The real facts to build a prosperous business career with GIBS – September 18,2017

The real facts to build a prosperous business career with GIBS

While you are trying to find an MBA degree in the Global Institution of Business Studies, Bangalore for your upcoming career, then you might have some initial questions in mind. For example, why an MBA, what is the need for an MBA degree, what course would be the best, and other questions have arisen in every student. There are some integral aspects of choosing a career. First of all, a student has to be highly confident about their requirement. It means they must have some clear visions about their future ways. MBA of GIBS is a course that increases business understanding and executive skills. Now, we are discussing some points that can help you to prepare yourself.


Why would a student choose MBA?

This is the first and essential question. While you are thinking about MBA in GIBS, then you should have a clear vision for your future. Do you need MBA for starting your own business, do you want to work in leading corporate authorities, do you want the growth of your father’s business or do you want to set up a career abroad? If you have cleared these questions, then half of the preparation has been done.


What are the types of MBA courses in GIBS?

There are part-time and full-time MBA courses in the institution. Students can apply with the needed eligibility. Full-time programs are MBA + PGPM and specialized MBA programs. Corporate management courses, career development course, etc are the part time courses. Whether you want to improve some parts of your career, then the part-time courses would take care of you. The weekend programs can run with your present work. Therefore, you can choose such part-time courses besides your jobs. The full-time courses are very much relevant for the whole time students. People who want to be educated management staff, shall choose the full-time courses at GIBS.


When shall I apply?

Applying for the MBA program needs some preparation. A late start has both consequences. If you have proper GMAT research and other researchers, then wasting time would be foolish. Wait for the June/July session and apply at GIBS. Students that haven’t the research works, must take some guidance and then try to apply. MBA courses at GIBS can’t take every student. The eligibility criteria clearly show that students must have the required certificates, and papers and they have to pass the entrance exam (conducted by the national council).



With the active education system Global Institute of Business Studies, Bangalore became a renowned institution. Now, students can get the high-class infrastructure and modern pedagogy that would aid prosperous skills of management. The syllabus has followed a contemporary study system, which is relevant in the international market. A pass out of GIBS starts from the leading position in the industry. Because of the international collaboration with institutes, corporate and huge industries, students live on the keen watch. Every work of the students has been observed by the authority recruiters. Therefore, a student of GIBS can get a chance to operate with the world-class organizations according to their abilities. Along with the placements, course structure and fees are very much balanced at the center. Here, students would be able to apply for various scholarships that would decrease the session fees.


Do you need an MBA guide to apply to GIBS?

Getting a chance in the top MBA colleges becomes one of the most challenging jobs of the modern market. Whether you are trying to get admission in India or internationally, it is very hard to enter the arena. That’s why students should consult with MBA consultants. What do these consultants do? Generally, they guide the applicants in developing their CVs and application strategy. They help to research the school. Students can get proof of the current status of GIBS from these researchers as well. Experts know the market very well. What type of business expert can enroll in the upcoming market, what kind of school can provide the right education, and what would be the best course to achieve the required career; these topics have been examined and guided by the consultants. Students can discuss with GIBS consultants who belong to the AIGAC (Association of International Graduation Admission Consultants). Therefore the employees are more liable.


How GIBS fees can be paid?

Students don’t need to think much about the payments. They can get chances to divide their course fee into several parts. Firstly, they need to pay the admission fee and the first installment for the 1st semester. The next installments would be paid yearly. If they take hostel service, then the charge would be added. Any other charges would be applied according to the amenities they take. The best news for the students is, every student is eligible to apply for the scholarships. Many trusts, foundations, and governmental departments are subsidizing the students of GIBS. Some popular financial institutions are giving loans to students as well.

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