The MBA plus PGPM at GIBS ensures a dynamic senior management career – August 02,2017

The MBA plus PGPM at GIBS ensures a dynamic senior management career

While thousands of management graduates pass out from hundreds of institutions across India each year, not many of them are truly worthy of being called successful business managers. Several management courses at all levels are available like the BBA, BCom, and the dual course that combines degrees. Diploma and certificate courses that are of short durations like a year or six months are also available. Working people could opt for courses during weekends or online. Three-year graduation courses from reputed institutes like GIBS would be valuable to commence a management career and probably campus placements provide a powerful beginning. Yet most youngsters amidst tight competition wish to pursue master’s courses to get a better hold on the profession. Though the accumulation of degrees is not a good idea and could become a waste of time and money, the master’s degree could often provide that needed passport to success.

The best bet would be the MBA plus PGPM course conducted by the Global Institute of Business Studies in Bangalore to jump-start a confident career path in business management with absolute certainty of success. Most graduates aim for some years of work experience before joining the MBA which brings better chances of success. It is business management rather than any other field that ensures the fastest ROI and fast promotions.


Specializations offered with the MBA

While Marketing, Finance, and Human Resource Management are the specializations offered, students may opt for additional subjects for specialized study. They are International Business, Information Systems, Tourism & Travel Management, Healthcare Management, Small Business Management & Entrepreneurship, Retailing & Supply Chain Management, and Banking & Insurance.

Success in management requires passion and dedication. A single dream or particular interest that may have developed from a hobby would be sufficient to spell lifelong success. Taking up the challenge and thinking on a global scale would ensure that success will come in due course of time. Those who cannot afford the fees may opt for educational loans that can be paid back after they get gainfully employed and that is quite certain after a degree like MBA.


Semester 1

In each course, the internal assessment contributes 25 marks while the exam comprises 75 marks, adding up to 100. Seven such courses in the initial semester include Management Concepts & Theories, Organizational Behavior, Business Environment, Managerial Communication, Managerial Accounting, Managerial Economics, and Statistics for Management.


Semester 2

The courses consist of Marketing Management, Human Resource Management, Corporate Finance, Quantitative Methods, Legal Aspects of Business, Operations Management, and Management Information Systems.


Semester 3

The study courses include Project Management, Entrepreneurship, Electives I, 2, and 3, Project Work Diary, and Summer Internship Report.


Semester 4

The work in the final semester includes Strategic Management, Electives 4, 5, 6 & 7, Project Report, and Project Viva-Voce.

The postgraduate program in management (PGPM) specializations
An added feather in the cap for MBA postgraduates is the business training PGPM that is offered as an additional resource for the postgraduates. PGPM offers additional specializations that include Marketing Management, Finance Management, Human Resource Management, Health Care Management, Supply Chain Management, International Business, and Information Technology.


The PGPM value-added programs

A diverse portfolio of value-added programs ensures that trainees develop essential corporate and personal skills to improve work efficiency, managerial ability, and company productivity. Professional skills cannot be derived from bookish learning alone and success in society and the industry requires a mix of soft skills and innovation, project management methods, and IT techniques. They are rather intensive courses internationally approved, based on research, and delivered by an expert faculty. The credits are spread across the four semesters.

The Campus to Corporate Program has a duration of 500 hours while the SAP Training Program is held over 40 hours. The Project Management Training Program also is spread over 40 hours as is the Six Sigma Training Program. The Certification Program by Microsoft for Excel and ERP and by Google for Digital Marketing are very important for today’s technology-based work. The Life Skill & Innovation Program is worth 20 hours. The lessons are spread over the four semesters.


Semester 1

After an inspiring orientation program, the first semester activities comprise Industrial Visits besides Workshops, Guest Lectures & Seminars. The Self Defence Training Program and CSR activities are followed by the Management Fest and a trip to Wonderla or Art of Living. Indoor & Outdoor Sports Tournaments provide a respite from academic rigors and help maintain robust physical health.


Semester 2

Industrial Visits besides CSR Activities, Workshops, Guest Lectures & Seminars are common to all four semesters. Along with a trip to Art of Living, the management fest and business quiz competitions are held.


Semester 3

An optional foreign tour and the selection of the Student of the Year take place. Mumbai Dabbawalas hold a session. Placement talks and CEO/HR talks have now become significant towards the end of the course.


Semester 4

Job Fairs and the Recruitment process are in full swing. Placement and CSR activities are ongoing.

What qualities of the GIBS study and training culture set it apart?
GIBS will not take you for a ride as some institutions do, organizations that are fonder of money making rather than offering authentic education and genuine placements. GIBS is soundly placed in terms of corporate connections that ensure the best placements. The dream course of four semesters usually has a happy ending with a lucrative work assignment with one of the top-notch companies that may result in a lifetime of successful work.

The interactive and participatory study makes certain that the lessons are genuinely understood. The boys and girls go through an ample range of activities to ensure that the mind, body, and soul get their due motivation to develop harmoniously. Teamwork in groups is encouraged while outings are common to study industries and places of entertainment for lighter moments. All things considered, it is an unbeatable management package at GIBS that ensures the best jobs.


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