The Innovative Ways of Nurturing Talents At Global Institute of Business Studies.

The Innovative Ways of Nurturing Talents At Global Institute of Business Studies.

India hosts a number of business schools with the best-designed programmes that help young minds to achieve what they wish for in their careers. A professional course is usually an amalgamation of theory and practice of business-related skills. 

Management courses or any kind of professional courses help an individual to do well in their careers right from the beginning. It is a fulfilling experience of knowledge and learning. Global Institute of Business Studies is the perfect kick-start to a successful career. 

Their goal is to nurture talents and transform them into professionals who are able to bring a change in the world of business. Their programs encompass unique ways of imparting knowledge about every aspect that makes up a business.  

The corporate world is changing every day and staying updated is downright important. Global Institute of Business Studies offers an industry-relevant curriculum that is taught by globally acclaimed faculty members. 

Global Institute of Business Studies is one of the most prestigious colleges in the country that hosts an array of programs that deal with many areas of modern business and industry. 

Every college ensures the best infrastructure, teachers, and curriculum but to make a mark you will need more. You will need special abilities like quick ideas, suggesting adaptive changes for the better, and the caliber of researching well. 

Global Institute of Business Studies is a promise to aspiring talents who dream of beginning a successful career. Their unique strategies to enhance a student’s career have been some of the key reasons behind the success of the college. 

A blend of knowledge and extra-curricular activities to give the students an enriching experience. Let us discuss the most innovative initiatives taken by the Global Institute of Business Studies, The IRE School.


What is IRE School by Global Institute of Business Studies?

Are you looking for a college that will give you more? Global Institute of Business Studies introduces IRE School, an exciting program that’s one of a kind. 

Today the corporate world is extremely competitive and to ensure that you have a safe place you have to be better. Understanding the competition and its tough fight, the Global Institute of Business Studies discovered a new program. 

The Innovation, Research, and Entrepreneurship School, or the IRE School is an initiative that promises to transform lives for the better. One has to learn how to stand out from the crowd. A pool of young talents awaits for every single job and to make sure that you get through you have to give an extra effort. 

Along with an amazingly well-planned professional course, you can now have access to more. Every Friday is dedicated to IRE school by the Global Institute of Business Studies. The IRE School encompasses three uniquely designed labs, Innovation Lab, Research Lab, and Entrepreneurship Lab.  

It intensively trains and enables students of the first-year PGDM to innovate, research rightly and learn the nuances of being an entrepreneur. The program is designed with umpteen activities, sessions by experts, workshops, and many such fruitful experiences. 

The students are encouraged to come up with innovative and exceptional ideas, concepts, products, business plans, and other such unique research. This helps the students to deliver the best of their capabilities and gradually become an asset professionally. 

Global Institute of Business Studies aims to empower students with meaningful knowledge, example-based learning, and insightful research capabilities. It aims to remove obstacles and the traditional ways of learning from professional courses. 


More information about the Global Institute of Business Studies

It is important to understand the role of the college in your professional course. Before you step into the world of business, you must be prepared to embark on the professional journey. You can only be prepared if your college offers the best of everything to ensure proper education about how a business works. 

GIBS is not just a college but a platform to enable students to flourish in their careers in the right way and get their dream job. 


What are the specializations available at the Global Institute of Business Studies? 

  1. Marketing Management
  2. Finance Management 
  3. Human Resource Management
  4. International Business Management
  5. Operations and Supply Chain Management
  6. Business Analytics Management 
  7. Entrepreneurship Management 


Global Institute of Business Studies is associated with international universities to ensure top-notch standards, some of them are:

  • Nottingham University, UK
  • Stevenson University, USA
  • Lincoln College, US
  • Lincoln University, Malaysia
  • Putra Business School, Malaysia


Notable Features that will enhance your career:

Career opportunities through the efficient placement cell. 

Freedom to choose specializations. 

Opportunities to present ideas for business, products, and services.

Practical knowledge to understand the complexities of the world of business.

Discover the endless opportunities to make an impact on your career at the Global Institute of Business Studies. 


Apply today and start your success story!