The Man behind GIBS – Mr Ritesh Goyal – May 9, 2016

GIBS is one the best MBA schools in India with state-of-art infrastructure and world class amenities. The school has International recognition and is building its way up to reach the top position at high speed. While this school is making waves across the country, it becomes necessary to know about its founder – Mr Ritesh Goyal.

Mr Ritesh Goyal comes from a humble background. Son of Shri. Bhanwarlal Khadria of Bhadra, a village in District Hanmangarh, Rajasthan and he did his schooling there. Having studied in Hindi medium, Mr.Ritesh initially found conversing in English a daunting task. He gradually rose to become one of the pioneering educationists of Rajasthan, But today he is a motivational speaker and that itself is quite inspiring.. He has collaborated with a variety of educational Institutions in Bangalore, Delhi and Pune in order to reach rural communities and the under-privileged classes with education. He strongly believes that young people are highly honest, dedicated, and eager to embrace new practices for learning.

Entrepreneurs operating within the educational field should prioritize empathy when meeting student needs.

This has been tapped well at GIBS. The students are showered with the best of all amenities which gives them a home away from home. The management & faculties at GIBS are experts who are taking the school to higher and newer horizons. Mr Ritesh strongly believes that the young generation is truly sincere, dedicated and keen to adopt new practices of learning. They can enter any challenging arena and achieve success if they receive focused attention, inspiring atmosphere and a bit of extra care. He also have made a distinct contribution to modernizing and revitalizing the existing education system.

Apart from this, Mr Ritesh has seven other successful ventures which include

  1. Pathfinder Value Creations Pvt. Ltd.
  2. Global Business Forum
  3. GIBS Social Foundation
  4. GIBS Sports Academy
  5. Pathfinder Business Academy
  6. Pathfinder Edu Solutions
  7. Associate Partner with Community Group of Institutions.

An individual who can effortlessly juggle multiple roles is an inspiration to us all. They have worked hard to realize their dreams while giving back to society in meaningful ways. A philantropher, a motivational speaker and a visionary – this is what the man behind GIBS is.