to the surface and learning takes on an interesting new turn. Getting into groups and carrying out seemingly simple tasks like recording a few letters, numbers, words, or sentences can bring such a dramatic impact and drive home mesmerizing lessons!

Some crucial lessons learned through fun games and cheerful team building

Experiences make up human existence and effective learning brings fascinating and challenging new experiences. Wellbeing is a crucial factor and in its absence, much of what we wish to achieve may not work out successfully. Companies take lots of pains to ensure that the staff works in positive frames of mind. The Human Resources team has an important role to play in this regard. Incentives matter and work atmosphere, laws, and payments are some concerns. Spirit and morale may be boosted through certain time-tested methods based on psychology. We must be happy in our work!

Confidence in social and professional terms needs to be boosted through a range of work, study, training, and counseling sessions. Those occasions when students get together outside the formal classroom atmosphere remind of social occasions when they open up and the spirit roams free. Some students suffer from an innate fear of teachers and that needs to be dispelled. A comradely feeling with the teaching fraternity would help boost confidence levels. Increased social skills are very much a result of the confidence-boosting activities.


Empowering the students

Though MBA entrants have already reached a certain skill level and poise, they have miles to go yet in becoming business professionals. Building up the personality, teamwork, and leadership levels to handle stressful managerial challenges appears to be like scaling a steep mountain. Field experience and the outdoors do remind me of such earthy situations that require intense trials and stamina in the rugged terrain.

Training the emotions to tolerate setbacks and defeats should be part of the training. Professional careers involve ups and downs according to market forces and a stoic acceptance of the possibility of loss should also be ingrained in the psyche. On the other hand, the recipe for success needs to be inculcated. Most students succeed very well in professional careers armed with an MBA. Such is the business scenario worldwide yet we cannot take success for granted nor does it descend from the heavens above like rain.

Such were the innermost thoughts as the students went through innocent tasks in teams and thoroughly enjoyed themselves, followed by analysis and evaluation. Students should receive many such learning activities.


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